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Recommended BP/TAP: ?????

  • Clear with 0 hero deaths
  • Clear within 2 min
  • Clear with 3 or less party members
  • Use less than 30 Hero skills
  • Place 2 Healer Hero

To the Courtyard


"Nar.. I'll save you."



Kounat Citizen 1: I cannot believe it. General Kanavan? Treason?
Kounat Citizen 2: I'm sure this is all Baldinar's doing.
Kounat Citizen 1: Then shouldn't we do something?
Kounat Citizen 1: We can't just sit idly by.
Kounat Citizen 2: But what can we do? We're just...
Kounat Citizen 3: Yeah, we wouldn't be able to do anything anyways...
Baldinar: They're gathered like little insects.
Baldinar: How do you feel? They're here to watch you die.
Kanavank Kanavan: ......
Baldinar: Ha, there's nothing you can do by glaring at me.
Kounat Elite Sentinel: Attention!
Kounat Elite Sentinel: We will now begin the execution of Esnar Din Kanavan.
Kounat Citizen: No way..
Kounat Citizen: General!
Kounat Citizen: It can't be..
Kanavank Kanavan: Wait!
Kanavank Kanavan: I want to have a word with His Majesty.
Kanavank Kanavan: I was a General of this Kingdom..
Kanavank Kanavan: Before I accept my death, I think I deserve this much.
Kounat Citizen: So, where is the king?
Kounat Citizen: General's execution without the King..
Baldinar: The King did not attend as he was feeling a bit under the weather.
Kanavank Kanavan: What do you mean?
Baldinar: Doesn't matter. Carry on with the execution!
???: Hold it!
Grandiel (past): I, Kassias Grandiel!
Grandiel (past): Object to the General's execution.
Kounat Citizen: T, that person...
Kounat Citizen: Look, Grandiel is here!
Baldinar: Kassias! What are you doing?
Grandiel (past): The General is directly under the King...
Grandiel (past): No matter how much authority you have, you cannot execute a general without the King.
Baldinar: Don't push your luck.
Baldinar: This IS the King's order.
Baldinar: If you dare to disobey the royal family's orders, you would be under treason as well.
Marik Mari: I am also royalty.
Marik Mari: Princess, Mari Ming Ornette.
Marik Mari: I object to the General's execution.
Kounat Citizen: And Princess Mari!
Kounat Citizen: She is the daughter of the Grand duke Hadunak.
Baldinar: Little inse--...
Grandiel (past): Since a member of the royal family has declared her objection.
Grandiel (past): This can only be answered by the King.
Kylek Kyle: Yeah, have this King come out and explain.
Baldinar: Keukeuk... Fine.
Baldinar: I was going to kill you all anyways.
Baldinar: I'll summon him. Your great King..
Kounat Citizen: Huh? The King..
Kounat Citizen: It couldn't be.
Marik Mari: No way...
Kylek Kyle: Whoa, he's so old.
Grandiel (past): King Arsad was actively roaming the battlefield just a few years ago.
Grandiel (past): He's not even forty.
Kylek Kyle: What? He looks at least 100 years old...
Kanavank Kanavan: You bastard! What have you done to the King?
Baldinar: King...? Would you really call that corpse a King?
Baldinar: Now, let's begin the real event.
Baldinar: Kill them all!
Serdink Serdin: Not so fast.
Baldinar: Fufu, you may have won this battle...
Baldinar: But how are you going to fight me while protecting all those civilians?
Serdink Serdin: We're not.
Baldinar: What?
Kylek Kyle: Amazing, all those people...
Kylek Kyle: She really is an archmage.
Grandiel (past): It was a success.
Grandiel (past): I guess our plan to utilize the gathering for the execution was correct.
Baldinar: It doesn't matter, everyone in this world will die today.
Baldinar: They'll only live for a few more hours.
Kylek Kyle: That won't be so easy.
Baldinar: You're kidding, right? You think you can stop me?
Kylek Kyle: We're not the only ones, obviously.
Elesisk Elesis: Alright! It's our turn.
Jink Jin: I was starting to get bored.
Leyk Ley: Finally, a fight!

The Execution


"General Kanavan's execution is being held at the courtyard. Baldinar's henchmen are blocking the way, but we can't let the execution happen."


Baldinar: It doesn't matter how hard you fight.
Baldinar: In the end, nothing will change.
Elesisk Elesis: We'll see about that.

Neak Nia: I won't let you escape this time.

Neak Nia: Argh... I guess I have no use.
Neak Nia: Unleashing Demonic Energy.
Elesisk Elesis: That form...
Armek Arme: It's resonating with the railgun's demonic energy.
Armek Arme: As long as she's protected by the barrier, our attacks won't work.
Kalisak Kalissa: I told you I won't let you escape!
Kalisak Kalissa: It's time to hunt.
Leyk Ley: That creepy cat's weapon is also radiating strong demonic energy.
Leyk Ley: If it's resonating with the demonic energy, it's possible.
Armek Arme: Elesis! We need to defeat that cat.
Elesisk Elesis: Alright, everyone ready?
Kalisak Kalissa: I'd like to see you try.

A Tip you must know while playing!


They become much more persistent with Nia and back-up units. You must be careful not to get surrounded.

Demonic Energy Nia

Nia releases the demonic energy from the railgun and receives a barrier. You must endure the damage and continue the battle.


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