Pan is a timid Silver Knight trainee who had been unaware of the onslaught in their headquarters until he found the Grand Chase.

He appeared in the game as a Quest NPC for the Silver Land region.


There is nothing else known about Pan other than being a trainee under the Silver Knights.


Although he doesn't appear in the story dialogues, Pan interacts with the Grand Chase and, at times, to the players themselves in the mission board.

The Whispering WoodsEdit

Pan was encountered by the Grand Chase who was also looking for them after sensing the extremely unstable and violent energy of evil in the area.

Ruins of the Silver KnightsEdit

Pan was confused and devastated when seeing the headquarters of the Silver Knights in ruins. As he requested, the Grand Chase explored the area in hopes of finding his masters.

Lake AuroraEdit

Pan warns the Chase that there are a lot of dangerous monsters residing within the area, some of which could generate electricity.

King Guang's FenEdit

Primeval IslandEdit

Without a boat to ride on, Pan suggested that the group must pass through the Primeval Island and make their way to the south end of the continent.

King Fang's LairEdit

Victor's FortressEdit


  • Oddly enough, Pan was somehow aware of the Grand Chase who were considerably new at the time and sought help from them whereas the Silver Knights would have been the more sensible option.




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