Osiris was the ruler of Alcubra before Seth has taken away his kingdom.

He appeared in the game as a Quest NPC for the Alcubra region.


Apart from his kingship, there is nothing else known about Osiris other than having a son named Horus presumed to have died at a certain point in time.

One day, a man named Seth and all his warlocks would then perform a ritual in attempts of slaying him to seize the empire.


Although he doesn't appear in the story dialogues, Osiris interacts with the Grand Chase and, at times, to the players themselves in the mission board.

Goblin Work SiteEdit

Osiris was encountered by the Grand Chase at the Goblin Work Site where he claimed his current appearance to be due to circumstances he does not disclose. Seeing that the Chase appear to be powerful, he requested their help in escaping from the area.

Underpass of Lost HopeEdit

Kungji VillageEdit

Sands of IllusionEdit

Deserted TownEdit

Ra CanyonEdit

Seth's PyramidEdit





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