Lord of Ironwood
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Queen of Greed
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Black Blaze Empress


"Demon Queen of Greed who came back from the dead."

Ironwood family's demons didn't go out of their territory. Lord of Ironwood Nelia came out when the ancient battle took over the Demon World. She gained a lot of fame early fast because she participated in the war and made a big contribution. It looked like the nickname 'Demon Queen of Greed' was talking about her natural characteristics. Greed took Nelia to a higher place. And when she thought she reached the highest place, she lost everything.

Nelia lost everything from dying. But death was not the end. Heitaros gave her a second life by making a deal. There was no reason for Nelia to not accept the offer. Demon God's proposal was troublesome, but it wasn't a bad deal. Nelia is looking ahead. To leave as Heitaros' assistant, or...



I realized after I talked to him. That an awful relationship has started...

Neliak Nelia: .

Unlock Requirements

Neliak Nelia: I didn't like his first impression.

Mission Requirements

  • Clear 'Adventure' dungeon 20 times with Nelia and recommended BP 80,000 or higher
  • Clear 'Wizard's Labyrinth' 2 times


Likability Nelia 01

Neliak Nelia: Demons are still uncontrollable. If they are not commanded by the noble family, it's hard to assemble them together. But... Everyone found out from the battle that they are stronger than anything else in the world. So demons wanted to fit in a group. It wasn't hard to assemble them together. There was someone who would become the center point for demons.

It was easy to make the Hardliners group with the charisma of Heitaros. The only thing that mattered was how to hold the real power. I reached out to Veigas for this problem. And that was a mistake.

Veigask Veigas: You want to work with me? Ha! Are you telling me to make you a subordinate?

Neliak Nelia: Veigas wanted to be the leader of the new Hardliners. I couldn't believe it. He didn't even participate in assembling power... How dare he want my Hardliners?

This was unacceptable. Veigas will have to pay for looking down on Nelia.

Field Trip

Is this a memorable place? They should've made a monument.

Neliak Nelia: 'I want to make it mine.

Unlock Requirements

  • Nelia 2 'Awakening' achieved
  • Reach Nelia 'Likability' Lv.1

Neliak Nelia: It's a wonderful forest.

Mission Requirements

  • Defeat 'Mage' boss in 'Adventure' dungeon 30 times with Nelia and recommended BP 130,000 or higher
  • Defeat 'Tank' boss in 'Adventure' dungeon 30 times with Nelia and recommended BP 130,000 or higher

Peter: My expectation was wrong. You're gaining more honor. You even have the nickname called "Demon Queen of Greed".
Neliak Nelia: Oh, I don't think you have the right to say that when you are called "Ruler of Blood".
Peter: An unexpected guest. I didn't know that you are friends with Werner.
Neliak Nelia: Not really. I just stopped by because I like this view. Half of Demon World demolished. It's surprising how the damage in this place is so small when this place was the starting point.
Peter: Talk properly. It's your fault that Demon World was destroyed. If you didn't provoke him with the lives of the ancient demons... this wouldn't have happened.
Neliak Nelia: That's just an assumption. Just look at the situation and the result. Do I have to tell you that your friend's honor was maintained because of it?
Peter: Half of Demon World and your honor. You would've chosen the former choice.
Neliak Nelia: Have a wide vision. The honor of the Supreme Commander of Demon Alliance Forces is not for an individual. It's for all the demons.
Alfred: The master is ready.
Peter: Alright. I'll be there soon. Are you coming?
Neliak Nelia: Where?
Peter: Burning Canyon family's grave. A guest should greet the master.
Neliak Nelia: It's okay. I'm not really close to him anyway. I'm just going to enjoy the view and go back.
Peter: It's not even your territory... Alright, enjoy the view and go back. "Demon Queen of Greed". Why are all nicknames so silly?

Neliak Nelia: Not all forests are the same. Is it prettier because it's not mine? Would it feel the same if this territory became mine? I'm curious... So I should take over this territory. Hehe, let's see. Should I take a look at the river that's red?

Kneel before me!

A chance that came with the fall of Heitaros. I can't lose this chance.

Neliak Nelia: Are you going to kneel? Or die?

Unlock Requirements

  • Nelia 3 'Awakening' achieved
  • Reach Nelia 'Likability' Lv.2

Neliak Nelia: Veigas, I don't need more competition.

Mission Requirements

  • Acquire 8★ in 'Guild War'
  • Defeat 'Assault' boss in 'Adventure' dungeon 40 times with Nelia and recommended BP 175,000 or higher

Veigask Veigas: What is this? How come the restraint is not going away?
Neliak Nelia: There is no way your seal is going to disappear. Maybe if you become my subordinate.
Veigask Veigas: Did you do something to it? Nelia!
Neliak Nelia: Hehehe, did you hear? The world of Heitaros is done. That means that the Hardliners are mine.
Veigask Veigas: Shut up. Is that why you are called the Demon Queen of Greed? You are getting really greedy. I'll tell you one more time. I will become the leader of the Hardliners.
Neliak Nelia: I knew you would say that. I'm sure you would've acknowledged it if I took over the group when you were not here. Then there is one solution. We can decide by having a battle. You and me. Let's see who is better as a leader.
Veigask Veigas: Do you not understand? You are not interested in destroying the material world... so you are not fit to become the leader of the Hardliners.
Neliak Nelia: I can make my subordinates to that. You are not a leader material because you don't keep your place like Heitaros.
Veigask Veigas: You just want to become a leader. Did you say you are the Demon Queen of Greed? Maybe you are trying to use me when my powers are sealed... But you can't get everything your way!
Neliak Nelia: Don't misunderstand me. It's not because you are stronger than me. It's because I want to win. I have to lead the Hardliners... so I can't waste my energy here.
Veigask Veigas: You talk too much! I will destroy you!!
Neliak Nelia: Heh, I finally get to beat you!


Heitaros' Proposal

The loser loses everything. But...

Neliak Nelia: It's too interesting to refuse.

Unlock Requirements

  • Nelia 4 'Awakening' achieved
  • Reach Nelia 'Likability' Lv.3

Neliak Nelia: He... resurrected me?

Mission Requirements

  • Clear 'Daily Defense' 2 times with Nelia
  • Clear 'Adventure' dungeon 50 times with Nelia and recommended BP 230,000 or higher

Haggler: Nelia! I'm so happy to see you again!
Neliak Nelia: You're so stupid, Haggler. Risking your life.
Haggler: I am already loyal to you, Nelia. I can sacrifice my life for you.
Whok ???: You have a good subordinate, Nelia.
Neliak Nelia: Thank you.
Whok ???: I look forward to your work in the Underworld.

Haggler: That voice was... Was it Heitaros?
Neliak Nelia: Yes. This is how we didn't die.
Haggler: I heard about this but... I didn't know he was that influential in the Underworld.
Neliak Nelia: We were easygoing. We didn't think about work outside the Demon World. Anyway... We have to pay our debt for a long time. Do you understand?
Haggler: I understand. But... it's weird. If he can resurrect you... can't he resurrect himself? Is he disguising himself as if he was destroyed?
Neliak Nelia: He's using this opportunity to distinguish between good and bad. The Hardliners are a big group. And not everyone is loyal to Heitaros. We can check the loyalty level... once Veigas uses his sword.
Haggler: Then... wouldn't Heitaros want to get rid of us first?
Neliak Nelia: Do you think so too? He must know I have something else in mind... Don't you want to know what he's up to?
Haggler: We don't know what his plan is... So I don't think it's safe to go under Heitaros again.
Neliak Nelia: I don't plan on doing that. I am the Demon Queen of Greed. I do everything to get what I want. But I don't plan on serving someone. Haggler, don't forget that your master is superior to everything.
Haggler: Of course, Nelia. Just command me!
Neliak Nelia: I wonder if there will be other subordinates like you. Should we move how Heitaros wants us to?

Training Hunting Dogs

No dog listens well from the start. It all depends on how you train them.

Neliak Nelia: I can see how that guy will act.

Unlock Requirements

  • Nelia 5 'Awakening' achieved
  • Reach Nelia 'Likability' Lv.4

Neliak Nelia: Don't be annoying.

Mission Requirements

  • Acquire 'Dimensional Boss' Summon reward 6 times
  • Defeat 'Mage' boss in 'Adventure' dungeon 60 times with Nelia and recommended BP 270,000 or higher

Tristan: We made a deal! That's my prey.
Haggler: You should've gotten it first if you wanted to own it.
Tristan: I just needed more time. Opening it to the public... will just bring more disruptors.
Haggler: Well... I don't know if you really want to get him, or you are just wasting time... I can't tell.
Tristan: Do you not trust me?
Haggler: Trust? You want me to trust a spy?
Tristan: ......
Haggler: I gave you everything that you needed. You just lost your opportunity.
Tristan: I don't want to talk to you. Let me see Nelia.
Haggler: You really can't understand my words. I can't let her waste her time on you. Go back. If you want the reward, then make sure you pay the price you promised. Then I will reconsider killing you.
Tristan: ...... Eventually... There will be a day when you regret this day.
Haggler: Hmph! Are you threatening me as a Haros?

Neliak Nelia: I... overslept.
Haggler: Did you have a dream?
Neliak Nelia: Yes. Annoying Veigas. He came to my dream and harassed me. It's one of the two if I have a dream of that day. I either can't sleep, or go to bed late.
Haggler: I will serve you a cup of tea.
Neliak Nelia: It's okay. I can't rely on tea just because I had a nightmare. Um... There must have been a visitor in the morning.
Haggler: I got rid of... that Haros.
Neliak Nelia: Good job. Hehe, I wanted to see his face... It's kind of sad that I didn't get to see his face.
Haggler: Can I say something? Did you need to hire other Bounty Hunters? They didn't look like they were that competent...
Neliak Nelia: Yes. I don't expect anything from them. I just wanted to mess with Tristan. He is very cocky. He's just a slave of Greed... but he thinks he's smart. Do you know how to deal with people like that?
Haggler: That... Um... We have to make them starve.
Neliak Nelia: Yes. We have to let them know that they will starve if they do something stupid. If they starve, they will focus more on the target. Starved dogs are the best hunting dogs. Don't forget to watch over them because they might have a different plan. They will come to you if you don't watch them.
Haggler: Yes, of course.

Gaining Power

The dead are arriving in the Underworld from demons' destruction.

Neliak Nelia: It's not bad for the Underworld.

Unlock Requirements

  • Nelia 6 'Awakening' achieved
  • Reach Nelia 'Likability' Lv.5

Neliak Nelia: Why are you complaining to me?

Mission Requirements

  • Clear 'Wizard's Labyrinth' 5 times
  • Clear 'Annihilation' Rank 1 or higher

Underworld First Lord 1: Look over there. There is a big group of dead people. It's because of your demons!
Neliak Nelia: Demons are born to destroy the material world. How is that a bad thing?
Underworld First Lord 1: You are born to destroy worlds that have finished their destiny. We know that your Hardliner demons are destroying normal worlds.
Neliak Nelia: I'm sure the Haros know because they have their eyes and ears. And we didn't destroy them secretly. But is that a problem? We were just faithful to our instincts. And I'm sure it wasn't that bad to the Underworld.
Underworld First Lord 1: The whole Underworld is in chaos. How is it not a bad thing?
Neliak Nelia: I don't know... I just see a bunch of slaves.
Underworld First Lord 1: Are you insulting us? Those souls are working because they have committed sins in their previous life. We are not exploiting the slaves! Just like how you guys have to destroy things, we have to turn the ring of reincarnation.
Neliak Nelia: Instead of talking to me... why don't you come to a conclusion with the judge? The line is getting longer.
Underworld First Lord 1: Gggrrrrr...
Neliak Nelia: I don't understand what the problem is. They can't appeal to the judgment. Why? Because they can't remember their past life. Please be a little flexible. You can make all of the slaves of the Underworld.
Underworld First Lord 1: Do you think your logic will work on the judge? This is so insulting! Your Excellency, let's go back. Your Excellency? What are you doing? Let's go.
Underworld First Lord 2: She's not... completely wrong.
Underworld First Lord 1: What? I can't believe this.
Underworld First Lord 2: I can't believe what you're doing, Your Excellency. This is a chance for the Underworld to get stronger. Hello!

Neliak Nelia: You're bold.
Underworld First Lord 2: I didn't want to lose the opportunity. Am I not enough?
Neliak Nelia: No, not really. We just need to get more than half of the judges.
Underworld First Lord 2: Phew, I'm glad. I will be loyal to you, Demon Queen of Greed.
Neliak Nelia: Alright, but you should be loyal to someone else.
Underworld First Lord 2: What? Is there someone... controlling you?
Neliak Nelia: Hehehe, I guess you don't know who's controlling me. You will find out slowly.

Slave of Greed

The Queen is worried about the subject that is becoming slaves of Greed.

Neliak Nelia: I don't think you are that different.

Unlock Requirements

Neliak Nelia: Hehe, they are easy to tempt.

Mission Requirements

  • Clear 'Dimensional Chasm' Rank 1 or higher
  • Clear 'Adventure' dungeon 80 times with Nelia and recommended BP 345,000 or higher

Neliak Nelia: Hello, Your Highness.
Hwarink Hwarin: Who are you?
Neliak Nelia: I didn't introduce myself. I am Nelia. I am in control of the Council.
Hwarink Hwarin: Nelia? I... heard of that name somewhere.
Neliak Nelia: Hahaha, I am just a normal woman.
Hwarink Hwarin: Your words are different from your actions. I feel something extraordinary from you. You're kidding... Were you the one who was controlling the subjects?
Neliak Nelia: Hm. I don't know. I guess that's what the Court talks about these days. It's a good sign.
Hwarink Hwarin: It's... good?
Neliak Nelia: The Underworld will get stronger as demons keep destroying things. Shouldn't you make peace with the demons first?
Hwarink Hwarin: No, we never know. We don't know what the demons are up to. We should make prudent decisions.

Neliak Nelia: Fuhuhu, the security is stronger than I thought. She thought about the other person's intentions... It's not bad.
Haggler: I don't think her will is that strong.
Neliak Nelia: Right, she seems like she will crumble into little pieces if I hold her. I can tell how small the kingdom is. But unlike other Haros, she doesn't get tempted easily. I will give her that credit. But... she's young. She doesn't understand why others become slaves of Greed.
Haggler: I think she's okay... I think other Haros are too materialistic.
Neliak Nelia: The Haros changed because they take care of the afterlife. Living life with dead people from the material world... They were affected by them.
Haggler: Aha, I understand.
Neliak Nelia: I think they are living to become slaves of Greed. I don't like it. It's not fun because they get tempted too easily. I don't feel any sense of accomplishment. But... I think I found my toy. I don't know how I should play with it. Haggler, what do you think I should do with the Queen?
Haggler: I won't take the joy from you. Thinking about that can be your happiness.
Neliak Nelia: You are really my right-hand man!
Haggler: Thank you.

Cat's Hunt

Cats hunt for fun even when they are not hungry.

Neliak Nelia: I have a new toy!

Unlock Requirements

  • Nelia 2 'Transcendence' achieved
  • Reach Nelia 'Likability' Lv.7

Neliak Nelia: Oh, an intruder?

Mission Requirements

  • Clear 'Annihilation' Rank 1 or higher
  • Defeat 'Mage' boss in 'Adventure' dungeon 90 times with Nelia and recommended BP 375,000 or higher

Justice Army: Huff, huff. I have... to tell this news to my friends!
Neliak Nelia: Where are you going to?
Justice Army: Ahhh!
Neliak Nelia: Don't act like you saw a ghost... You're very rude!
Justice Army: S-shut up! You demon... Demon!
Neliak Nelia: You're correct. Those stupid people in the city didn't recognize me... But a person from the Wilderness recognized me. Shall I... give you a reward?
Justice Army: A-ahhhhh!
Haggler: Showing your back against Nelia... You cocky Haros really want to die!
Justice Army: Keukkk!
Neliak Nelia: Don't scare him too much. What if he breaks?
Haggler: I'm sorry, Nelia.
Justice Army: Nelia... N-No way! Nelia Ironwood?
Neliak Nelia: Oh. Do you recognize me? Should I really give you a reward?
Justice Army: Ugh. What are you going to do to me? Demon Queen of Greed!
Neliak Nelia: What should I do? Should I let you live?
Justice Army: Let me live? Me? When I recognized you?
Neliak Nelia: Hehe. Your knowledge just saved your life. Get out of here before I change my mind.

Neliak Nelia: How far do you think he got?
Haggler: He might've left the castle if he was not hurt. But I'm sure he's wandering in the streets.
Neliak Nelia: Hehehe. Do you think he's shivering in fear?
Haggler: I'm sure he's shaken up because he met a Demon Queen.
Neliak Nelia: Alright, let's go after him. I want to see his scarred face again.
Haggler: Should we kill him this time?
Neliak Nelia: No, I have to keep my promise. I'll let him go after I play with him.
Haggler: What if he tells the others?
Neliak Nelia: Then that's good. That's not a bad reward if he can keep his mind straight. Stay focused on the prey, Haggler. It will be your forfeiture if I find him first again.
Haggler: I will try my best.

First Lord of the Court

Haros cheered. Without knowing what they're getting themselves into...

Neliak Nelia: Cheer. I will change that cheer into despair.

Unlock Requirements

  • Nelia 3 'Transcendence' achieved
  • Reach Nelia 'Likability' Lv.8

Neliak Nelia: They are proud of their stupidity.

Mission Requirements

  • Clear 'Wizard's Labyrinth' 8 times
  • Clear 'Daily Defense' 6 times with Nelia


Likability Nelia 02

Neliak Nelia: I received a letter to come to the castle at the designated time. I think that everyone heard about the letter. Even though the Underworld is big, the rumors traveled even faster. As I opened the door, the Haros gathered around me to greet me.

Nelia to the Court!

Nelia! Please become the First Lord and lead the Underworld.

Everyone mumbled about something they wanted. It was kind of pitiful. They must think that I care about them. I understand. I did give them their wealth. Of course, they will go crazy over it. Everyone becomes so honest in front of Greed. Loyalists might be crying because I became the First Lord. Let's look back at Haggler.

They shook their heads slowly.

I see. I think they are crying cold blood. Even the last moments are too boring. If only they were a little bit more flexible... They would've been able to enjoy this moment.

Haggler made way. The Haros spread sideways to make way for me.

Haggler: Let's go, First Lord.

Neliak Nelia: Alright, let's go. To spread my ambitions.

Devil's Tail

Ironwood's heirloom that contains strong power.

A magical weapon that stored Ironwood family's power through multiple generations. It is known that only the Ironwood family can inherit it. Not only does it contain the power, but it can also move freely like a limb.

You have to be nervous when the Devil's Tail points at someone. It means that Nelia wants to kill that person. Her servant, Haggler, called this the Envoy's Point.

  • Magic Attack: 1400
  • Physical Defense: 250
  • Magic Defense: 370
  • Max Health: 1770


  • Shop: Can be purchased in Guild Point Shop.
  • Fusing Heroes: Acquire randomly through Hero Fusion.
  • Treasure Chest: Can be acquired from Diamond Chest.
  • Shop: Can be acquired from Summon Shop.


Magical Attack
Physical Defense
Magical Defense


TIP: You can upgrade a skill every time the hero achieves Breakthrough. 'Special' skill cannot be enhanced.

Skill Icon
Nelia-Twilight Flames
Twilight Flames
12 sec(s)
"Deal damage by summoning flames"

Spawn a pillar of flames at the targeted location to drag nearby enemies and have their movement speed reduced by 70% for 5 seconds. The flames deal 260.7% of magic attack damage and an additional 130.4% of magic attack damage to enemies with 'Twilight Curse'. Leaves 'Twilight Curse' to enemies that received damage for 10 seconds. The skill can be used one more time within 8 seconds without consuming SP.
Nelia-Twilight Flower
Twilight Flower
15 sec(s)
"Summon a 'Twilight Flower' that attacks automatically"

Summon 6 'Twilight Flower' that follows around Nelia for 15 seconds. Consumed 'Twilight Flower' will respawn 3 flowers every second for 5 seconds. Automatically fire a 'Twilight Flower' every 0.2 seconds to the target with the highest attack power. Fired 'Twilight Flower' explodes to deal 36% of magic attack damage to nearby enemies and deals 18% of additional magic attack damage to enemies with 'Twilight Curse'. To enemies that received damage leave 'Twilight Curse' for 10 seconds. When 'Twilight Flower' is reused, activated 'Twilight Flower' skills will be applied only after previous summons are all fired.
Nelia-Twilight Explosion
Twilight Explosion
60 sec(s)
"Create a large explosion to deal great damage"

Create a large explosion toward a designated area to deal with 1,232% of magic attack damage and an additional 616% of magic attack damage to enemies with 'Twilight Curse'. Leave 'Twilight Curse' to enemies hit for 10 seconds.
Nelia-Twilight Curse
Twilight Curse
"Leave 'Twilight Curse' when an enemy receives damage"

Enemies hit by Nelia's skills receive 'Twilight Curse' for 10 seconds.

[Twilight Curse Effect]
Recovery rate decreases by 50%
Magic damage receive increases by 50% per second

Skill Icon
Nelia-LB-Twilight Flames
Twilight Flames
12 sec(s)
"Deal damage by summoning flames"

Spawn a pillar of flames at the targeted location that has a 40% increased attack range to drag nearby enemies and have their movement speed reduced by 70% for 5 seconds. The flames deal 260.7% of magic attack damage and an additional 130.4% of magic attack damage to enemies with 'Twilight Curse'. If enemies receive additional damage from 'Twilight Curse', they faint for 3 seconds at a 40% chance. Leaves 'Twilight Curse' to enemies that received damage for 10 seconds. The skill can be used one more time within 8 seconds without consuming SP.
Nelia-LB-Twilight Flower
Twilight Flower
15 sec(s)
"Summon a 'Twilight Flower' that attacks automatically"

Summon 10 'Twilight Flower' that follows around Nelia for 15 seconds. Consumed 'Twilight Flower' will respawn 4 flowers every second for 5 seconds. Automatically fire a 'Twilight Flower' every 0.2 seconds to the target with the highest attack power. Fired 'Twilight Flower' explodes to deal 36% of magic attack damage to nearby enemies and deals 18% of additional magic attack damage to enemies with 'Twilight Curse'. To enemies that received damage leave 'Twilight Curse' for 10 seconds. When using skill, allies' critical chance increases by 25% for 10 seconds. When 'Twilight Flower' is reused, activated 'Twilight Flower' skills will be applied only after previous summons are all fired.
Nelia-LB-Twilight Curse
Twilight Curse
"Leave 'Twilight Curse' when an enemy receives damage"

Enemies hit by Nelia's skills receive up to 5 stacks of 'Twilight Curse' for 10 seconds.

[Twilight Curse Effect]
Recovery rate decreases by 50%
Skill damage reduced from 10% to 30%
Magic damage receive increases from 50% to 90% per second


Lord of Ironwood Nelia
Demon King of Greed Nelia
Black Blaze Empress Nelia
Lord of Ironwood
강철 숲의 군주
Demon Queen of Greed
탐욕의 마왕
Black Blaze Empress
'Transcendence' x3

Recommended Sets

2 set is equipped
4 set is equipped
Power of Anger
Skill Cooldown Reduction 4.00 %
When using skills, acquire [Power of Anger] effect. (Can stack up to 10 times)

[Power of Anger]<brclear="all"/>For each stack, Attack Damage increases by 2%, and Damage Received reduces by 2%.
Dagger of Passion
Skill Attack Damage Increase 10.00 %
When using skills, acquire [Dagger of Passion] effect. (Can stack up to 10 times)

[Dagger of Passion]<brclear="all"/>Crit Chance increased by 2% per stack.

Recommended Accessories

2 Critical Chance Increase + 1 Skill Cooldown Reduction
2 Skill Cooldown Reduction + 1 Critical Chance Increase
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5
Solar Ring
Increase critical chance.
0.80 %
1.60 %
2.40 %
3.20 %
4.00 %
Lava Necklace
Increase critical chance.
0.80 %
1.60 %
2.40 %
3.20 %
4.00 %
Chasm Necklace
Skill cooldown reduction.
0.80 %
1.60 %
2.40 %
3.20 %
4.00 %
Earrings of Order
Skill cooldown reduction.
0.80 %
1.60 %
2.40 %
3.20 %
4.00 %

Recommended Traits

Critical Chance Increase + Skill Cooldown Reduction + Skill Damage Increase
LVL 4/5
LVL 4/5
LVL 4/5

DISCLAIMER: These sets of equipment are purely based on the varying opinions in the Grand Chase community. Recommendations will always change as the game expands. This section only serves as a model for others to consider and players are encouraged to customize their build.


As a boss

Nelia's clone can be fought as a boss in Epilogue 6.6: Casted Shadow of Greed.


During the battle, Nelia summons beings that reduce received damage whenever the casting is successfully executed. Then the party will be dealt with great damage if players do not stop the summoned being's casting attack. She also applies a double shield for both physical and magic damage received. Failing to prevent Nelia will lead her to use a wide attack that increases the party members' received damage when hit.


  • In the Korean server, Nelia is the first Rank SR character that was released together with a Breakthrough.
  • Nelia is the first Rank SR character that is not a Grand Chase member who has an avatar outside the evolution.
    • Nelia is the first Rank SR character that is not a Grand Chase member who received Likability.
      • Nelia is the only Rank SR character so far whose basic form does not appear in the story.
  • Cover Girl has the ancient symbol of Ouroboros as the motif of the avatar.
    • In the original game, the playable character Uno has the same symbol at the center of his emblem as well as a marking of it on his left hand.
  • Cover Girl is the only school uniform avatar that does not appear in any of the unlockable events from Grand Tale Season 2.
  • Like Edel, Nelia has a beauty mark near below the left side of her lips.


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  • "My path is the domination of Greed. Let's go swallow the world together."
  • "Nelia Ironwood. I'm sure you know this Four Demon King."
  • "You can call me either Demon Queen of Greed or First Lord of Underworld."
  • "I want to invite you to my territory. Ironwood's territory is like iron bars made with blades."
  • "Second-in-command? Who do you think is the real boss of the Underworld?"
  • "Heitaros, I want to join your aspiration."
  • "Your Highness, why don't you step away from the government affairs?"
  • "Everyone is so incompetent yet so greedy. They are not on the same level as me."
  • "I had a nightmare again. It's awful to experience death."
  • "The forest that surrounded me suffocated me. I realized as soon as I saw the horizon. I was trapped all this time..."
  • "One battle completely changed my life. Only if..."
  • "Look at that!"
  • "Don't waste your strength. Why don't you grow more instead of floating every time?"
  • "Why are all Haros so stupid?"
  • "It's easy to crush them with my strength. But it's more fascinating to use their stupidity!"
  • "You're very loyal. I'll give you a sword. It's a sword made out of steel!"
  • "Demon World is Underworld's ally. Don't doubt and just accept it."
  • "I should've been the leader of Hardliners!"
  • "I hate him... How come the seal doesn't work on him?"
  • "Veigas exploded everything. I don't like... how I'm being treated the same way as him."
  • "Don't include me in your hierarchy fight. I'm offended."
  • "Not just the Demon World, but... the Underworld and the whole world?"
  • "Did you follow me? To Underworld?"
  • "Hm? I never thought about where I'm going to use it. Let's think about the purpose after I get it in my hands first."
  • "Veigas was locked up in the Purgatory? No way. He's not easy to catch."
  • "I can never forget that day."
  • "It was a perfect opportunity. I was the one... who was ready!"
  • "Really... I can't beat you in arguments."
  • "It's a ridiculous mistake. I missed it..."
  • "Your range of vision is getting narrower because you are too caught up in your victory, Veigas."
  • "Yes, squirm all you want. That's more fun for me."
  • "I will kill you and throw you away in the steel forest. You will become good fertilizer."
  • "Wonderful! The Demon World, Underworld, and this whole world! I will have everything!"
  • "I'm a girl with talent and beauty! Why am I too perfect?"
  • "I just have a large plate by the name of Greed."
  • "Ancient demons can't avoid the fate of destruction. It's just fun to look at the end. You can try all you want, Edna."
  • "Do I have to tell you... who will be smiling in the end?"

  • "Lead the way correctly."
  • "Take the lead."
  • "Are you asking me the direction?"
  • "It's very interesting."

  • "You know the way, right?"
  • "Can you not waste my time?"
  • "I'll have to change my guide."
  • "Haggler! Where is he?"

  • "You don't have to greet me."
  • "Don't skip lunch no matter how busy you are. Appetite is one of the most basic desires!"
  • "Thank you for sticking until the end. You can go now."

  • "Welcome. You know what to do today right?"
  • "Merry Christmas!"
  • "Happy New Year!"
  • "May all your New Year's resolutions come true!"

Speech Balloons

  • "Wait for me. I'll be back soon."
  • "It's not satisfying but this isn't bad."
  • "Why are you not Upgrading me?"
  • "Evolve me."
  • "I can be Awakened!"
  • "I can Prestige."
  • "Select a Trait."
  • "I can Transcendence Awakening."
  • "I can Limit Break."



Rank-SS Rank SR
Dark Gaian
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