Rita is an NPC in charge of the Coordishop.


As a young girl, Rita was very clumsy, causing problems everywhere and being made fun of by the children in her neighborhood. Bestair always stood up for her when she was bullied by the kids, although both of them were no match and always ended up crying.

One day, Bestair decided to pick up swordsmanship to get stronger to protect her. He practiced every day and eventually grew strong enough that he could defeat the neighborhood bullies, yet he wanted to get even stronger to join the Ruby Knights and protect her forever. Though he did not manage to get into the Ruby Knights, Bestair managed to get enlisted as a knight protecting the kingdom.


Rita neither appeared nor mentioned in the story of the game.

in Grand Chase M

Rita played the role of an Aide-De-Camp throughout the entirety of the game.


  • It is said that Bestair was the first love of Rita. However, there is nothing else known about their relationship at present.
  • Rita made an appearance in ELSWORD as a representative from Grand Chase to welcome transferring players after the closure was announced.
    • Rita received an in-game model that she did not have in Grand Chase.




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