Rocco is a raccoon pet obtained during the third Refer-a-Friend event. Eighty of his leaf are required which can be collected when a new player levels up from 1 to 35 while also granting them to the referrers, or by logging in and checking attendance.


There is nothing else known about Rocco other than being a companion of Ryan.


Though not mentioned in the story, Rocco appeared in a few promotional artworks. He made his debut as an NPC in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser.

in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser


Rocco carries a leaf blade that he uses to attack by spinning it around forward. As a pet, his attack is called Rocco's Fury.


  • Level Requirement: 0
  • Attack: 20
  • Defense: 20
  • Vitality: 20


3. Raccoon

Raccoon monster in Trial Forest.

  • Before he was readded as a pet in Season 3, Rocco can be fought as the Raccoon monster in Trial Forest.
  • A gutsier Rocco exists in Kricktria and can be acquired as a Hero in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser.




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