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Prime Knight


"Kanavan's master Gladiator."

Main Info

  • Name: Ercnard[2] Sieghart
  • Age: Approximately 600 years old
  • Hobbies: Living comfortably[1], free life[1]
  • Likes: Relaxation, being pampered by his servants, teasing his descendants and his friends[1]
  • Dislikes: Training, walking and running, Ashtaroth[1]
  • Weaknesses: Being teased about his age[1]

Sieghart was a master Gladiator of Kanavan long, long ago. His name was legendary and his feats in battle have been recounted in history books. At one time, he alone staved off an assault of one hundred goblins, a story told to children of even the smallest villages. He rejected all titles and awards bestowed upon him by nobility and left the knighthood to seek his own goals. While on his journey, he came upon the ruins of an ancient city and disappeared. After a year had passed, he was given up for dead and the entire kingdom mourned the passing of the legendary hero.

While traveling through the ancient relics of the long-gone empire, Sieghart was attacked by powerful monsters and put into a near-death state. Seeing his state, the Highlanders revived him and trained him with their warriors making him an immortal.

Hundreds of years have now passed, and rumors of a new Knight appearing in Bermesiah were spreading across the continents. The man claimed to be the long-lost hero, Sieghart, and presented himself at the capital of Kanavan. He has now left to join the Grand Chase.

As the Ascendant God and his evil followers assault Bermesiah, his resolve is stronger than ever.


With genius abilities, Sieghart is arrogant and lazy. However, he is a responsible person during combat.

Special Ability

Rage Bar

Rage bar (full).

The minimum needed for Rage mode to be activated.

Sieghart can enter an altered state as if gone berserk where his fighting stance lowers and his damage increases. This altered state is Sieghart's Rage mode.

Sieghart's Rage is similar to Jin's Burning. They both require charging and may be activated to temporarily give the character enhanced stats. However, the method of charging and the bonuses given are different. When not in Rage mode, Sieghart's Rage bar slowly fills up on its own for 45 seconds as Prime Knight and 30 seconds for others by attacking (not applicable in PvP) or by getting attacked unlike Jin's which is charged manually and drains when left idle.

When the Rage bar is filled to at least the length of around two full MP bars, the X.PNG command can trigger his Rage mode, surrounding him in an aura of darkness. While in this state, Sieghart gains super armor, increased speed, increased damage (x1.1), altered defense (increased damage taken for Prime Knight and reduced damage taken for others), and enhanced skills. Additionally, Sieghart's skills including their JF get new animations, and his basic combo and Hawk Dive gain new extensions. Also, the Rage bar continuously drains but using skills will temporarily halt the draining. When fully charged, Rage mode lasts approximately 5.6 seconds, whilst for Prime Knight, it lasts 10 seconds.

In animation, Gladiator and Warlord have to bend down to "pick up" the Rage while Duelist and Prime Knight just shout it on. Prime Knight also causes a shockwave effect on nearby foes. Sieghart is invincible during the animation, but the Rage gauge will continue to drain.

Only Gladiator with Skill Tree utilized, Duelist and Prime Knight, get moves that consume Rage and only the Prime Knight has a move that consumes Rage even in Rage mode.


Sieghart can be unlocked by purchasing a Mission scroll from the shop and completing its objectives.

File:Sieghart Mission.png

"Sieghart, the legendary Gladiator of Kanavan, has returned as an immortal. However, his attitude makes it hard for anyone to befriend him. Prove your skills to Sieghart to make him join you!"

- ??? -

Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
3000 GP Worn-out Sieghart Mission Slay the Orc Warrior Boss at the Outer Wall of Serdin and collect 11 fragments of Sieghart's Lesser Orb on Normal difficulty.
Slay Paradom at the Forgotten City and collect 12 fragments of Sieghart's Greater Orb on Normal difficulty.
6000 Cash Sieghart Mission (Cash) Collect 1 Gem.


Dio attacking Sieghart.

  • In the Korean server, Sieghart does not need to be unlocked.
  • Sieghart is the only playable character called by his surname.
  • Sieghart has acrophobia or fear of heights as seen in the dialogues of Talin's Revenge.
  • Contrary to popular belief, it was not Dio who nearly killed Sieghart and the image of them fighting was a promotional artwork for the 'Sudden Death' PvP mode of the game. Furthermore, the chronological table of Grand Chase history did not mention this event ever happening.
    • In the Twelve Disciples update, however, the artwork was republished which determined that the event has truly occurred but instead during this period of the story and not in the way it was initially interpreted.
  • Sieghart exhibits the stereotypical "cool" personality. This was supported in many of his poses such as how Gladiator wields his sword in reverse and some of his quotes, while very hostile, were expressed in a seemingly dignified manner.
    • However, Sieghart also has a big ego. This was evidenced by the majority of his quotes, often defining himself as a "legend". He tends to be bossy as well and thinks the members of the Grand Chase to which he called "tykes" are immature and unworthy to be part of it.
  • In the manhwa, Sieghart has a different background. It was shown that he had a brother named Luke whom he thought had died when he left for the war and Julia as his wife. When he became immortal, Sieghart returned home after the war only to find his wife married Luke. Glad for their happiness, he left.
    • Due to her striking resemblance to Julia, Sieghart feels a special attachment to Elesis.
  • Due to being in the same family, Sieghart has similar job concepts to Elesis.
    • Like Knight, Gladiator which is also a base job uses a single sword.
    • Like Spearman, Warlord which is also a second job uses a large spear although considered more of a pike.
    • Like Savior, Duelist uses two swords to deal with fast swings.
    • Like Sword Master, Prime Knight uses a large sword although he can split it into two and wields it much faster.
      • According to the Sword Master's description, Sieghart himself became one.


  • Sieghart alludes to a legendary hero of Germanic mythology called Sigurd or Siegfried.
  • Sieghart tends to call Elesis "Red" because of her colors.
  • Except for Gladiator, Sieghart has Dual Wield properties.
  • Excluding Prime Knight, all of Sieghart's jobs have at least one skill that has the word "Punisher" or related variations in it such as Grinding Punisher (Gladiator), Punishing Combo (Warlord), and Dread Punisher (Duelist).
  • Oddly enough, Sieghart has a "weaker" BERSERK than Elesis despite being the older and more experienced one in the story.
    • Moreover, Sieghart can only acquire such ability by utilizing his Skill Tree.
  • Along with Amy and Mari, Sieghart is one of the only characters with custom expressions.
  • As a Prime Knight, Sieghart supposedly had a butler named Alfredo.
    • Interestingly, Dio's butler Alfred has a striking resemblance to Alfredo. Whether this was intentional or not is unknown.


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Game Start

"You just signed your death warrant."
"If I were you I'd walk away while you still have your legs attached."
"No one has fought me and lived!"
"Let's get this going."
"Hey, kid! Class is in session."
"Heheheheheheh... So you're here to pick a fight with a legend?"
"Show me whatchu got"

When Attacking

"Come on!"
"Eat this!"
"This is the end!"

Stance Change

"Heavy Smash!"
"Adrenaline Attack!"

Rage Mode

"Soul Break!"


"Iron Crusher!"
"Flame Sword!"
"Flame Sword!"
"Grinding Punisher!"
"Soul Extinction!"
"Mortal Fear!"
"Savage Attack!"
"Punisher Combo!"
"Fire Blaster!"
"Illusion Attack!"
"Rule Break!"
"Rising Weapon!"
"Dread Punisher!"
"Power Liberation!"
"Highlander Assault!"
"Soul Edge!"
"Unlimited Blade!"
"Birth of Blades!"


"Yeah, you should just go ahead and attack if you have the courage."
"Why so serious?"
"Come on, at least give me a challenge."
"What are you doing, noob?"
"Aw, come on! I've got better things to do."
"Need a break?"
"Was that it?"
"Prepare to die!"


"Ugh! Yup, yup, it's about time for me to start."
"Uhuh! That's nothing."



Game End

"Too easy!"
"Not just anyone can be a legend..."
"So how does it feel to fight with a legend?"
"Wow, you managed to live!"
"Are you frightened by me? This is only the beginning."
"Did you really just try challenging me?"
"I've waited three hundred years to finish this fight."



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