Sieghart is a family from the Kanavan kingdom. Famed as the "gladiators of Kanavan", most of the family members are skilled in swordsmanship.

Known MembersEdit

Eckhart SieghartEdit

Eckhart is the first ancestor of the whole Sieghart family. After rejecting the top position given to him by King Kanavan and left the palace, he became the leader of the Ruby Knights.[1]

Ercnard SieghartEdit

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Elscud SieghartEdit

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Penelope SieghartEdit

Penelope is Elesis and Elsword mother and Elscud's wife. Currently, nothing is known about her at the time. She is only mentioned in a post on Naver blog.

Elesis SieghartEdit

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Elsword SieghartEdit

For the other game also developed by KOG, see Elsword.
Elesis and Elsword-0

Elsword is Elesis' younger brother. Much like his sister who makes her appearance in Elsword both in lore and as a character (initially named as Elsa), his likeness is quite similar to himself in his eponymous series. In Grand Chase, nothing much is known about him as he is only mentioned in a post on Naver blog, and in the Sieghart family tree.

In the absence of confirmation that Grand Chase and Elsword takes place in the same universe or timeline, their appearances are considered distinct from one another.