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I'll surpass Eclipse no matter what...

— Oz Pone Max Reinhardt

Dr. Oz Pone Max Reinhardt is a demon who was defined as a "great wizard" during the Ancient Demon Wars.



Oz is a legendary magician who participated in the Ancient Demon Wars on the demons' side. Despite him being a demon of Elyos, at some point, he had a change of heart and wanted to become good. He was almost killed by Duel and barely managed to escape with his life. He retreated to his hideout and started to construct the magical sword that would rival Duel's Eclipse. As the one who possessed the Core of Elyos, he hid it and used the core in his forging. Creating a very powerful sword and embedding the core into it, he named the sword "Grandark". However, as the core was implanted into the sword, the essence within the core turned out to be intelligent and only obeys its own will, refusing to be controlled by him or anyone else. Thus, Oz decided to create a living being capable and programmed to control the powerful weapon.

After placing his final touches on the magical sword, Grandark, Oz started on "creature research", to find a physical entity that will control Grandark in his stead. He investigated the old territory of the Ancient Demons to find the Ancient Demons' core, an essential of creature creation. Taking the body of a deceased ancient hero, he resurrected the body and named it "Zero Zephyrum".

The Hardliners attacked Oz in search of the core, but Oz managed to guard the core during the assault, as well as Grandark and its beholder. Also, he was at some point called upon by Peter von Crimson River to cure his daughter Ley through a forbidden ritual.


Oz was first mentioned in Zero's description in the original game. He made his debut in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser as an NPC.

in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser

Act 15.9: At Dawn

Just as the Grand Chase were about to fall into the Crimson River, Dr. Oz came to rescue them in the nick of time although was disappointed on how they were caught off guard by a mere trap despite Dio's word.

When told about Kyle's predicament and their request to cure him, he vehemently refused, claiming that he only came because of the Burning Canyon chief's favor and had no reason to save a lowly human. Oz added that he no longer had his lab and an Ancient Demon's core to use although he noticed how Kyle was "created" and wondered if there might be someone with the same capabilities in creation as him. The doctor eventually gave in but not before the Grand Chase reclaiming his lab from Heitaros' followers though he could not guarantee to cure the kid by then.

Act 16.1: Sky City

Oz introduced them to the Sky City which used to be occupied by Ancient Demons. When asked about why he had a lab in such a place, the doctor got irritated and told them to stay on track. As Alfred took over and explain the current situation, Oz said that Heitaros took the opportunity and invaded the Demon World when both leaders of the Hardliners and Moderates were gone. He added that the Grand Chase needed Veigas' help if they wanted to stop him.

Oz realized from the voices that Ley just heard that the wailing spirits of the Ancient Demons still lingered. On their way, the group was attacked by the guardians of the City much to the doctor's confusion as these artifacts should not have been easy to activate alone.

Act 16.2: City Ward

Oz recognized Mari's knowledge in Magic Engineering and described how the guardians were powered by sunlight. He added that they gather enough energy during the day to function at night though the big ones might struggle due to requiring more energy.

Act 16.3: Traces of Ancient Demon

As Cindy wondered where the Ancient Demons at, Oz revealed to them that their kind had been annihilated by the demons in accordance to the Creator's will after they steered away from the responsibility they share with the demons to develop advanced technology which became the catalyst of the Ancient War.

Oz was surprised at how their enemies managed to also gain control of the Forgotten Ancient Protector and told the group to be careful as it would be hard to disable. After the Grand Chase took it down with ease, he informed them that it was a weapon of war by the Ancient Demons which was very hard to control, and due to a chance a swarm of these could show up, the doctor suggested that they wait until sunset as a guardian of that size would not be able to function during the night.

Act 16.4: Sky City (Night)

With the sun already down, Oz attested that the big guardians should not be able to move and it was then all right for the Grand Chase to continue their journey.

Act 16.5: Demon's Core

Oz who knew the truth overheard Ley talking about the voices earlier and that they had been making her chest hurt.

Act 16.6: The Ruins Beckon!

Oz pointed the group towards a path that would lead them to the City's underground where his laboratory was located. After defeating Favian along the way, he urged them to hurry as they got no time to lose.

Meanwhile, Yohanna let her Mass Production Combat Drones know that their "father" was coming.

Act 16.7: City's Underground

Oz informed the Grand Chase that even he had not completely figured out the facility yet due to the place getting shattered when the Hardliners invaded though because the structural integrity was never harmed, it would not collapse.

When the group thought they just saw Zero, Oz immediately cleared up that what they saw was a mass-produced combat drone and since then, he finally realized who was waiting for them at the end. When Elesis asked him how he knew Zero, the doctor scolded her for asking such a stupid question and asserted that he probably knew more about Zero than Zero himself.

Act 16.9: Mass-Produced Weapons of War

Oz who surmised that there were not many beings that could use the Ancient Demon guardians or mass-produced combat drones confronted Yohanna. He derisively thanked her for keeping him alive and initially did not think that she would truly flee from them, however, Yohanna told him about a certain Bounty Hunter and thought she had found the clues that would lead her to the thing that he hid much to the doctor's shock.

Act 17.1: Traces of War in Forest

When Kyle asked if Zero was on their side, Oz scoffed at his creation saying he was the "failure" he made. He continued to scorn Zero despite the latter visibly showing his worry and relief and asked if he had proven himself by tracing Duel's whereabouts. The doctor was eager to hear him more after learning that the Ancient Demon was also in the Demon World.

Despite his efforts, Oz declared that no one could fix Kyle and verified what Grandiel had told them about the vessel of his soul being completely broken although the doctor wondered if the elf hid it on purpose. He explained that it was not broken but the binding power of Kyle's soul was rather weak and so setting it straight, his life would end. Bewildered by the kid's reaction, Oz would soon learn from Kyle a familiar voice he kept hearing and thought it might be his "instincts" which he may or may not follow.

Act 17.4: Through the Darkness of Night

Along the way, the group encountered some enemy reinforcement that seemed involved in a particular device to which Oz confirming it to be an energy assembly device. While it may not be big, he said that it was using energy from the ground and compared it to the function of an amplifier.

Act 17.5: Mysterious Device

Seeing more soldiers with the same device, Oz theorized that it was not extracting the special power that Duel's Eclipse had left like the heroes initially thought but simply a device commonly used in Demon World's army which supplies energy and used on the fields with ease.

Act 17.7: Family's Grave

Alfred showed the cemetery where the late Burning Canyon members were laid to rest but with the undead and ghosts appearing together, Oz thought that it was rather an unnatural sight to behold. Irked by Jin's ignorance about the dead, the doctor educated the humans on how people are made up of "memory", "body", and "soul" with the undead being soulless bodies with memories and the ghosts being bodiless souls who move based on their thoughts, and so, Zero backed up his master's claim that there was no way the undead and ghosts could be together if they were natural monsters.

Act 18.3: Tactic Weapon Inferno

When the Grand Chase overheard the soldiers asking for the assistance of the Inferno, Oz informed them that it was a tactic weapon in Heitaros' army similar to the ones used in the Sky City.

Act 18.4: Reorganize Battle Line

Oz appeared in a cutscene that took a peek at his past. He was seen watching over the magnificent city of the Ancient Demons before Yohanna who would be working for Oz came to introduce herself.

Act 18.6: Artist's Performance at the Army

In another flashback, Oz fretted if his cursed research that nobody should know about went out, unaware of Yohanna listening in the distance.

Act 18.9: Commander's Identity

While dealing with the Infernos, Oz said that they were invented in different versions after many improvements and could be used with the troops if they were small. Meanwhile, Zero felt familiar energy hence Oz presumed that Yohanna was nearby. Eventually, the group encountered her once again with the doctor figuring out that the thing Heitaros was looking for was in the Underworld to which she had confirmed, now certain that the Demon God was going to invade the Underworld.

Amidst the battle, Oz hustled Zero to attack Yohanna but hesitated much to the doctor's dismay, reasoning that he was going to kill her anyway. After Lime took her down, the doctor mocked Yohanna for relying on her dolls to get Duel.

Act 19.1: To the Abyss

Dio interrogated Oz about what he knew of Heitaros' plan to which he refused to tell. Then Veigas revealed that the doctor was just feeling guilty because he had joined hands with the Demon God.

After Dio expressed his worry about leaving the territory that he just regained, Oz offered to fix the mass production battle weapons that Yohanna left as he might be able to use them in protecting the territory, adding that he could do so since he made them originally.

Act 20.9: Enlisting in the Army

Zero who felt proud of his accomplishment kicking out all of the New Hardliners from the Burning Canyon territory was berated by Oz for letting Duel escape. He argued that those they had fought were simply supplementing armies and thought Heitaros would want to prolong the war. The doctor insisted he did not know why he wanted to conquer the Underworld but Dio was still distrustful of this claim. Once again, Oz got annoyed by Zero's ideas and stated that creating a fort would be useless as Heitaros must have another route into the Underworld besides the train. With Dio deciding to follow the Grand Chase, Oz proceeded to make a warp in his research lab for them to cross through.

Act 21.6: Trauma Imprinted on Soul

After Kyle regained his self-control, Oz realized that his "instinct" had awakened and was regretful of not being able to heal him despite the boy telling him about it before.

Kyle found out that he tried to attack his friend and was informed by Oz how his instinct became a poison by trying to suppress it. He explained that his body and instinct became like water and oil and due to it, the consciousness disappeared when his instinct manifested within him, warning the boy that he would no longer be himself if he had stayed further in this state. After learning about the helplessness Kyle was feeling, Oz figured it was the reason that triggered his instinct.

Act 21.9: Lost Person

Oz who was questioned about Heitaros' purpose once again had broken his silence and he revealed that Heitaros was looking for a key which was taken a long time ago by two Haros, adding that it was made from the core of Ancient Demons.

Epilogue 6.1: Swaying Ambition

In a flashback, Oz caught Legis and Tristan sneaking to his research lab but he let it pass and moved on to talk about "work". When they found out that the doctor's request was for them to stop the Demon God's scheme, the two Bounty Hunters ended up in an argument with Tristan not wanting to be involved with such things. Despite all his protests, Legis still took the request and asked Oz to keep sharing information.

Failing to stop the Grand Chase from infiltrating the Tower of Memories, Oz told Yohanna, who was blaming the Haros for being untrustworthy, that she had misjudged them if she could not read their uneasiness. Despite the commander knowing all of his battle tactics, Oz had beaten Yohanna in her game. When she argued why he stopped with Grandark when he could have done more with the Ancient Demon power, Oz reckoned that Yohanna desired something unnecessary, asking her if she wanted to start a battle again or him to destroy the demons. Also, he raised the question of whether Heitaros' purpose would lead to prosperity for demons even when it went against the rules of the world.

Epilogue 6.2: Illusion of Memory

As Elesis wondered why Duel took Ley, Dr. Oz had finally informed them that the Crimson River's daughter got Edna's Ancient Demon core implanted on her in the past much to Dio's dismay.

Epilogue 6.5: Resurrection Ceremony

Oz saw that the resurrection ceremony has been put into effect and thought that the Ancient Demons may have already gotten the key. He said that after the ritual was over, the core and memory would combine and so the Ancient Demons would get their power back, and then the key would disappear.

Epilogue 6.7: Crazy Envoy

Despite everything, Dr. Oz and Zero stood in silence as Duel muttered his desire to rest like Edna.

Act 26.1: Punish the Evil

Ley insisted to Dio who was worried sick about her wellbeing that she was totally fine in contrast to Oz's opinion of her.


  • It is said that Grandark refused Oz as his owner because the wizard was deemed "weak and old".
  • Oddly enough, Oz chose to create a sword to use as his weapon despite being a magician.
    • There is a possibility that Oz may have been proficient in swordsmanship as well.





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