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Oz Pone Max Reinhardt is a demon who is defined as a "great wizard" during the Ancient Demon Wars.


Oz is a legendary magician who participated in the Ancient Demon Wars on the demons' side. Despite him being a demon of Elyos, at some point, he had a change of heart and wanted to become good. He was almost killed by Duel and barely managed to escape with his life. He retreated to his hideout and started to construct the magical sword that will rival with Duel's Eclipse. As the one who possessed the Core of Elyos, he hid it and used the core in his forging. Creating a very powerful sword and embedding the core into it, he named the sword Grandark. However, as the core was implanted into the sword, the essence within the core turned out to be intelligent and only obeys its own will, refusing to be controlled by him or anyone else. Thus, Oz decided to create a living being capable and programmed to control the powerful weapon.

After placing his final touches to the magical sword, Grandark, Oz started on "creature research", to find a physical entity that will control Grandark in his stead. He investigated the old territory of the ancient demons to find the ancient demons' core, an essential of creature creation. Taking the body of a deceased ancient hero, he resurrected the body and named it "Zero Zephyrum".

Duel attacked Oz in search for the core, but Oz managed to protect the core during the assault, as well as Grandark and its beholder.


Oz was first mentioned in Zero's description in the original game. He made his debut in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser as an NPC.

in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser

Act 17.1: Traces of War in Forest

Act 17.4: Through the Darkness of Night

Act 17.5: Mysterious Device

Act 17.7: Family's Grave

Act 18.3: Tactic Weapon Inferno

Act 18.4: Reorganize Battle Line

Act 18.6: Artist's Performance at the Army

Act 18.9: Commander's Identity

Act 19.1: To the Abyss


  • Grandark refused Oz as his owner because the wizard was deemed "weak" and old.
  • Oddly enough, Oz created a sword to use it as his weapon despite being a magician.
    • This is likely because a rod or staff might be ineffective against a blade.
    • There is a possibility that Oz might be proficient in swordsmanship as well.





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