Randy is a bounty hunter from the Underworld.


Nothing much is known about Randy apart from that he works as a mercenary, similar to Rufus. He is not on good terms with the younger bounty hunter, as Rufus claims that he would not have accept the job offered if he knew that it was Randy who was behind it.


Raid 4.2: The Opposition Strikes Back

Randy is first introduced to Sieghart, Dio and Veigas in Purgatory, where he is found trapped and isolated in a prison cell. He coerces the party to free him, to which Dio agrees. He presents them with the reinforcement spells used to empower the prison guards as a gift of gratitude.

Raid 4.4: Shadow Swordsman

He continues to accompany the group, leading them upwards to stop the bombardment. His act is uncovered, however, when he brings them to Pino instead. He is revealed to be under Pino's hire and with his contract completed, Randy leaves to extract payment from his employees before heading on to fulfill the request of a new client.

Act 19.1: To the Abyss

He is next seen in an unknown location, discussing with Rufus about the job that Rufus had accepted. He taunts the bounty hunter with the legacy of his father and Rufus eventually concedes to completing the job, albeit unwillingly.

Underworld Train

Raid 5.7: Contract Terminated

Randy is revealed to be the main antagonist of the raid, having schemed to take revenge on Rufus for terminating the contract with him.



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