Silver Cross Assassins Symbol

Emblem of the Silver Cross Thieves.

The Silver Cross Thieves (also known as Assassin's Guild) is a local guild hosted in Silver Cross, a town located somewhere between the Kastulle Ruins.

Known MembersEdit

Lass IsoletEdit

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Lass is a mysterious, shady young boy who was possessed by Kaze'aze. He was, then, freed from her grasp thanks to the Grand Chase and vows to start fresh. However, his past seems to be mixed up and yet he refuses to talk about it.

As he journeys farther, the Knight Master compliments on his actions but then requests he slays monsters upon Bermesiah. At some point, he became the guild's leader. He, like every other assassin, is a quick and agile opponent, who relies on quick slashes and powerful blows to deal upon a foe.


Dina, Sena and Mona

Dina, Sena and Mona's portraits.

Lass's Bodyguards

Concept art of Dina, Sena, and Mona.

Lass's Bodyguards 2
Lass's Bodyguards 3

There are also three female characters in the guild, Dina, Mona, and Sena. The trio serves as Lass' bodyguards and escorts him secretly from the shadows, protecting him from danger. However, their concept arts and information on Naver blog seems to portray them as cheerleaders and fangirls rather than bodyguards. 


  • Guild Night Savers from Elsword is based on the Silver Cross Thieves.
  • Despite the official name "Silver Cross Thieves", the guild seems to focus more on assassinations rather than thievery.
  • Despite that thievery and assassination are generally viewed as negative, the Dark Assassin description points out that the Silver Cross Thieves fight against evil and have allied with the Elven Corps and the Violet Mage.
  • According to the Naver blog, the Strikers called their entire force the "Guild of the Strikers", despite that there are others.
  • According to the quest dialogue of Striker, the guild has an official leader. He, like Magnus Dan, led the assassins and trained them under his might until he grew too old to fight and chose Lass to be his successor. After the Battle for Bermesiah, Lass inherited his position as well as his Nodachi, along with the skill of drawing the blade from its scabbard at lightning speed.
    • However, the guild was founded by Lass himself and other assassin trainees according to Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser.
      • Even then, it was mentioned that Lass met someone who taught him the ways of the assassin before establishing the guild. It is possible that the person referred became the leader of the Silver Cross Thieves.