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There once existed in Silver Land an elite group of warriors who managed to transcend the limitations of most warriors through long and hard training. Warriors able to achieve this heightened state of consciousness were called "Rama". Warriors like the traitor, Victor. Together with the Grand Chase, Jin defeated Victor, who had once been Jin's master, at his castle.

Victor had long ago betrayed the Silver Knights to become the Supreme Leader of the Black Knights. Once Victor was weakened he retreated within his castle and as they pursued him, the Grand Chase could feel a strange energy emanating from within the castle. Finding the source of this energy, the Grand Chase discovered that it was coming from a set of powerful weapons called Vajra, weapons used by the Rama.

It was said that Victor had been training to become a Rama, but having been seduced by the evil he could inflict as a Rama, he failed to achieve enlightenment and in his failure hid the Vajra away. Realizing his own weakness against Victor, Jin took up the Vajra, and summoning all the strength in his heart, fought valiantly and with renewed vigor against Victor, achieved enlightenment and saved his friends.

Like the Fighter, the Vajra wielding Rama is also adept at close quarter combat. Luckily, this shortcoming is more than compensated by the Rama's more intense Burning mode and evasive moves as well as his strengthened Chi. Charging his Chi while performing one of Rama's specials will produce even greater results. Rama can also change his stance, a skill unique to this job, allowing for continuous combos and a wide display of excellent offensive and defensive techniques.


It is necessary to be level forty (40) to be able to participate in Fourth (4th) Job Promotion.

"You must face three trials, if you are pursuing true strength. Overcome them all to attain a new level of consciousness. For now, you must overcome the first trial. Indeed, do you have what it takes?"

"You've overcome the First Trial. You are indeed strong. However your strength merely signals a strong mortal body. True strength lies in the hearts that does not waver."

- A Seed of Doubt -

"True Awakening cannot happen until the mind and body become one. Now, this is the final trial. Overcome this final test and a whole new world will open up before you!"

- The Epiphany -

GP Mission

(Cost 18,000 GP)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

  • Slay 250 monsters within the range of ± 2 above or below level monsters.

Part 5

Cash Mission

(Costs 11,800 cash)


Game Start

"I will show you the way of the warrior!"
"You chose your own destiny!"


"If you are a warrior, show some honor!"

Game End

"Let's meet again at the top."
"One day, you too will be able to stand where I am."

Basic Movements


Keystrokes Name Effect
ZZZZZ Basic Combo Jin swings his vajra down once, then slashes forward, then punches the ground to produce a small shockwave, then strikes with both palms and finishes with blasting the opponent away.
ZZ+Arrow RArrow R Critical Attack In the middle of his combo, Jin kicks upward, then downward.
ZZZZ+Arrow RArrow R Double Attack At the end of his combo, Jin kicks upward, then downward.
Arrow U+ZZ Jump Attack Jin jumps up and releases two bursts from his palms.
Arrow R+Arrow R Dash Jin dashes forward. Holding down the key causes him to run.
Arrow U+Arrow RArrow R Air Dash After jumping, Jin dashes in midair.
Arrow RArrow R+ZZ Dash Attack While dashing, Jin releases a burst from his palm before striking his fists on opposite ends.
Z+Arrow D Shadow Dodge Jin slips behind his target via shadow silhouette.
Arrow RArrow R+Z+Arrow D Roll While dashing, Jin rolls forward.
X Chi Charge Jin charges Chi for his Burning Gauge.
Arrow R+Z Grab Jin grabs his opponent and hurls them forward.
(Note: Both players are invincible throughout the animation.)
(Note: Only works in PvP; Dungeon monsters cannot be grabbed.)
(Note: Due to lag, it may not work, or may intercept the opponent's attack/skill.)


Note that Rama generates chi much faster than Jin's previous classes.

Keystrokes Name Effect
Z+Arrow U Chi Wave Fires a ball of chi forward. When used without Chi, a close-range burst will appear instead.
Arrow RArrow R+Arrow L+Z Hanuman Performs a triple kick.
Z+Arrow R Storm Fist Rushes forward and delivers a punch that knocks the opponent away.

Stance Change

Rama has a special ability called Stance Change, allowing him to use numerous attacks while this mode is active. To initiate, press XX.
When Stance Change is initiated, the Rama will just stand still motionless.

Rama can activate his Stance Change during a dash attack, the 3rd/4th hit of the basic combo, or during a roll.

By effectively utilizing the Stance Change, the Rama can further enhance his damage potential or increase his survivability rate in battle.

Keystrokes Name Effect
XX Stance Change Engages a stance.
XX+Z Rapid Fire Quickly kicks forward to knock the opponent away.
XX+Arrow R Bagua Trigram Blocks the next frontal attack and counterattacks with a shoulder ram.
XX+Arrow U Falling Sky Kicks upward, knocking the opponent away into the air.
XX+Arrow L Phoenix Shrine Kick Flips backward, and is invincible when doing this move. Can be chained into Rapid Fire.
XX+Arrow D Shadow Dodge Slips behind his target via shadow dodge.
XX+XX Cancel Stance Change Cancels his stance.



Level/Type Name Effect
LVL 1 Basic

Striking Snake Onslaught

Jin kicks the target with a powerful roundhouse kick and then slams his foot to the ground to create a small burst.
LVL 2 Basic

Destroyer of Heaven

Jin rushes in a straight line; any impacted enemies are left with a mark that deals small explosions and knock them up slightly.
LVL 3 Basic

White Monkey Washing Face
(White Monkey Technique)

Jin channels energy that vacuums nearby opponents before slamming the ground to produce an explosion.
LVL 4 Special

Fists of Heaven & Earth
(Heavenly God of War)
(Lord of Sky and Earth Fist)

Jin gains a 20 second buff that alters his entire moveset.

  • His normal and jump attacks launches balls of chi.
  • His critical and double attacks trigger a roll.
  • Engaging Stance Change and then rapidly pressing Z fires a horizontal beam; its power is based on how many times it is pressed.

Jin is unable to use skills for the duration of the buff.

Burning Skills

Level/Type Name Effect
LVL 1 Burning

Burning Striking Snake Onslaught

A second roundhouse kick is added in between the two attacks.
LVL 2 Burning

Burning Destroyer of Heaven

An enhanced Destroyer of Heaven that is divided into four sections. Pressing Z when the symbol appears above Jin's head initiates the next sequence of the skill.

  1. Jin first rushes forward, leaving off small explosions on the enemy and knocking them upward.
  2. The second sequence rushes backward in the same manner as the first sequence.
  3. The third sequence uses three palm attacks forward.
  4. The fourth and final sequence creates a powerful explosion.
LVL 3 Burning

Burning White Monkey Washing Face
(Burning White Monkey Technique)

The vacuum range and power and explosion damage are increased.


  • Rama is also known as Emperor or Deva.
  • In Hinduism, Rama was the seventh avatar of the God Vishnu, and is considered to be one of his most important avatars and is one of the most widely worshipped Hindu deity.
  • In real life, Vajra is a Sanskrit word meaning both thunderbolt and diamond. It is also a symbolic ritual object symbolizing a thunderbolt (irresistible force) and a diamond (indestructibility).
  • Rama is the only Fighter Class that says nothing for his Fall Recovery Attack.
  • Rama's Phoenix Shrine Kick is present in the voice over file, however it is not used in-game.
    • It is possible that it's not used in-game due to the length of .wav file compared to the duration of the animation, as well as the transition to Rapid Fire.
  • Rama has an ability called "Blazing Phoenix" in his voice over file.
    • This ability may possibly be a Burning Technique but was removed for unknown reasons.
  • This is the only 4th job that actually had to do a 4th quest to gain the Protector of the Gods Crest.
  • Like the Prime Knight, Rama does not possess a 4th job Weapon Accessory.
  • Like the Prime Knight, Rama has a "Just Frame" technique.
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