Rock Paper Scissors Fun! is a Grand Chase Mini Game. It can be found at the Mini Games tab in the Menu. The Mini Game is available only during certain periods.

How to playEdit

The player needs one Rock Paper Scissors coin in order to play once. Usually one of those coins is received by logging in and attendance. The objective of the player is the beat the AI opponent in a match of Rock Paper Scissors by clicking on one of the three(also, a button for random sign is available).If the playes wins, he/she gets a reward and moves on the next opponent. Otherwise the player loses and goes back to the first opponent unless he chooses to try again by using the respective item. When the player has defeated all the five opponents, he/she completes one loop and proceed to the next one, starting again from the first opponent. On every loop completion the next opponent yield greater rewards until approximately at the tenth loop, where the rewards remain the same and will not change further. On every ten minutes in game, the player receives one token in order to play the mini game once. On every six matches, the player gets one Do it Again coin. In addition, more Rock Paper Scissor coins and Do it Again coins are available in the Cash Shop.

List of opponents in NAGCEdit

First Rock Paper Scissors:

The other Rock Paper Scissors: