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The Nephilim is a demonic bird-like creature that is the avatar of Nature's Wrath. It is bought for 10000 GP for 100, or 500 Cash for 500. All of Ryan's Jobs beyond Druid can change into the beast.

It lasts for 45 seconds, while increasing the user's Vitality and adding "Super Armor", which makes it stun resistant to most attacks (also with a surprising massive attack ratio in Dungeons). In addition, it cannot be grabbed because of its large height and when he is thrown in air, he will quickly restablize himself and land on his feet. It gives off an effect, "Nephilim's Shield", that provides a defense buff to the entire party for 35 seconds (25 for allies; Because these are not the same buffs, it can be stacked with a second Nephilim).

When transforming, it gives off a shockwave like effect that lifts opponents, in order to protect the user itself.

The Nephilim only has one skill.

Strangely, the Nephilim has an odd way of getting around things. For example, he can "phase" out of a shockwave effect, he tends to "collapse" often (headfirst), and his counter is basically his standard fall.


When Attacking



"Nature Punish!"




"Ugh... Ah..."

Basic AttacksEdit

Keystrokes Name Effect
ZZZZ Basic Combo The Nephilim punches the target several times.
ZZ+Arrow RArrow R Critical Attack In the middle of his combo, the Nephilim performs a spinning punch attack.
ZZZZ+Arrow RArrow R Double Attack At the end of his combo, the Nephilim performs a spinning punch attack.
Arrow U+Z Jump Attack The Nephilim jumps and punches twice.
Arrow UArrow U+Z Jump Attack (Up) The Nephilim jumps and throws an orb diagonally downward.
Arrow U+Arrow D+Z Jump Attack (Down) The Nephilim jumps and quickly drops, smashing his fist into the ground.
Arrow RArrow R Dash The Nephilim quickly dashes forward.
Arrow RArrow R+Z Dash Attack The Nephilim rams forward with his shoulder.
Arrow RZ Grab The Nephilim grabs his enemy then throws them overhead.
(Note: Both players are invincible throughout the animation.)
(Note: Only works in PvP; Dungeon monsters cannot be grabbed.)
(Note: Due to lag, it may not work, or may intercept the opponent's attack/skill.)


Level/Type Name Effect
LVL 1 Basic

Nature Punish

The Nephilim punches the target twice followed by a more powerful fist.


  • Contrary to popular belief, it was the height that prevented the Nephilim from being grabbed, not the Super Armor. This is proven due to the fact that Magnus Dan is as tall as Nephilim and also can't be grabbed yet he doesn't have Super Armor.
  • According to Ryan, the creature Dark Anmon was once a Nephilim who eventually succumbed to corruption, and has transformed into an evil, powerful demon.
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