The Moderates are the fraction of demons that believe that only decaying worlds should be destroyed as the interpretation of the creator's will. The main difference between Extremists and Moderates seem to be in philosophy rather than of species.

As of the Crimson River dungeons, it seems that the majority of the demons encountered in the demon world are Extremists. It is notable that the Extremists had amassed enough power to take down even the powerful Crimson River family who once fought against Duel in the past. It implies that the Extremists outnumber the Moderates or are stronger than the Moderates.

Known Members

Burning Canyon

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Crimson River

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  • The issues of Moderates and Extremists is akin to a religious war, fighting over which belief is correct.
  • Aside from Veigas, all the demons in the GrandChase fall loosely under the category of Moderates.


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