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Before a mysterious massive explosion obliterated it, Polaris was the highest position of an ancient kingdom. The Polaris was the symbol of a guiding light in the kingdom, and only a member of the elite with exceptional abilities could hope to ascend to this position. The power to create new machines and research magic fell under the jurisdiction of a Polaris. The results of their research during the First Demon Wars contributed to the success of the Gunslinger combat teams.

Just like Mari's existing jobs, Polaris has the ability to summon magical helpers and set up machines, but can do so with enhanced power. But Polaris has special skills that consume great amounts of mana, and as a result, also possesses a variety of skills to help replenish mana. A Polaris can replenish teammates' mana with her machines and by summoning power ups that can restore a large quantity of mana when an enemy is hit. But unlike previous jobs, Polaris summons her trusty helper KORMET instead of W.D.W. which she used to summon. KORMET differs from Helper Bot, and if he is summoned successfully, KORMET will do basic combos, dash attacks, and jump attacks in Polaris' stead.


Polaris Cash Mission Scroll
It is necessary to be level thirty (30) to be able to participate in Third (3rd) Job Promotion.

"And yet another dream. People were shouting "Polaris! Polaris!" I recognize this word. But why am I so overcome by this feeling of sadness?"

- Mari Ming Ornette -

GP Mission

(10,000 GP)

Part 1

  • Run the Ruins of the Silver Knights once. Even if you don't successfully pass the dungeon, you'll still complete the mission.
    • Entering the dungeon and leaving immediately does not count as "running". It only counts if the dungeon is completed or failed.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

  • Slay 120 monsters within the range of ± 2 above or below level monsters.

Part 5

Cash Mission

(8,600 Cash)


Game Start

"This is excellent data."
"Test Case Zeta Gamma: Commence Operation."


"No Mercy!"
"Call of Ruin!"
"Absolute Power!"


"You're just not up to spec."
"Stop. It's getting ugly."

Game End

"Experiment complete."
"Data collection complete."

Basic Movements

Keystrokes Name Effect
ZZZ Basic Combo Mari smashes forward twice her mallet and then finishes with a double spin around herself.
Z+Arrow RArrow R Critical Attack Mari conjures a blast in front of her.
ZZZ+Arrow RArrow R Double Attack Mari conjures an energy orb that deals damage and reduces MP on contact with an opponent. If no opponent is hit, the orbs stays for 5 seconds before vanishing. (Note: In order to use Double Attack, a small amount of MP is consumed)
Arrow U+(Z Jump Attack Mari swings her mallet downwards.
Arrow U+Arrow D+Z Jump Bolt Mari conjures an energy orb that travels downwards about a short distance. (Note: In order to use Jump Bolt, about half bar of MP is consumed)
Arrow RArrow R+(Pause)+Arrow U Rocket Boost Mari conjures runes from her hands, which propel her above.
Arrow RArrow R Dash Mari leaps forward.
Arrow RArrow R+Z Dash Attack Mari swings her mallet upwards.
Arrow RArrow R+Arrow L+Z Magic Bolt Mari conjures a slow-moving orb that travels a short distance and drags opponents along with.

(Note: In order to use Magic Bolt, a small amount of MP is consumed)

Arrow R+Z Grab Mari jumps and releases the propellers on her mallet in order to smash it with increased pwoer, while her opponent is pleading with no avail.(Note: Both players are invincible throughout the animation.)
(Note: Only works in PvP; Dungeon monsters cannot be grabbed.)
(Note: Due to lag, it may not work, or may intercept the opponent's attack/skill.)

Machinery Summons

Keystrokes Name Effect
C + Arrow L Mana Divider

Mari creates a small blue construct with two emitters that radiates a MP field which increases the MP of Mari and her allies over time. The construct can be destroyed by opponent's attacks and will expire after about 10 seconds.

(Note: only one construct may be deployed on the field at the same time. Attempting to deploy a second one will fail and result in a explosion from the crate.)

(Note: there is a cooldown of 10 seconds in  PvP after creating the machine.)

C + Arrow R Triple Cannon

Mari creates a small blue turret that fires three cannonballs which travels downwards in an arc fashion, and leaves burning embers on contact with the ground. The turrent can be destroyed by opponent's attacks and will expire after 2 shots have been fired.

(Note: only two turret may be deployed on the field at the same time. Attempting to deploy a third one will remove the first one.)

(Note: there is a cooldown of 10 seconds in  PvP after creating the machine.)

C + Arrow D Portal

Mari creates a portal on the ground. Upon the creation of the second portal, Mari, her allies, and also her opponents can use the portals to teleport to and fro each other. The portal cannot be destroyed and it stays on the map forever, or until a map transition occurs.

(Note: Two portals must be present on the map in order for them to work,and only two portals may be deployed on the field at the same time. Attempting to deploy a third one will remove the first one.)

(Note: half of a MP bar is drained to summon the portal. If Mari does not have enough MP, the summon will fail.)

C + Arrow U Summon KORMET Mari attracts screws to summon KORMET. However, when she is charging, she is a sitting duck as she can only cancel the charging pose with a skill.

Stance Change

Mari Portal

Polaris' Portal


Polaris' Mana Divider

Keystrokes Name Effect
XX+Arrow U Mana Shield Mari evelopes herself in a shield made of blue flames that cause damage to be taken from MP instead of HP. The shield last 10 seconds, although there is no cooldown and thus it can be summoned again to create a new one or to refresh the cooldown of the old one.(Note: Ironically, MP does not drain while the ability is active, despite it intending to use Mana for protection.)
XX+X (Wait) Orb Charge Mari charges runic energy by doing a gesture. After few moments, a blue orb will appear meaning that the charge is complete. The blue orb will stay around Mari and boost her MP regeneration for 12 seconds before disapperaring. If Mari is struck by an attack, the orb immediately disappears, while giving her all the MP that she would have received from the remaining duration of the orb.  When she is charging she is vulnerable, but she can just move or dash away at anytime she wishes.


A miniature robot, codename KORMET, masks over the W.D.W. (Wing Drive Weapons) used by the previous classes. It fights in a unique style using fists and rockets and can also enlarge itself. Interesting to note, KORMET will imitate the movements of the Polaris, especially skills.

Keystrokes Name Effect
ZZZ Basic Combo KORMET enlarges its hands, punches forward twice, and then releases four missiles in front of it.
ZZ+Arrow RArrow R Critical Attack KORMET enlarges its hands and smashes the ground with both fists.
ZZZ+Arrow RArrow R Double Attack KORMET enlarges its hands and smashes the ground with both fists.
Arrow U+ZZ Jump Attack KORMET swings two big Wing Drive Weapons in an arc fashion, one going upwards and the other downwards. Then, Mari conjures a blast forward while in the air.
Arrow RArrow R+ZZ Dash Attack KORMET enlarges its hand, performs an uppercut with its fist, and finishes by triggering an explosion on its hand.
Arrow RArrow R+(Pause)+Arrow U+Arrow RArrow R Air Rocket Boost KORMET activates its propellers and pushes Mari forward.


Level/Type Name Effect
LVL 1 Basic

No Mercy

Mari swings the mallet like a golf club, which causes a heavy knockback. All opponents struck by the blow will be implanted with a bomb which explodes prior to crashing upon land.

(Note: If the target is delayed in the air for approximately 7 seconds, the bomb mark will wear off. Also, delay or lag may prevent its activation)

LVL 2 Basic

Call of Ruin

Mari calls forth a runic circle with an eye that summons dark claws to attack the opponents.
LVL 3 Basic


Mari conjures a slow-moving crystalline ball that travels forward at a fair distance and drags opponents before exploding in multiple ice shards that freeze the opponent.
LVL 4 Special

Absolute Power

Mari summons her helper KORMET, who draws in all nearby enemies before releasing into a huge electrical field. Note: In PvP, the suction effect of this skill targets opponents' feet with a magic rune that teleports enemies nearby KORMET; In dungeons, the attraction field will repel the monsters instead of drawing them in.


  • Previously, the Polaris had to place craters (denominated "Sectors") before creating the machinery.
    Polaris placing Sectors

    The Magic Mallet's blueprints

  • Polaris uses the Iron Dwarf Overseer's 4 hit combo and also Thanatos' (2nd Form) Call of Ruin.
  • Polaris's Call of Ruin and Extinction uses magic rather than machinery-based objects.
  • Although Polaris does not utilize her W.D.W. used in the previous two jobs, KORMET has the W.D.W. built into the cylinders on is back. They can be seen during KORMET's Jump Attack (Arrow U+Z)
  • Polaris is one of the two classes that are seen exiting a vehicle before engaging combat, the other being the Battle Mage.
  • It is unknown if "KORMET" is an acronym, or just a simple naming.
  • Shown in Polaris' opening stance, KORMET is capable of inflating its size to large lengths, and can even carry others as well.
  • If No Mercy is executed while KORMET is out, it will say "Nice Shot!!"
  • It is possible that NAGC Polaris's voice actor was British. In her quote of "This is excellent data" the "data" is said as "dah-tah" with the English (England) accent.
  • Strangely, Polaris possess a special skill related to darkness, Call of Ruin, while all her other special skills (including her other job classes) are related to ice or electricity.
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