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The Silver Cross Thieves.

The Silver Cross Thieves (also known as Assassin's Guild and Guild of the Strikers) is a guild located in the town of Silver Cross.


The Silver Cross Thieves is a guild created by the outlaws in the backstreets of the town. Raising young Assassins through cruel training to march from the shadows, they played a pivotal role in changing people's perception of the thieves as they used their innate talents for justice.

In the present time, the Silver Cross Thieves have been training more powerful Dark Assassins to effectively counter monsters that threaten the continent of Bermesiah.

Known Members

Lass Isolet

Main article: Lass

Lass Isolet is currently the guild leader of the Silver Cross Thieves. After he escaped the Nightmare Circus, Lass wandered Aernas until he met the one that would teach him the ways of the Assassin and has been honored with the title of Striker. Once a mysterious, shady young boy possessed at some point by Kaze'aze, he was, then, freed from her grasp thanks to the Grand Chase and vowed to start fresh.

For his work against the evils of Dark Anmon and passing his test, Lass received the former guild leader's sword, Nodachi.

Former Guild Leader

Mentioned in the description of Striker's mission scroll, the guild had a leader before Lass inherited his position. He was known to have trained Assassins under his might until he grew too old to fight.

Lass' bodyguards

There are three known female members in the Silver Cross Thieves namely Dina, Sena, and Mona. The trio served as Lass' bodyguard and escorted him secretly from the shadows, protecting him from danger. However, they seemed to act more as cheerleaders or fangirls rather than bodyguards.


  • There is conflicting information in regards to the founding of the Silver Cross Thieves. It is said that Lass was made the leader of the Silver Cross Thieves in the original game. In Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser, however, his background states that he and other trainees founded the said guild.
    • Even then, it was mentioned that Lass met someone who taught him the ways of the Assassin before establishing the guild. It is possible that the person referred became the former guild leader of the Silver Cross Thieves.
      • This would imply that the Assassins in Silver Cross did not have a formal association until the creation of the guild.
  • While the guild's name advertises thievery as their line of work, the Silver Cross Thieves seem to focus more on assassinations instead.
  • In ELSWORD, another game designed by KOG Studios which has a very similar synopsis to Grand Chase, The Night Savers guild is based on the Silver Cross Thieves.




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