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"Kanavan's Royal Guard master."

Main Info

  • Name: Ronan Erudon
  • Age: 19 (Grand Chase), 21 (Twelve Disciples)
  • Hobbies: Fencing training[1], cooking[1]
  • Likes: Saving the weak, helping others
  • Dislikes: Shadow Orb, disrespect[1], uncleanliness[1]
  • Weakness: Erudon family's honor[1]

The captain of the Royal Guard of the Kanavan kingdom, Ronan is the firstborn of the noble and prestigious Erudon family, the legendary family of Spell Knights in Kanavan, and has shown amazing talent with both sword and magic since his childhood.

He is the youngest of the Royal Guard to be appointed the mission to guard Anyu, princess and heir to the throne of Kanavan, and the Queen. An excellent swordsman with amazing magical potential as a child, Ronan was praised as the most powerful Spell Knight and celebrated as the next captain of the Royal Guard. With his name on the lips of all the people of Kanavan, the atmosphere of expectation only served to make him confused.

During Ronan's childhood, the Royal Guard Karina Erudon was accused of being the mastermind behind the incident of the massacre of royalty and was exiled, causing a great crisis in the house of Erudon. Although young, his every move was directly connected with the honor of his family, from his study of martial arts to his education and conduct, a torturous experience during his childhood.

However, when the spirit of Kaze'aze dominated the Queen of Kanavan, the Kingdom War occurred. The war was eventually resolved when the Queen of Serdin helped everyone recover their consciences. Though the Queen of Kanavan sent sentries after Kaze'aze, the sorceress had already fled to her army of monsters.

Ronan was with the Sentinels pushing back the legion of monsters when he met with Grand Chase during the battle against Gaikoz and joined them after the battle.

Ronan grew up along with his friend Harpe Noir, a member of an organization of the Erudon family called Existor and someone he considered with feelings surpassing that of a blood brother. However, Harpe lost his life whilst saving Ronan from Ashtaroth.


Ronan is a Libra, gentle and distasteful of conflict, naturally choosing to pursue harmony. As a human warrior who pursues absolute good, Ronan hates Kaze'aze intensely. He is unable to forgive the atrocities he committed whilst under Kaze'aze's mental control and blames himself for failing to protect the Queen.

Special Ability

Erudon Weapons

Erudon Weapons.png

Ronan's unique feature, Erudon Weapons, enhances his move set and/or fighting abilities. For him to awaken those weapons, he needs to fill up a gauge under his MP bars. The gauge fills up slowly by itself, and when it's full, pressing C.PNG+Arrow U.PNG will summon the respective Erudon Weapon for the respective job. The sole exception to the rule is the Spell Knight, who has to fill the bar by attacking his enemies. Note that X.PNG attacks will fill the gauge faster than the ordinary ones. Once the weapon is summoned, the gauge will start to empty itself. While the Spell Knight can increase the duration of Erudon's Sword by hitting opponents, Ronan's other jobs do not have such features and thus have to maximize their performance with Erudon Weapons to not waste precious time.

Pressing C.PNG+Arrow U.PNG while possessing an Erudon Weapon will immediately remove it, but take note that there is no compensation for the remaining duration of the weapon in the rune gauge.

Each of Ronan's classes has its weapons, all with varying effects:

  • Spell Knight: Erudon's Sword - Alters Ronan's move set and replaces his skills. The move set has a large attack range.
  • Dragon Knight: Erudon's Glaive - Gains a 10% increase to damage, does not receive cooldown for his Dragon Dive and Dragon Rush attacks, and gains 2 moves that fire ethereal spears forward or upwards.
  • Aegis Knight: Erudon's Shield - Has 2 different effects that depend on whether or not it is used during his basic combo.
    • When used while not in the middle of the basic combo, Ronan generates a defensive barrier where he and his allies are located. While they are inside the barrier, they will regenerate a small amount of HP and MP/AP (the effect is stackable with itself) and have no collision from enemies or attacks. The entire rune gauge will instantly deplete. The barrier lasts for approximately 4 seconds.
    • When used while in the middle of the basic combo, Ronan executes a shield bash and gains a 10% increase to damage. The gauge will drain slowly, just like his other Erudon Weapon Summons. However, unlike the other weapon summons, pressing C.PNG+Arrow U.PNG again will not remove Erudon's Shield. This is most likely due to a glitch.
  • Abyss Knight: Erudon's Tyrfing - Gains a 10% increase to damage and generates an aura that rains ethereal swords on enemies in the aura.


Ronan can be unlocked by purchasing a Mission scroll from the shop and completing its objectives.

Ronan Mission.png

"A new warrior is thinking about joining the Grand Chase. If you prove yourself to the new warrior, he'll join the Chase with you."

- Knight Master -

Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
3000 GP Worn-out Ronan Mission Clear Gaikoz's Castle on Normal difficulty once.
6000 Cash Ronan Mission (Cash) Collect 1 Gem.


  • All of Ronan's jobs have the word "knight" in them.
    • All of Ronan's jobs have at least one skill that has the word "tempest" in it such as Tempest Blade (Spell Knight and Abyss Knight), Sword Tempest (Dragon Knight), and Tempest Slayer (Aegis Knight).
  • Excluding Sieghart's immortality and those with their ages unknown, Ronan is the oldest member of the Grand Chase.
  • In the manhwa, Ronan's story consisted of being possessed by Kaze'aze and forcing him to fight the Grand Chase until they destroyed the Shadow Orb, the object controlling him. He joined them after witnessing Dark Anmon and Xenia.
  • In KurtzPel, the new game designed by KOG Studios, there is a Quest NPC called Luna Erudon who has a similar knight theme, and appearance to Ronan.
    • It was then revealed in the game that Luna is his descendant.
  • Ronan appears to be the exact opposite of Elesis, level-headed and more leader-like.[3]


  • Ronan was the sixth character released in most servers. In North America and the Philippines, however, he came fourth.
  • Before the Spell Knight revamps, Ronan was the only male character to have a full 2-set skill bar for all of his jobs.
  • Except Abyss Knight, Ronan has at least some sort of buff to support his allies.
  • Except Spell Knight, Ronan can summon creatures to support him in battle.
  • For a while, Spell Knight was given a "new" taunt.[4] "This is your limit!" was replaced with "Wanna be my hairstylist?" in which Ronan said in a high, feminine voice. The taunt was removed afterward.
    • It is likely that the taunt was originally meant for Amy.
      • In fact, the taunt was found on the same day as Amy's release on the server.
    • This incident would be later referenced in the artwork of Abyss Knight and Striker.


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Game Start

"For the glory of Kanavan!"
"Okay! Let's begin!"
"It would be best for you to remember the power of the magic sword!
"Do your best!"
"I will pass judgment now!"
"Do your best!"
"I'll put my all into it!"
"As a Knight, you should not show your back!"
"You are at your limit!"

When Attacking

"Ragna Bolt!"
"Psychic Force!"
"Psychic Force!"
"Mono Volt!"
"Dust Chip!"
"Raising Thrust!"
"Soul Blaze!"


"Rune Spiral!"
"Giga Crash!"
"Kanavan Strike!"
"Holy Bless!"
"Blast Bomb!"
"Lunatic Force!"
"Illusion Edge!"
"Dark Slayer!"
"Soul Breaker!"
"Cross Breaker!"
"Tempest Blade!"
"Infinity Sword!"
"Sword Tempest!"
"Road Star Chaser!"
"Holy Inferno!"
"Spell the Rune!"
"Holy Sphere!"
"Blast Wave!"
"Divine Slash!"
"Furious Rush!"
"Blame Buster!"
"Rune Flare!"
"Magic Defend!"
"Dark Slayer!"
"Arc Breath!"
"Shadow Stinger!"
"Rock Blaster!"
"Tornado Stinger!"
"Soul Wave!"
"Abyss Storm!"
"Heaven's Guardian!"
"Tempest Blade!"


"Are you asleep?"
"This is your limit!"
"Would you like to have a break?"
"That's boring."
"You're a whole new kind of stupid."
"Are you asleep?"
"Why don't you just give up?"
"You don't have the conviction of a Knight!"


"It's not finished yet...!"
"I can fight again!"

Game End

"Justice will never die!"
"It's my victory."
"Thanks for a job well done."
"Rest in peace."
"It's my victory!"
"Glory to Kanavan!"
"This is your limit!"
"It's just a difference of level."


"Arc Breath!"
"Hell Slayer!"



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