Nature's Guardian
Mother Nature's Will


"The Druid, Nature's guardian."

Main Info

  • Name: Ryan Woodguard
  • Age: 17 (Twelve Disciples), 19 (Dimensional Chaser)
  • Hobbies: Talking to animals[1], taking a nap in the woods[1]
  • Likes: Enjoying Mother Nature (tall trees, fresh air, and clean water)
  • Dislikes: Everything that destroys Nature, forest fires[1]
  • Weakness: Machine civilization[1]

Ryan was born in the year 1444 in the Elven Forest on the mother tree revering continent of Bermesiah. At an early age, Ryan was influenced by his tribe's powerful feelings of wanting to protect nature. As he grew older, his abilities to communicate with nature became stronger than anyone in the tribe and he had gained the ability to sense changes in their emotions.

During Kingdom Wars, Elven Forest became swept up in battle and it was while protecting it that Ryan realized that he needed to more than just protecting. 

One day, while fighting off the monster that had invaded the forest, the Grand Chase appeared and help him out. In meeting them, he also finds out that they are pursuing Kaze'aze, the culprit behind all the issues. 

In order for his home to no longer suffer, he decided that Kaze'aze needed to be defeated and joins Grand Chase.

Premium - Werewolf

  • Cost: 1300 Gems

Embracing the festival, the town was pretty excited. Children dressed as monsters went through every bit of town. However, there was one place that even these children avoided; it was the small temple within the town.

It did not have any nuns or seminarians, but only a priest who took care of the lonely place. It was not a place that many visited, but it was surely a place that everyone wanted to avoid, especially during Halloween while dressed in monster costumes.

Although, that was not the only thing people wanted to avoid. Priest Ryan, who took care of the temple, was difficult to deal with. Ryan, on top of being a kind-looking man, was actually very friendly to the townsfolk. Everyone in town would agree without question that he was a good man when asked about him.

However, he seemed to have a threatening vibe that surrounded him at all times. It was not because he was a big man. There was something unexplainable about him. An innate beast-like nature seemed to be inside him. The old people in town would say that he should have been a knight instead of a priest.

Some even say that the vibe they felt was the thirst of a warrior and that he was actually a knight or a mercenary who had battled through many wars before walking the path of holiness. There were even witnesses speaking of a scary-looking battle axe deep within the temple, adding credibility to the story. Of course, there was nobody brave enough to ask him about the axe, leaving the question unanswered.

"So what do we do?"

"There's nothing. Do you even have the guts to ask the priest for candies?"


"See? Same here. Let's try other places first."


The children at the entrance of the temple pushed each other while whispering among themselves, but gave up and left the temple for other places. The priest, sensing the kids, let out a smile of disappointment as he let go of the handful of candies he was carrying just in case.

"I guess you guys are destined to go into the trash pile. I should probably eat you."

Ryan took and ate one of the candies. "Oh my, it's lemon-flavored." Ryan frowned as the strong flavor stimulated his tongue and jaw. Just then, a strange scent flowed in together with the breeze.

"This smell...?"

His eyes piercing as he smelled the strange scent. The scent of evil, so foul he could not have forgotten, was flowing in together with the breeze. The scent was faint but it was enough proof that monsters were roaming within the vicinity of the town.

He spat the candy out to focus on his sense of smell but failed to make the distance or direction of the source. He could not sit waiting. Once he figured that there would no longer be any visitors for the day, he went in deep into the temple.


With axe at hand, he went on his way. His silver axe was a giant cross with a silvery shade reflecting from the sharpness of the blade. The rumors were true.

During Halloween, there were some monsters that came near the town to attack people. Of course, there were cases where they only wandered and left, but hoping for the best and leaving them be would be foolish.

"I had the help of companions when searching for monsters before."

Ryan could not help but remember the time when he was a part of the Exorcists of the Grand Temple. During that time he was the leading officer of the exorcist unit; he had the support of his companions. This allowed him to focus solely on destroying monsters. Now that he had search for the monsters by himself, it was not an easy task.

"I don't have a choice. I really do not like relying on this source of power, but it seems like there is no other way!"

『Crack. Crack, cracracrack』


He carried his axe on his back and he focused as he growled slightly. His body grew in size and hair started covering his whole body simultaneously. There were no signs of Ryan being human left, instead, he turned into a werewolf all of a sudden. It was not just the physical form that changed. It was as if a beast had taken control of him.

During the time he was an exorcist, many monsters have fallen to his blade, but in the end, he was also defeated. Although he was able to save his life, he was cursed with the curse of a werewolf. To be exact, he only survived because he became a werewolf.

He was dismissed from the exorcist unit shortly after becoming a werewolf. The reason was that of the dangers of the others turning into werewolves also. He was not put to death due to a final act of mercy by his exorcist companions.

The final mission Ryan received was to observe the territory that a vampire governed over. It was exactly like being banished.

He was torn down from where he was because of the sole fact that he became a werewolf. He could not hate himself more for becoming a werewolf, but he could not let himself be taken over by the beast, or be kept a prisoner of self-hatred. Ryan snapped out of his thoughts and focused on his senses.

『Sniff sniff』

He concentrated on his sense of smell, hearing, and all the other senses. He was able to smell far better than any human being and hear things from places far away. Finally, once he sensed where a monster was, he ran towards it on all fours.



As he cut across the woods away from the roads, he caught up with the monster that had just started attacking people. It was a jack-o-lantern; a monster with a pumpkin for a head and a long body of a scarecrow. The jack-o-lantern was attacking a lumberjack and his family that live outside of town. The people, being chased by a jack-o-lantern from one end, and a werewolf dashing towards them from the other, all dropped to the ground.

Ryan leaped over the people and onto the jack-o-lantern. He quickly broke the jack-o-lantern's thin arms and legs then grabbed its pumpkin head in one hand and dashed through the forest while dragging the pumpkin on the floor.


Once Ryan got to a point where he could no longer be seen by the people, he threw the jack-o-lantern.

『Squeek squeek』

Even without its arms, legs, and more than half of its head, the jack-o-lantern started regenerating its body as it stood up. Although jack-o-lanterns have a frail body, they have immense regenerating capabilities. However, as a werewolf with the same regenerating capabilities, Ryan was not even surprised.

"So, the regular way doesn't work. Only one way to really defeat monsters."


Ryan pulled out the silver axe on his back and held it tight. Silver has the effect of stopping regeneration in monsters. It is the reason why exorcists arm themselves with silver weapons. However, being affected by silver himself, Ryan's hands started to burn.

Ryan turned back into his human form and charged into the monster with the axe at hand as he did in the days of glory. The battle ended shortly. When it came to fighting monsters, Ryan was a true veteran among veterans. The jack-o-lantern tried to flee once it realized its body was not regenerating, but it was too late.

"Hmmm. This kind of monster in the vicinity of the town. It's the vampire's territory for crying out loud. Count Ronan would lose face this way."

Ryan took care of the remains of the monster as he complained about the lord of the territory. It was because the smell from the remains of the monster could attract other monsters. Ryan returned to where the family was after cleaning the remains of the jack-o-lantern. Of course, they had already fled the scene. By tomorrow, there will be rumors in town regarding the sighting of a werewolf.

Ryan headed back to the temple, rubbing his aching hands. There was no such thing as somebody rushing in with a first aid kit, asking about his hands. He had to treat his own wounds and he had to fix his own rag-like clothes. Thinking about these things, he suddenly felt lonely.

It was a moment where he did not want to go back to the temple. Ryan forcefully walked to the temple and came to a sudden stop at the entrance. There was an unusual scent coming from within. It was coming from a basket of food.

"Oh my, somebody was here."

It looked as if someone had left some food from the festival while he was gone. He thanked the unknown stranger, and took a piece of bread and bit into it. He felt a sudden rush of warmth.

Heaven's Guardian Axe


Mark of a Druid that becomes stronger with Ryan.

When you become a druid, you carry that mark on you at all times. This mark stores the power of a druid and it is something that cannot be stolen. Some druids create this mark from an animal's fang or out of a necklace, but most druids use their weapons as their mark.

I used this axe as my mark and I also named it, Heaven's Guardian! Why, you ask? Where do you think Heaven is? I think nature, where forests and animals rest, is heaven. That is why this axe that will protect nature and its inhabitants will become the Guardian of Heaven. Isn't it cool?

Childish? Darn... I put a lot of thought into this... The name is not that important, just watch as I protect nature which I call heaven with this axe!

  • Physical Attack: 610
  • Physical Defense: 520
  • Magic Defense: 700
  • Max Health: 2750


  • Shop: Can be purchased in Guild Point Shop.
  • Fusing Heroes: Acquire randomly through Hero Fusion.
  • Treasure Chest: Can be acquired from Diamond Chest.
  • Shop: Can be acquired from Summon Shop.


Physical Attack
Physical Defense
Magical Defense


Skill Icon
Ryan-Nature's Punishment
Nature's Punishment
18 sec(s)
"Charge the enemies and transform into the guardian of nature"

Ryan charges into the enemies to deal 120% of physical attack damage and for 3 seconds, provoke the enemies and then transforms into the guardian of nature for 15 seconds.

(Upon cast, Ryan will be invincible for 2 seconds)

[Transformation Effect]
Apply a link of protection to allies which will share up to 60% of the damage received. Ryan will become immune to all conditions and the damage he receives will reduce by 50%. Per second, he will recover 2% of his maximum health. A link of protection will not be applied to allies' summoned creatures.

(Recovery amount will increase by 1% based on the number of allies being protected)

When enhanced, Ryan transforms into Magnus Dan for 18 seconds, acquiring the ability to cast 'Binding Cross'. Upon transformation, he applies 35% of maximum health as a barrier on all allies and will recover 3% of maximum health per second to increase by 1% per allies linked.

[Binding Cross]
Launches cross-shaped energy forward dealing 120% of physical attack damage, canceling enemies' attacks and silencing them for 2 seconds.
15 sec(s)
"Create a sacred totem that pulls nearby enemies"

Ryan creates a sacred totem for 10 seconds that pulls nearby enemies. Within the totem's range, it increases damage to enemies by 30% of physical attack damage.

[Additional Effect]
When activated as the guardian of nature 120% of maximum physical attack damage will be dealt over time to nearby enemies.

When enhanced, 264% of physical attack damage will be dealt over time upon creation and increases up to 408.1% while transformed. Within the totem's range, it increases damage to enemies by 40% of physical attack damage and has their movement speed reduced by 60%.
Ryan-Guardian Nephilim
Guardian Nephilim
30 sec(s)
"Increases allies attack damage and heal over time"

Ryan will draw out the limits of the guardian's abilities and deal 196% of physical attack damage to enemies and for 10 seconds, applies the energy of life on allies. When allies receive the energy of life, their attack damage increases by 30% and per second recover 5% of maximum health over time.
180 sec(s)
"When you die, you recover your HP and resurrect"

When you die, for 2 seconds you become invincible and 40% of your HP is recovered.

When enhanced, for 4 seconds you become invincible upon taking lethal damage, immediately transforming to apply a link of protection to allies and deals 25% of maximum health as damage to nearby enemies. 60% of your HP is recovered and the entire party receives a continuous cleanse effect for 8 seconds.


Druid Ryan
Nature's Guardian Ryan
Nature's Will Ryan
Nature's Guardian
자연의 수호자
Mother Nature's Will
대자연의 의지
'Transcendence' x3

Recommended Sets

2 set is equipped
4 set is equipped
Power of Anger
Skill Cooldown Reduction 4.00 %
When using skills, acquire [Power of Anger] effect. (Can stack up to 10 times)

[Power of Anger]
For each stack, Attack Damage increases by 2% and Damage Received reduces by 2%.

Recommended Accessories

2 Skill Cooldown Reduction + 1 Base Attack Damage Reduction
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5
Glacial Ring
Reduce base attack damage taken.
0.80 %
1.60 %
2.40 %
3.20 %
4.00 %
Chasm Necklace
Skill cooldown reduction.
0.80 %
1.60 %
2.40 %
3.20 %
4.00 %
Earrings of Order
Skill cooldown reduction.
0.80 %
1.60 %
2.40 %
3.20 %
4.00 %
2 Skill Damage Reduction + 1 Base Attack Damage Reduction
Glacial Ring
Reduce base attack damage taken.
0.80 %
1.60 %
2.40 %
3.20 %
4.00 %
Tank's Necklace
Reduce skill damage taken.
0.80 %
1.60 %
2.40 %
3.20 %
4.00 %
Earrings of Resistance
Reduce skill damage taken.
0.80 %
1.60 %
2.40 %
3.20 %
4.00 %

Recommended Traits

Skill Damage Reduction + Base Attack Damage Reduction
LVL 5/5
LVL 5/5
Skill Damage Reduction + Base Attack Damage Reduction + Healing Magic Recovery Increase
LVL 5/5
LVL 3/5
LVL 2/5
Skill Cooldown Reduction + Healing Magic Recovery Increase
LVL 5/5
LVL 5/5
Healing Magic Recovery Increase + Base Attack Damage Reduction + Skill Damage Reduction
LVL 5/5
LVL 3/5
LVL 2/5


Aernas' Heroes
With their power and bravery, the heroes of Aernas never lost hope. Their stories have yet to end.

6★ Mari

6★ Ronan

6★ Arme

6★ Lass

6★ Ryan

6★ Sieghart
Completion Reward:Gemsx1500


  • Druid is Ryan's base job in the original game.
  • The design used for Mother Nature's Will was taken from Ryan's fourth job Vanquisher in the original game.
    • In Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser, Ryan's Nephilim transformation and Magnus Dan's designs were changed.
  • In his Werewolf avatar, Ryan transforms into a Wolf, a skill that Druid can utilize in the original game.
    • In Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser, however, the wolf transformation is just for visual's sake and does not hold the same abilities of the original.
  • Werewolf's design seems to take inspiration from Allen Walker of the popular D.Gray-man series.


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  • "Is it you? The one that is destroying the forest?"
  • "Hm... As always, trying to decide what to eat, is always difficult."
  • "If you listen closely, you can hear the trees breathing."
  • "After all, humans are also a part of nature."
  • "I wonder if Elven Forest is still the same."
  • "Don't ask me complicated things like that..."
  • "Hahaha. I know of it. It's really fun. "
  • "Kwak!"
  • "Even if it is an insignificant microbe, the action of taking away life is wrong."
  • "Hello! It's been a while."
  • "Leave your worries for tomorrow. Let's just have some fun today!"
  • "There are times that I miss my hometown."
  • "No way... It can't be..."
  • "Ronan... I'm hungry..."
  • "There are times when I wish I could quietly enjoy nature."
  • "Eh? You think Grandiel and I look different even though we're both elves?"
  • "You humans also look different too!"
  • "What in the world happened?"
  • "I will never forgive those that destroy the forest."
  • "Nice to meet you! I am Ryan, the protector of Elven Forest."
  • "No, I don't think that's it."
  • "Me? I'm always doing well."
  • "A fun story? Isn't it just fun being with me?"
  • "The sounds of the wind caressing the leaves are more beautiful than any musical instrument."
  • "I... I don't understand things like that."
  • "When you cut the tree, you may be warm for a moment, but if you raise a tree, you will always have a refreshing shade."
  • "Is that true?"
  • "Just forget about things that have already passed."
  • "I miss... the forest."
  • "I'll have you know I was pretty hot in my hometown!"
  • "With only a little effort, it would be possible to live together with nature..."



Rank-SS Rank SR
Dark Gaian