Lillian Arquemeece

Lillian Arquemeece

The Reinforcement System is a way to increase the strength of equipment, get additional properties and effects for equipment. This system replaces the older upgrade system, the Rune System. Players who previously had runes had their runes converted into stones of equal level. Lillian Arquemeece is the NPC who helps players reinforce and transmute your equipment.


There are 3 processes in the Reinforcement System:

1. Reinforcement - is the process of leveling a piece of equipment with a stone or another piece of equipment. First, attach a stone to be able to reinforce the equipment. Normal reinforcement stones attached require lv20 or higher of the same kind of equipment (lv20 helmet needed for lv20/30/40/50etc helmet) to be reinforced, while epic stones require lv50 or higher of the same kind of equipment. With regards to being upgraded to, being retained at the same level starts from upgrading to +4, degrading starts at +6, +7 onwards also have a chance of being degraded to 0, while +9 onwards stones also have a chance of being destroyed (the stone, not the equipment will be destroyed). Generally, take Lillian Arquemeece words but less 1 grade.

  • Once a stone is attached, it cannot be separated from an item other than from the use of a scroll.
  • You can only reinforce armour and weapons.
  • Normal stones may turn to epic stones by chance while on the process of reinforcing from +6 onwards.
  • You may only get 1 special property from the epic stone, which is randomly assigned.
  • Special properties are hidden and will not be seen on the stats screen.

2. Transmutation – is the process of combining 2 reinforced items to produce a stone of random level to the items and if lucky enough, an epic stone.

  • Transmuted equipment will disappear, but will be replaced with a stone
  • You can transmute weapons/armors of the same kind (e.g. helmet - helmet, bow - sword, etc.)
  • The items used must be reinforced in order to be able to transmute them

3. Removal - is the process of removing a stone from a piece of equipment.

  • Common release scrolls have a chance to fail and destroy the stone instead.
  • Premium release scrolls have a chance to fail, but the stone won't be destroyed.

Special Materials UsedEdit

Reinforcement Stone – a material that helps upgrade equipment. There are 2 kinds:


Reinforcement Scroll – this item is optional but will improve the chance that the equipment is not destroyed during reinforcement and prevent a downgrade in level if it is a failure


Transmute Scroll – needed only when transmuting items into stones. Can be forged.



  • Protect Destroy Rate – helmets that have this property will protect the stone and the helmet from being destroyed
  • (FATAL) – effect will be on only when in Fatal Mode


In addition to the special properties, weapons with a reinforcement level above 8 will receive the blessing of the deities of Xenia, and as the reinforcement level of the items increases, the effect becomes more intense. Weapons with a reinforcement level over 13 will create a special effect either in lobbies, at beginnings of dungeons, and during taunts. The warriors of Grand Chase will be blessed with the forces of Hell Fire, Cycles, Life, and Judgment. The effects are specific according to the character.

Colour/Effect Character

Essence of HellfireRed (Hellfire)

Elesis, Amy, Jin, Rufus

Essence of CyclesGreen (Cycles)

Lire, Ryan, ZeroLime

Essence of LifePurple (Life)

Arme, Sieghart, Dio, Ley

Essence of JudgmentBlue (Judgment)

Lass, Ronan, Mari, RinAsin

Weapon +15 EffectsEdit

Weapon +17 EffectsEdit

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