Red Knights Symbol

Emblem of the Ruby Knights.

The Ruby Knights is a guild that is located in Kanavan. Elesis is their appointed leader, but in her absence, her rival Gerard holds the place in her stead. There is nothing else known about the guild but is presumed that they are well-known due to Lire and Arme's reactions when Elesis revealed that she is the Ruby Knights' leader.

At the Gorge of Oath, Arme asked Elesis if she is acquainted with Ronan as both of them are from Kanavan. However, she claimed that the Ruby Knights and the Kanavan Royal Guard have no interaction with each other whatsoever.

Known MembersEdit

Elesis SieghartEdit

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Elesis is the current leader of the Ruby Knights. She left the Ruby Knights in Gerard's care when she left for Serdin to join the Grand Chase in order to secretly search for her missing father, Elscud.

Elscud SieghartEdit

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Elscud is the former leader of the Ruby Knights until he went missing. When he became the leader, he started to gather the former members and made a name for Ruby Knights by fighting the vilest monsters and participating in the fiercest battles.

Ercnard SieghartEdit

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Before becoming a Highlander, Sieghart was also a member of the Ruby Knights.

Gerard FarenwhiteEdit

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Gerard is the son of Depas Farenwhite and Elesis' rival for the leadership of the Ruby Knights. After Elesis left to join the Grand Chase, Gerald acts as the de facto leader in her stead and supports her in her mission.

Arthur LarryschmidtEdit

Arthur 2

Arthur is the son of the blacksmith of the Ruby Knights as well as Elesis' friend. For his friend who wanted to quickly become strong, he made Elesis' first sword, unbeknownst to her father Elscud. Because he wasn't able to protect her, he promised her to make a sword that would protect her in battle.


  • In Elsword, another game designed by KOG Studios which has a very similar synopsis to Grand Chase, a group called the "Red Knights" exists with that game's Elesis as its captain.
  • In the China and Taiwan servers, the Ruby Knights were known as the "Red Knights".
  • Guild Master Bestair originally wanted to join the Ruby Knights in order to grow stronger so that he may better protect Rita. However, he was not accepted, suggesting that the Ruby Knights have high standards for their members.