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Pino is a disciple from the Creator's Morning that served as a guide for the Grand Chase into the Temple of Time. His seemingly gentle personality was revealed a facade later on and in reality a close henchman of Heitaros Cratsus.


There is nothing else known about Pino other than his desire to become a missionary and travel the world although it is likely just a part of his act.


Act 9.6: At the Promised Location

Pino met the Grand Chase within the Airship Port and they gave him the artifact which will be delivered to Creator's Morning. Unbeknownst to him, it was an imitation that functions as a GPS device that would reveal the location of their hideout. Already distressed about the commotion, Pino then realized that they are the wanted criminals from Mouspia after they were noticeably sought by guards. He eventually left the group as he reunited with Father Nachoel and Sister Tacoel, not knowing their true purpose.

Act 9.8: Emergency Guide

The Grand Chase found Pino asking for their help as he was driven into a corner by the mutating people, saying that all of a sudden the people started turning into monsters. Lass accused him of being responsible for the incident but Arme suggested to save Pino first then find out what was going on.

Act 9.9: Rescue the Citizens!

After being rescued, Pino was informed by the Grand Chase that the Creator's Morning was supposedly responsible for the situation. However, he did not believe them and left to resolve any misunderstandings. When the group located him, Tacoel confessed that the Order turned citizens into monsters. In the end, Pino would guide them to where Creator's Morning is based after they handed over the real artifact to Flaune in exchange for saving the passengers from his plant magic.

Act 10.1: Outskirts of the Temple

As the Grand Chase arrived at their destination, Pino shared that up until a few days ago, he was here studying the teaching while doing chores for the Order, being sorry about his involvement in the evil act of his masters. When all is well with him, Pino stated that he will go in search of proper teachings once this is over. Lass then asked about the guards nearby where Pino explained that they are developed to every corner on the way to the Temple and there is no way to avoid them to the Order's main hall.

Jin pointed at the people where it seemed that too much time has passed since they were mutated in the opinion of Grandiel and he thought it will be difficult to return them to how they were, much to Pino's horror.

Act 10.2: Ancient Ruins

Pino led the Grand Chase to Flaune's outside garden and mentioned he has never seen kidnapped people in the main hall, concluding the people they are mutating were locked up here. Once again, Pino felt bad because he never would have guessed that the Order was doing so much more as he thought this was just a place to grow flowers.

When Arme noticed that there seemed to be traces of an ancient civilization in the surrounding area, Pino told them that this place was where the ancient ruins of the Creator were originally located. He added that they were only using this place for the time being while the Temple the Order originally used is under construction. Grandiel surmised that if this is such an ancient ruin, then there must be some type of self-defense system to which Pino recalled that someone named Dr. Molly handled it.

Act 10.4: The Ones that Protect the Ruins

Going further, Pino guided the Grand Chase to a side road that their group can sneak through.

Act 10.6: Dr. Molly's Dangerous Duty

Kyle inquired Pino if they were at the entrance to the Temple in which he clarified that it was the back door. After they dealt with Dr. Molly, the Grand Chase talked about how to save Amy with Pino suggesting that they disguise as the disciples to infiltrate the main hall. He went on to say that luckily most of the disciples did not know each other since there were so many of them so it should be fine as long as they will not do anything that catches the eye.

As Arme grumbled for tagging along, Pino reasoned that nothing else can be done since Jin refused to be left out and the clothing was too small and uncomfortable for the rest of them, adding that she did not trust just two people going. In the rally, Kyle muttered that it was not exactly what he had been expecting while Pino said that this was pretty normal. When Briel showed himself, Pino told their group that person is the religious sect leader and nobody knew how old he was, stating further that based on the stories he has heard from the fathers that have been here many years, the priest has been the leader since they were younger and he still has the same face. Pino attested that Briel was performing a miracle on himself.

Act 10.7: Inside the Temple

Pino led the group to the way that goes to the priestess' room though he was not very confident as he has never been here before, thinking the direction is probably correct but the security system may activate. Kyle asked if what they came upon was the security device with Pino confirming it looks just like a normal gate, certain that there were no additional warning systems in place.

Act 10.8: Finding the Priestess

Kyle mentioned that Pino must have lived in the Temple of Time for a while since he seemed to know a lot about the place. He revealed that it is kind of his hobby to explore places but was claiming he has not been here very long. Pino spoke about going on a journey once this is over and would like to go wherever his feet can touch.

As the group made it to where Amy was, the disciples stood in the way to question what brought them here. Pino tried to bluff by saying they are fans of the priestess, hoping to have a chat with her for a bit.

Act 10.9: Corrupted Priests

Facing Briel, Pino brought up seeing the Order turn good people into monsters and pleaded not to do these things anymore. Despite that, the leader informed him that if he had only waited a bit longer, he would have received salvation then proceeded to slay Pino. After they dealt with Briel, Jin declared their traveling companion dead, saying that they were able to avenge him if nothing else.

While the Grand Chase mourned over his death from afar, Decanee came on Pino and told him to get up now. He thought his act was perfect but as expected, Pino expressed that nothing can trick Decanee's eyes. When asked if it was an order from Heitaros, he touched on how she did not address him as "lord", deducing that Decanee has already picked sides. Pino's attention was shifted to Elscud with her affirming that if the red knight had not been here, he would have already pulled out his sword. Pino supported this statement by saying it is his principle to not fight unless he is certain to win, adding that by the looks of it, the chance of winning against both of them would be less than 50%. Then he made a hollow apology for letting Briel die, realizing the secret of the never-aging religious sect leader as Decanee let him know she has more than enough substitutes. Pino said her fight with the Grand Chase was riveting and he will continue to stand by and watch with excitement. Leaving to report to Heitaros, Pino warned Decanee that it would be best not to come close to the Demon World as it was now conquered by the Demon God alluding to Veigas being overthrown.

Epilogue 2.3: Secret Garden

When Decanee decided that they will have to deal with the Grand Chase themselves, Elscud brought up what Pino said where he would only fight if he was certain that he would win.

Epilogue 2.4: Collapsing Bridge

As he encountered Briel once more, Kyle swore they will make sure to properly pay back Pino's grudge.

Act 14.1: Demon World Welcome Party

A few months ago, Veigas has returned to Elyos and caught sight of Pino, displeased that only one scrawny guy came to greet him. Pino then asked if he was one of the four Demon Kings, much to Veigas' annoyance. When he raised the same question towards him, Pino seized Veigas in an instant and declared his true purpose.

Act 15.3: Betrayer's Identity

As Ley interrogated Daniel about where her father and Jeeves were, the butler claimed that they have already been dealt with by Pino and was sure they were locked up in the Purgatory. Despite hearing Pino mentioned, Jin thought it was a common name thus paid no heed to it.

Epilogue 4.2: The Opposition Strikes Back

Pino reported to Heitaros that there was a problem at the Purgatory so he may have to go. He reassured the Demon God he will run away if it was dangerous and also mentioned being used to the human form now.

Epilogue 4.3: Into The Fire

Jaded with Veigas talking about his seal, Sieghart provoked the demon by saying that if he could get rid of it, he would not have been dragged into the Purgatory by Pino.

Epilogue 4.4: Shadow Swordsman

On their way to the top, Randy revealed that Pino was his customer all along. Then he was instructed to talk to the military for his bill. Just as the Bounty Hunter ended their contract, Pino threatened to kill him with as little pain as possible if they both meet in a fight.

Pino wished for Sieghart, Dio, Lime, and Veigas to challenge him all at once. He made them feel inferior by speaking briefly of their shortcomings and talked big about how he cannot think of any scenario in which he can be defeated. During their battle, Pino expressed that people who do not have enough skills are not entitled to be among them moreover he informed his opponents of his next attack.

As time went on, Pino came to realize that they seemed better than what he has thought of yet be under the impression they were not even close still. Even so, he was struggling to regain his composure when Dio successfully landed a hit to his face, leaving a cut. This struck a chord with him but after a brief moment of silence, Pino chose to run away.

Act 21.7: Stop the Revolution!

Pino informed Heitaros that they were ready to go into battle, prompting the Demon God to get up from his throne and set his plans into motion.

Act 22.1: Infiltrate! Underworld City

Pino thought the Underworld looked different from what he heard that it was full of people who are loyal to Heitaros. He wanted to know who were those Haros who have guns with Karp responding that they are lower class people who live on the outskirts, adding that they were just mobs. Pino became curious about why they were trying to resist against Heitaros and learned that those who released the prisoners of Purgatory were trying to persuade others, commenting on how they surely tried hard to block Heitaros. As the noble whined about how the Underworld Train crashed because of the Grand Chase, Pino vexed Karp by referring to his disappearance.

Act 22.7: To the Tower of Memories

Caught in an embarrassing situation, Pino lost his temper as Karp got defeated by a small number of people despite him giving the noble a chance when he asked for it. Afterward, Nelia intended to go see the Demon God but Pino said that Heitaros was not interested in the fight like her and went on to say he is always ahead of everyone therefore he left.

Epilogue 6.7: Crazy Envoy

Pino checked on Heitaros after things did not work out the way he wanted it to. Troubled that the Demon God did not have a lot of energy to waste, Pino to his surprise was presented with Kyle then he asked Heitaros if he wanted to absorb the Sword Saint now. As he got his answer, they went back to the Demon World.


Pino can be fought as a boss in Epilogue 4.4: Shadow Swordsman.

Pino's charges can cause 'Fatal Wound' that deals with physical damage per second. The more it stacks, the higher the attack will be. He can also materialize his "shadow" which can only be defeated by dealing with damage or using skills that can remove summoned units.

On Normal Mode and Challenge Mode, Pino has one more ability where he disappears for a moment then targets one Hero, stopping the affected unit from using skills, and deals with fatal damage.





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