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Recommended BP/TAP: ?????

  • Use Party Skills 0 times
  • Clear with 0 hero deaths
  • Clear with 3 or less party members
  • Use less than 60 Hero skills
  • Clear Dungeon without Assault Hero

Soul Fragment


"I want to go back to my old self.."







Baldinar: It's done.
Baldinar: A new world will begin.
Kylek Kyle: A new world?
Kylek Kyle: Not on my watch!
Baldinar: You won't be able to stop me.
Baldinar: Just give up.
Kylek Kyle: I will never give up.
Baldinar: What can you do with your puny strength?
Kylek Kyle: ......
Kylek Kyle: My sword may be weak...
Kylek Kyle: But my will, my determination is unbreakable!
Kylek Kyle: I will never give up!
Grandielk Grandiel: ......


Elesisk Elesis: You are right.
Elesisk Elesis: We cannot give up here.
Elesisk Elesis: I will get my revenge on Kaze'aze.
Ronank Ronan: I may fall but I will never lose.
Ronank Ronan: That is how a knight lives.
Lassk Lass: I'm not a knight but I hate losing.
Jink Jin: Not like we have an option of bowing our way out of here.
Amyk Amy: Right? Why is he even telling us to give up?
Ryank Ryan: I still like this world!
Armek Arme: Me too, I still have so many books to read.
Leyk Ley: I can't die in this countryside.
Lirek Lire: I want to be with you all until the end.
Marik Mari: ......
Cindyk Cindy: I will also be with you all.
Elesisk Elesis: Alright, let's start over!

New World


"Baldinar has acquired the power of a creator but it's still not complete. We need to stop Baldinar before he gains full control of the power."


Baldinar: It all ends here!

Grandiel's Children


"If you're ever tired from your adventure, come back."


Kylek Kyle: What the? We were just fighting...
Cindyk Cindy: W-Where is everyone?
???: You okay?
Baldinar: I was getting worried.
Kylek Kyle: Y-You are...
Baldinar: Ah, don't worry.
Baldinar: It's all over...
Cindyk Cindy: What do you mean it's all over?
Baldinar: It's just like I said.
Baldinar: You won.
Baldinar: I gave up being a creator.
Kylek Kyle: Is that something you can give up that easily?
Kylek Kyle: You wasted our time.
Baldinar: Yeah, that's why I'll die.
Cindyk Cindy: Wh, why...
Baldinar: Well, there was that explosion.
Baldinar: The demonic explosion inside me would become a hive mind...
Baldinar: And torture the people of the future...
Baldinar: But I wanted to meet you both for the last time.
Baldinar: You...
Baldinar: Were a part of me but became so different.
Cindyk Cindy: I don't know what you are...
Baldinar: I don't have much time.
Baldinar: If we waste any more time, you'll be taken by the explosion too.
Kylek Kyle: What? Is there anything we can do?
Baldinar: There is a way.
Baldinar: I can send you back to your present time.
Baldinar: However, I need to use that power inside of you.
Kylek Kyle: Nephilim's power!
Cindyk Cindy: Wait, but that would...
Baldinar: Yeah, that will make him lose the power of his soul.
Baldinar: Worst case scenario, he might even die.
Baldinar: Do you still want to do it?
Kylek Kyle: As someone who uses a sword...
Kylek Kyle: There will be a time when I have to risk everything.
Kylek Kyle: That time is now.
Baldinar: Good answer.
Baldinar: Even when you are in pain, you never say it.
Baldinar: You just joke your way out of it.
Kylek Kyle: W-What do you mean?
Baldinar: I know, because...
Baldinar: That's how I was...
Baldinar: Perhaps this all happened because of me.
Baldinar: But I hope you keep being you.
Baldinar: Also, tell Grandiel I said thanks.
Baldinar: For letting me...
Baldinar: Meet someone I loved...
Baldinar: and meeting my most beloved myself.
Baldinar: ......

Elesisk Elesis: W-Where?
Armek Arme: Ah!
Cindyk Cindy: We're back at the Abbey.
Kiwi: What's the time frame?
Kiwi: Good, we're only a day before our original timeline.
Amyk Amy: Then what happened to Baldinar?
Armek Arme: Well, the world is still here, so we must have won?


Cindyk Cindy: Kyle, what's wrong?
Kylek Kyle: It's nothing...
Cindyk Cindy: What's nothing?
Grandielk Grandiel: Could it be? The power of the Nephilim?

Grandielk Grandiel: I see, we used the power of the Nephilim...
Armek Arme: What now? We can't leave Kyle like this..
Leyk Ley: Let's go to the demon world.
Leyk Ley: Wasn't that the original goal anyways?
Leyk Ley: There's also a skilled wizard that fixed my heart in the demon world.
Leyk Ley: Maybe he could fix Kyle as well.
Leyk Ley: Although, I have no idea where he is now...
Ronank Ronan: But we can't be sure if this doctor could fix...
Lassk Lass: There is no other way regardless.
Lassk Lass: We'll have to try.
Elesisk Elesis: Yeah, Heitaros is also in the demon world...
Elesisk Elesis: Maybe even Kaze'aze...
Armek Arme: Good! We've determined the next destination.
Grandielk Grandiel: I won't be joining you.
Lirek Lire: Grandiel?
Cindyk Cindy: Teacher!
Grandielk Grandiel: I'm a man from the past.
Grandielk Grandiel: There's no place for me in the future.
Armek Arme: Grandiel...
Grandielk Grandiel: This is where I stop.
Grandielk Grandiel: I know there is still a lot that has to be done but I would like some rest.
Cindyk Cindy: Master...
Grandielk Grandiel: Cindy.. Kyle..
Grandielk Grandiel: You should not stop here.
Grandielk Grandiel: Your story has yet to be written.
Grandielk Grandiel: Your story...
Kylek Kyle: Grandiel...
Grandielk Grandiel: If you ever feel tired from your adventure, return here.
Grandielk Grandiel: I will be waiting for you both.



A Tip you must know while playing!

False Creator's Belief

Baldinar created beings that are similar to Kounat Soldiers and because of their false belief, receive reduced damage.

True Creator's Belief

If you do not slay the creations, the false beliefs of the creation become true beliefs and Baldinar will permanently gain decrease received damage, increase damage dealt, reduce skill cooldown, and recover HP & MP.

Creation Enhance

Baldinar focuses his mind and enhanced his creations after 8 seconds. Interrupt Baldinar by using stun or flinching skills.


  • In the English version of this stage, there are multiple instances where a line said by a character is repeated by the character speaking immediately after. The affected lines will be bolded and corrected if an alternate translation is found or the line from a different language version of the game is translated.
    • The korean version of Cindy's affected line (bolded above) is as follows: "아무 것도 아니긴 뭐가 아냐?"
    • The korean version of Arme's first affected line (bolded above) is as follows: "이젠 어떡하죠? 카일을 이대로 둘 수는.."
    • The korean version of Ronan's affected line (bolded above) is as follows: "하지만, 고칠 수 있다고 확신할 수는.."
      • It appears to have replaced Lass's dialogue in the following line, thus the english version will be reflected in this transcription.
    • The korean version of Lass's affected line (bolded above) is as follows: "어차피 다른 방법도 없잖아."
    • The korean version of Arme's second affected line (bolded above) is as follows: "좋아! 다음 행선지는 이걸로 결정됐네."
    • The korean version of Grandiel's affected lines (bolded above) are as follows: "신디.. 카일.. 당신들은 여기서 멈춰선 안됩니다. 이제 새로운 이야기가 기다리고 있을 겁니다. 당신들의 이야기가.."
      • As the first line of Grandiel's dialogue was affected by a duplicate line from Cindy's, his lines were displaced and the second line was overwritten by the third.


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