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Magnus Dan


"The protector of the forest."

Main Info

  • Name: Ryan Woodguard[3]
  • Age: 15 (Grand Chase), 17 (Twelve Disciples)
  • Hobbies: Talking to animals[1], taking a nap in the woods[1]
  • Likes: Enjoying Mother Nature (tall trees, fresh air, and clean water)
  • Dislikes: Everything that destroys Nature, forest fires[1]
  • Weakness: Machine civilization[1]

Ryan is a kind and cheerful forest elf who loves helping others. He'll do anything he can for Nature lovers, and will play obnoxious pranks on those that threaten Nature. Ever since he witnessed Kaze'aze destroy the Partusay's Sea, Ryan has been driven by his rage against Kaze'aze.

Growing up in the Elven Forest and reverence of the mother tree, Ryan has tried to protect Nature since childhood and has developed a strong and sympathetic heart. While growing up, Ryan decided to become a Druid after observing humans and monsters destroying the Elven Forest and worked very hard in his training.

The Kingdom War killed the elves who took care of the forest one by one, but Ryan remained steadfast to the end, fighting monsters until he met the Grand Chase. Ryan has friendships with the raccoons of the forest and takes care of his sister, who has a weak body, striving to do as much as he can for her.


Ryan has a very strong connection with his loved ones and is willing to sacrifice for them anytime. Despite being a hothead, he has a strong, loving personality. He is a Taurus, someone proud of his relationships and boasting a gentle and sincere personality.

Special Ability


Living under Mother Nature's hands, Ryan is gifted with the ability to transform. He was given this ability so he may punish all of Nature's rivals.

As a Druid, Sentinel, Viken, and the Vanquisher, he can change into the Wolf. This beast uses dangerous bite and slashes attacks to defeat his enemy. He is given an attack buff but costs him his Defense and Vitality. In addition, he can spread the 2nd buff to nearby allies which lasts for 3 seconds as an infinite stream around the Wolf. Currently, the Wolf is the only one of Ryan's transformations that can be grabbed. However, if the Wolf transformation wears off while being grabbed, Ryan will be freed from the grab.

The Nephilim is summoned by a Sentinel, Viken, and Vanquisher. This dangerous creature is the avatar of Nature's wrath. It is given super armor effects and vitality buffs alongside increasing its size, making it ungrabbable. Along with it is a protective aura to push off nearby enemies, and also an insane attack boost in dungeons. He also can spread a second defense buff which lasts for 35 seconds. Indeed, the Nephilim can cause massive chaos on his foes.

Magnus Dan is the legendary hero of the Druids and their leader. For being at such an old age, he was to retire than be succeeded by the Vanquisher and given his strength to him. Magnus Dan is given no buffs but contains 3 different skills alongside a size increase to defend himself from grabs, and this transformation has no time limit. If controlled right, he can be a great asset.


Ryan can be unlocked by purchasing a Mission scroll from the shop and completing its objectives.

Ryan Mission.png

"They say that a young elf from Trial Forest drank water mixed with Kaze'aze's blood and underwent a bizarre transformation. Could you bring back a pure tree trunk so we may treat the poor thing? It would make him very happy."

- Knight Master -

Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
3000 GP Worn-out Ryan Mission Slay the Troll and collect 8 fragments of Ryan's Lesser Orb at the Elven Forest on Normal difficulty.
Slay Elizabeth and collect 8 fragments of Ryan's Greater Orb at the Marsh of Oblivion on Normal difficulty.
9800 Cash Ryan Mission (Cash) Collect 1 Gem.


  • According to a Brazilian article, Ryan was an orphan living alone on the side of the animals before he was adopted by Liod and became a Druid.
    • However, Ryan is also known to have a sister named Lian, suggesting that he did not grow up in solitude.
      • There is a possibility that Lian is also an orphan adopted by Liod.
  • Despite bestowing the weapon upon Ryan as he was chosen to become his successor, Magnus Dan himself does not use the Storm Blades as a Vanquisher but instead a sword.
  • Ryan seems to possess incredible physical strength. Various skills and attacks show that he is capable of breaking the ground, even to the point of causing fissures and rocks to protrude outward.
    • In the manhwa, Ryan was able to carry a massive load of luggage with no signs of difficulty.
  • Despite being a character who preserves Nature, Ryan is armed with sharp objects such as Axes and Scythes which is ironic as these were intended to destroy Nature.
  • Ryan seems to have a habit of twirling his weapons and putting them over his shoulder.
  • Although elves are generally known to age slower than humans, there is no concrete evidence of this in Grand Chase. His teenage-like appearance suggests that Ryan, along with Lire, are accounted as 15-year-olds in human terms.


Main article: Ryan/Gallery


Game Start

"I'll show you bravery!"
"Shall we start?"
"Let's begin!"
"Here is where you fall!"

When Attacking

"Nature Tamer!"
"Mach Blow!"
"Mach Blow!"


"Twin Blade!"
"Titan Axe!"
"Heaven's Guardian!"
"Twin Buster!"
"Backspin Slash!"
"Soul Impact!"
"Spinning Phantom!"
"Flying Divide!"
"Nature Frenzy!"
"Wild Justice!"
"Crow Wing!"
"Spiral Rage!"
"Gatling Spiral!"
"Flash Impact!"
"Power Strike!"
"Fatal Drive!"
"Furious Boomerang!"
"Genocide Lancer!"
"Purify Storm!"
"Nature Punish!"
"Turning Breaker!"
"Blinding Cross!"
"Lord of Valhalla!"


"Are you the one who is destroying the forest?"
"I'll show you the power of the Druid!"
"You are kidding, right?"
"You call that skill?"
"You are wasting my time!"
"Come on! Is that the best you've got?"
"Oh? Are you ready for more?"
"Are you chicken?"
"If you are a warrior, then we must fight to the last man!"


"This is not the end..."
"Ah! I must not fall..."
"Not bad!"


"Ugh... Ah..."

Game End

"Hahahaha! Better luck next time!"
"I miss the forest..."
"Don't underestimate the power of the Druid!"
"Only the strong can protect the forest."
"Maybe next time, we'll meet as friends."



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