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Peter von Crimson River is the head of the Crimson River family and Ley's father.


There is nothing else known about Peter other than that he was also called the "Ruler of Blood" according to Nelia Ironwood.

At some point in the past, Ley grew weaker and weaker due to an incurable disease thus Peter called upon Oz Pone Max Reinhardt to perform a forbidden ritual that would fuse her soul with the Ancient Demon, Edna Vervidad.

After the First Demon War, Peter decided to send Ley in Aernas to find Dio and secure the alliance between the two families.


Peter was first mentioned in Ley's description in the original game. He made his debut as an NPC in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser.

in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser

Act 15.1: Betrayers of the Mansion

When Ley sought Peter and Jeeves, butler Daniel claimed that they just left due to something very urgent much to the daughter's annoyance. However, she would soon find out that something may have happened to her father and butler after learning that the new servants currently working in the Crimson River Mansion were either fakes or traitors and set off to find them, certain that they were still inside.

Act 15.2: To Father's Room

After the group had reassembled, Ley led the Grand Chase to Peter's room.

Act 15.3: Betrayer's Identity

On their way up, Ley reassured Lire that nothing happened to Peter and Jeeves and said that they were no pushovers. To her surprise, Daniel was the one waiting in her father's room.

As Ley interrogated the butler about the whereabouts of Peter and Jeeves, he claimed that it was too late as they had already been dealt with by Pino and was sure they were locked up in the Purgatory which made the lady extremely worried knowing the fact that there was only one being that managed to escape it in the last tens of thousand years.

Act 15.9: At Dawn

After saving the Grand Chase in the nick of time, Dr. Oz immediately recognized Ley as Peter's daughter whom he cured when she was very young.

Act 16.1: Sky City

Alfred informed Ley that Dio was indeed headed for Purgatory, however, he clarified that his priority was Veigas though not without reassuring her that his master would also save Peter.

Epilogue 4.3: Into The Fire

Peter was shown for the first time during this period in time where he nonchalantly taunted Dio on how his clan was always slow except when Werner died. Although Jeeves knew that the chief of the Moderates was coming to their rescue, the bloody ruler had stubbornly refuted his statement saying that they made it out just by themselves. The butler hesitantly tried to explain further but he ignored him, proceeding to berate Veigas.

Unsurprisingly, Peter lost it as he learned about the temporary alliance but he understood Dio would not be swayed to back out of the plan anyway. However, he snapped once again when interrupted by a human that was Sieghart.

Despite taking down Felix, the bombardment did not stop even a second thus Peter was left with no choice but to stay with Jeeves to take care of the place and pressed Dio and his squad to move forward without them. Veigas then stated that he wanted the bombardment to end his life with the bloody ruler responding that he would cut him in half as soon as he had a chance.

Epilogue 4.7: Between Calm and Passion

After Tekarion was defeated, Peter praised Dio remarking that it was just how he was like his father, and called for everyone to celebrate the victory of the allied forces.

Act 17.1: Traces of War in Forest

Peter appeared in a cutscene that took a peek at Duel's past. He was seen discussing with Werner how to deal with the Demon God's army during the Ancient Demon Wars.

Act 17.3: Grudge of Harpy

In another flashback, Peter and Werner were having a dispute over the latter's plan of using himself as bait to separate Duel from his army with the bloody ruler asserting to leave that kind of work to Heitaros as that demon wanted to fight Duel for a long time and would accept it right away. Peter was also worried that Werner would lose his honor and his son would never get to see him again.

Act 18.9: Commander's Identity

Dio informed Ley that Peter went back to the territory and asked if she was not going back to her father as well.

Act 20.9: Enlisting in the Army

Dio briefly mentioned Peter whom he entrusted Elyos with while they join the people who were already in the Underworld.


  • In Ley's Dark Enchantress Awakening set which is said to be her in an alternate reality where she does not possess Edna's soul, Ley has blonde hair implying that Edna's influence over her body caused this change in her appearance. With Peter having pink hair, however, this claim is no longer standing.
  • According to Grand Chase M, "Peter Pan von Crimson River" is supposedly his full name.




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