Oz Pone Max Reinhardt or just Oz is a Demon who was defined as a "great wizard" during the Demon Wars.

Despite him being a demon of Elyos, at some point he had a change of heart and wanted to become good. As the one who possessed the Core of Elyos, he hid it and used the Core in his forging. Creating a very powerful sword and embedding the core into it, he named the sword Grandark. Oz created the Grandark to counteract Void's Eclipse. However, Oz was unable to tame the essence within Grandark, which ultimately led him to create Zero, the only one who could wield Grandark.


Sometime before the founding of Kounat, the League of Demons initiated a surprise attack on the ancient demons, leading to the Ancient War, a war that began when every demon in the underworld wanted to get their hands on the Core of Elyos. It was the same war where the ancient demon's hero, Duel Von Zec Avenger (Void) went berserk. He annihilated everyone in disregard of whether they were allies or enemies, and because of that the war was practically terminated.

Oz Pone Max Reinhardt was a legendary magician who participated in the war on the demons' side. He was almost killed by Duel and barely managed to escape with his life. He retreated to his hideout, and started to construct the magical sword that will rival with Duel's Eclipse, Grandark. However, as the core was implanted into the sword, the monster within the core turned out to be intelligent and only obeys its own will, refusing to be controlled by him or anyone else. Thus, Oz decided to create a living being capable and programmed to control the powerful weapon.

After placing his final touches to the magical sword, Grandark, Oz started on “creature research”, to find a physical entity that will control Grandark in his stead. He investigated the old territory of the ancient demons in order to find the ancient demons’ core, an essential of creature creation. Taking the body of a deceased ancient hero, he resurrected the body and named it "Zero Zephyrum".

Duel Von Zec Avenger attacked Oz in search for the core, but Oz managed to protect the core during the assault, as well as Grandark and its beholder.


  • It is said that Oz is Zero's master but had completely doubted him despite his loyalty.
  • According to translations, Grandark refused Oz as his owner because he was "weak" and old.
  • According to translations, Oz is the one responsible for saving Ley when she was critically ill by a ritual that snatched Edna's soul just as it was passing into the Underworld, leading to her rebirth within Ley.
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