Prana Shop

The Prana shop is the only shop where you can buy goods for prana. There is no limit on any of the goods sold in the Prana shop.


Goods for Prana

  • Premium Hero Summon Ticket- 4,500
  • S Rank 4 Star Hero Select Ticket- 20,000
  • Tank Evostone- 500
  • Assault Evostone- 500
  • Ranger Evostone- 500
  • Mage Evostone- 500
  • Healer Evostone- 500
  • [Rank 1] Gray Dimension Residue- 9
  • Red Dimension Residue- 9
  • Blue Dimension Residue- 9
  • [Rank 2] Gray Dimension Residue- 18
  • Dual Raid R1 Ticket- 1,500
  • Dual Raid R2 Ticket- 1,500
  • Dual Raid R3 Ticket- 1,500
  • Dual Raid R4 Ticket- 1,500
  • Dual Raid R5 Ticket- 1,500
  • Dual Raid R6 Ticket- 1,500


You can get prana by selling heroes and monster cards. The higher grade the heroes and monster cards are sold the more prana is received. It is best to sell monster cards and heroes on Friday where the 'Hero Sell Jackpot Chance!' occurs. The primary way of gaining prana daily is through Wizard's Labyrinth.

The Prana shop is the only free to play method of getting Premium Hero tickets.

Guild Point Shop

This shop is the only shop where it is possible to exchange Guild Points for other materials.

Goods for Guild Points

  • SR Hero Summon Ticket (Daily limit of 1)- 30,000
  • [Rank 1] Gray Dimension Residue- 2
  • Blue Dimension Residue- 2
  • Blessings of Valor- 4
  • Red Dimension Residue- 2
  • [Rank 2] Gray Dimension Residue- 4

Honor Shop

This shop is the only shop where it is possible to buy the Common Equipment Removal Kit which is necessary to remove soul-bound accessories.

Goods for Honor

  • Serdin (Purchase Limit of 1)- 40,000
  • Rank 5 Accessory Summon Ticket- 50,000
  • Rank 4 Accessory Select Ticket- 20,000
  • Accessory Summon Ticket- 800
  • Call of Luck- 50
  • 1 star Monster Card box- 5
  • 2 star Monster Card box- 15
  • 3 star Monster Card box- 45
  • Common equipment Removal Kit- 1,000
  • Adventurer's Mark- 22

Item Shop

A miscellany of items all related to in-game content.

Goods for Gems

  • Premium Hero Summon Ticket- 300
  • Premium Pet SUmmon Ticket- 30
  • Evostone x 10 Select Ticket (Daily Limit of 10)- 200
  • Blessings of Valor x 1000 (Weekly Limit of 1)- 300
  • Radiant Shiny Crystal x 1- 245
  • Splendid Shiny Crystal x 1- 35
  • Energy x 150 (Daily Limit 10)- 200
  • Delicate Shiny Crystal x 1- 5
  • Adventurer's Mark- 3
  • Teroka Knights +6 Equipment Select Ticket (Purchase Limit of 10)- 225
  • Time Priest +6 Equipment Select Ticket- 625
  • Expedition Rewards 2 times Buff (1day)- 600
  • Expedition Reward 2 times Buff (3day)- 1,000
  • Expedition Reward 2 times Buff (7day)- 1,500
  • Hero EXP Booster 1 hour (Daily Limit of 2)- 50
  • Hero EXP Booster 3 hours (Daily Limit of 2)- 125
  • Gold Booster 1 hour (Daily Limit of 2)- 100
  • Gold Booster 3 hour (Daily Limiy of 2)- 250

Goods for Out-Game Currency

  • Nickname Change Ticket (Monthly Limit of 1)- 16.99 USD

Goods for [Rank 1] Gray Dimension Residue

  • [Rank 2] Gray Dimension Residue- 10

Goods for Gold

  • Dungeon Clear Ticket x 1- 500,000

Gold Bar Exchange Shop

This is the shop where you exchange gold for Exchange coins to participate in an Artifact Exchange.

Goods for Gold

  • Exchange Coin x 1- 1,000

Goods for Exchange Coins

  • 1,000 Gold- 1 Exchange Coin

Chaser Shop

This shop focuses solely on materials for Chaser and will require out-game currency.

Goods for Out-Game Currency

  • Chaser Open Ticket- 7.99 USD
  • Assault/Ranger/Mage/Healer/Tank Chaser Crystal x 500- 19.99 USD
  • Assault/Ranger/Mage/Healer/Tank Chaser Crystal x 50- 1.99 USD

Exclusive Equip Shop

All exclusive equipment will be sold in this shop for gems. Exclusive equipment for specific SR heroes will cost 1,700 gems. The Goddess series exclusive equipment cost 1,400 gems each.

Pet Shop

All pets will be available for purchase in the Pet shop. Each individual pet costs 100 gems and there is no limit to how many you can buy.


This section will include all other shops that were not mentioned before.

Special Transcendence & Transcendence Seal Shop

These shop sell Transcendence seals for SR heroes. A Transcendence seal can be used to Transcendence awaken a certain SR hero and cannot be used for normal awakening. These seals cost out-game currency; $44.99 USD per seal. Each seal per character in the Transcendence Seal shop can only be bought once.

Special Transcendence Seal Shop offers a SR hero's Transcendence Seal package. These packages give a three of the chosen SR hero's seal. They are available to buy twice a month with monthly refreshes.

Add Gold

This shop allows you to exchange gems for gold.

Add Gem

This shop allows you to exchange out-game currency for gems.

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