Peter von Crimson River is the head of the Crimson River family and Ley's father.


As Ley grew weaker and weaker due to an incurable disease, Peter von Crimson River called upon Oz to perform a forbidden ritual that would fuse her soul with the ancient warrior Edna.

After the First Magic War, Peter decided to send Ley in Aernas to find Dio and secure the alliance between the two families.


Peter was first mentioned in Ley's description in the original game. He made his debut in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser as an NPC.

in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser


  • In his debut in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser, Peter was shown with a pink hair concluding that the Crimson River family have always been that way and Ley's change in appearance was not only related to Edna's influence over her body.
  • According to Grand Chase M, "Peter Pan von Crimson River" is his full name.


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