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Osiris is a stray captive who came along with the Grand Chase in search of the Crown of Sands. He turned out to be the ruler whose kingdom was usurped by the god Seth.

He appeared in the game as a Quest NPC for the Alcubra region.


A long time ago, the ruler Osiris was assassinated by Seth and his demonic warlocks through a certain ritual they performed. Although they successfully took over his kingdom, the ruler somehow lived on after.

Osiris who had then found himself handcuffed in a Goblin Work Site could barely recall anything from his past. However, his pompous and tiresome personality seemed to have remained.

The ruler had a son Horus who would be responsible for the sought-after treasure in the desert lands of Alcubra, the Crown of Sands.


Although he does not appear in the story dialogues, Osiris interacts with the Grand Chase and, at times, with the players themselves in the mission board.

Goblin Work Site

Osiris was encountered by the Grand Chase at the Goblin Work Site where he claimed his current appearance to be due to circumstances he did not disclose. Seeing that the Grand Chase appeared to be powerful, he requested their help in escaping from the area.

Underpass of Lost Hope

Disgusted by the underground tunnel, Osiris had a hissy fit and ordered the Grand Chase to clear all the bugs as he wanted to get out as soon as possible. He then told them to take down the Ant Queen Aranya so that the place would stop reeking.

Kungji Village

Osiris had tried enjoying his stay in the Kungji Village to the fullest, but when the treasure of the fluffy beasts was stolen, the Grand Chase forced the man that they meet up with the Elder Kungji or else they would leave him.

Sands of Illusion

Following the thief's tracks, Osiris spotted the same old goblin from the worksite and urged the Grand Chase to not lose track of him in the Sands of Illusion. After they retrieved a piece of the Crown, he remembered it was his duty to protect the treasure, encouraging everyone to find the lost fragments.

Deserted Town

As they faced off Khufu in the Deserted Town, Osiris thought that the pipsqueak was so cocky and annoying but he quickly realized the Grand Chase saw him in the same light which offended him.

Ra Canyon

Osiris dismissed the hooded lizards to be "weaklings" but as they went further into the Ra Canyon, he saw how the monsters had become more menacing each time and so took a step back with his opinions, letting the Grand Chase do the job.

Seth's Pyramid

Osiris who was sure of his purpose started to regain memories of his past as the Grand Chase came across undead mages within the tomb. He who wished to honor the will of Horus pleaded sincerely to the Grand Chase in helping him slay Barakhufu and destroy the Crown of Sands once and for all.





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