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Recommended BP/TAP: ?????

  • Use Party Skills 0 times
  • Slay the boss within 1 min 50 sec
  • Clear with 3 or less party members
  • Use less than 20 Hero skills
  • Clear Dungeon without Assault Hero

King Arsad




Grandiel's Memory

Baldinar: You still haven't figured out a solution?
Kounat Elite Sentinel: Yes. The people who were unaffected were suddenly turning...
Kanavank Kanavan: Currently, we are not able to find the source of the problem...
Kanavank Kanavan: But it looks like it is transmitted from fluids.
Grandiel (past): This looks bad, we need to do something quickly...
Baldinar: Damn it, what's happening...
Baldinar: I guess we have no choice. We're locking down this region.
Baldinar: Also...
Baldinar: It's unfortunate, but kill those who are already affected by the demonic virus.
Kanavank Kanavan: Are you ordering the soldiers to slaughter the civilians?
Kanavank Kanavan: There may still be survivors waiting for aid.
Baldinar: We have no choice.
Baldinar: If we rescue them and they happen to be infected...
Kanavank Kanavan: ......
Baldinar: Please understand that we have no other way.
Kanavank Kanavan: ...... I understand.
Grandiel (past): Is this really the only way?
Baldinar: I don't know, I'm not god...
Baldinar: But it is up to me to make the hard decisions.
Baldinar: If we do nothing, everyone could end up dying.
Baldinar: I will head out too.
Baldinar: I can't let the soldiers take all the burden.
Grandiel (past): Baldinar...


Elesisk Elesis: Now it's your turn!
Baldinar: Those were just my minions...
Kanavank Kanavan: You better turn the King back to normal!
Baldinar: He's already dead, I can't.
Baldinar: Also, you're quite demanding for someone who's tied up.
Baldinar: I changed my mind, I'll start with you first.
Kanavank Kanavan: Varonas!
Baronask Varonas: I guess I came at the right time.
Narucyk Narushi: Tsk, it's blocked.
Narucyk Narushi: Not like it matters...
Kanavank Kanavan: You...
Thebesk Tevez: Hurry and hold your sword.
Kanavank Kanavan: ......
Kanavank Kanavan: It's time for you to pay for your sins!
Baldinar: Try it if you can...
Kanavank Kanavan: What? Who...?
Elscud: Stand back, I don't want to fight you.
???: I thought it wasn't fair that you outnumbered him.
Decaneek Decanee: So we decided to help.
Kylek Kyle: Decanee!!
Elesisk Elesis: Father... You still...
Elscud: You have chosen your path and I have chosen mine.
Kanavank Kanavan: Back off, you can't win against me.
Elscud: Of course, I know that I can't beat you.
Elscud: But, I can buy time.
Baldinar: And by that time, you would already be dead by my hands.
Kanavank Kanavan: ......
Decaneek Decanee: Hm.. I guess we need a bit more reinforcement.
Thebesk Tevez: Varonas!
Decaneek Decanee: As you requested, I turned him back to normal.
Decaneek Decanee: But it seems we brought him back too many times.
Kanavank Kanavan: Your Majesty!

King Fallen by Demonic Energy


"King Arsad has become corrupted by demonic energy. It's unfortunate but we have to slay him in order to get to Baldinar."


Arsadk King: ......
Baldinar: This will be a lot more fun than I expected.

The Coronation


"I hope I am a good King."


Elesisk Elesis: Damn it... He's too strong.
Thebesk Tevez: Is the King, really gone?
Grandiel: That is just his corpse.
Grandiel: His soul... has already left his body.
Baronask Varonas: General...
Baronask Varonas: Don't worry about me and...
Kanavank Kanavan: ......
Kanavank Kanavan: Hey, Ronan...
Ronank Ronan: !!
Kanavank Kanavan: Do I...
Kanavank Kanavan: Do I really become queen?
Ronank Ronan: ......
Ronank Ronan: Yes.
Ronank Ronan: A country of knights with a shining 1500 year history.
Ronank Ronan: You become Kanavan Kingdom's first queen.
Kanavank Kanavan: I...
Kanavank Kanavan: I see.
Kanavank Kanavan: I hope I am a good queen.



Ronank Ronan: I am Ronan Erudon, a knight of Kanavan!
Ronank Ronan: Your majesty!
Elesisk Elesis: I am Elesis Sieghart, a knight of Kanavan!
Elesisk Elesis: Your majesty!
Kanavank Kanavan: Now it's your turn, Baldinar!

A Tip you must know while playing!

Soul Corruption

Each time King Arsad uses the railgun, his soul becomes corrupted by the demonic energy.

Big Rising Sword

The King focuses his mind and casts Big Rising Sword. The casting can be interrupted by stun or flinching skills. Interrupting the King will award your party with 5 SP. Afterwards, the King will deal 10% increased damage.

God Blow

The King's God Blow will decrease the summon numbers but also remove all buffs from the party. Also, the debuffs from the railgun will be removed as well.


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