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Missions also known as Quests are tasks that players perform for rewards, new characters or job changes. They generally involve doing various tasks such as defeating a certain amount of monsters or collecting a certain amount of a special item dropped by a monster or boss.

Most missions give experience and GP but there are a few that don't such as Job Change missions. Some missions give out some type of item reward. Whenever a monster has a list icon next to its name, it will always produce that item. If it doesn't, it won't. However, players doing the same type of mission will see the list icon as well such as Job Change missions. In cases such as the 2nd Job mission, the item will appear but it may not drop for some players.

Epic Missions

As of Season V, every level up unlocks one Epic mission that is meant to introduce the player to the next dungeon. Completing these missions will grant more missions for that specific dungeon. These missions will usually give out Epic-grade GP armor pieces upon completion.

All the Epic mission are the same; they require the player to investigate the dungeon, meaning that they will still succeed if they fail the dungeon. However, leaving the dungeon does not count as failing.

Basic Missions

These are the most common type of missions and they are received from completing an Epic mission by clicking on the "Get Missions" button. Completing these missions sometimes grant more missions depending on the continent. These missions sometimes will give out various items such as potions and bonuses.

All the Basic missions' objectives involve something found in the list below.

Use Special [X] times
The player has to execute a special skill a certain amount of time inside the dungeon. It does not matter if the special hits a monster or misses. The special must be executed via hotkey method or it won't count for the quest.
Slay [X] monsters
One of the most basic quests, the player has to enter a dungeon, find the mentioned monster and slay the amount indicated.

TIP: The 2nd Job Change mission (part 2) mentions the slaying of 8 Zombie Orc Warriors while actually, the Zombie Stone Orcs are the target.
Slay [X] monsters within 2 levels of yourself
In this quest, the player has to slay a number of monsters within 2 levels of themselves. A variation on this is for The Double Dealin' Dungeoneer quest which actually allows the player to slay within 3 levels of themselves. The type of monster as well as which dungeon does not matter for this quest.
Time Attack
The player has to clear the dungeon within a certain amount of minutes.
When requested to clear a Hero Dungeon, the player is supposed to finish it.

TIP: The 3rd Job Change mission (part 4) mentions the clearing of The Crucible while in actual fact you only need to investigate it.
Clear the dungeon with at least a [X] rank
The player has to clear the dungeon with a certain rank or higher to complete this quest.
Slay the boss
The player has to slay the boss of the dungeon to complete this quest.
Perform a combo of [X] hits
The player has to perform a combo of a certain amount of hits on the monsters to complete this quest.
Perform [X] Back attacks
The player has to execute a certain amount of Back attacks against the monsters to complete this quest. The Back attacks do not need to be done all on a single monster or in a combo.
Use less than [X] quick slot items
The player has to use less than a certain amount of quick slot items otherwise he or she will not complete this quest.
Do not get hit [X] times
The player can be only hit a certain amount of times otherwise he or she will not complete this quest.

Job Change Missions

Main article: Job Change

Job Change missions allow players to advance a job for a character such as from Knight to Spearman. These missions usually reward a weapon that the next job uses and sometimes also gives a hairstyle or head item so far. Warlock is the only one that gets a hat instead of a hairstyle and Dark Assassin including a mask.

As of the Chaos season, the player is given a fusion set for either three or seven days after completing the mission for each character.

Event Missions

Event missions are only obtainable during an Event which is given out as a scroll thus requiring the player to register the quest. Event missions usually require the player to run through dungeons on a certain difficulty, kill monsters or participate in PvP. Some may require the player to do other things as well.

Scroll Quests

In Season 2, there were missions that were found in dungeons that gave players potions of varying sizes depending on the difficulty of the stage the mission was for. These missions gave a minimal amount of experience and GP.


  • In Season 2, Basic missions would give out items from Cash armor sets that were timed. They also gave Gorgos Weapons and timed GP armor.



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