Soul Taker

The Soul Taker is a series of four spinning blades, resembling the Wing Drive Weapons (W.D.W) used by Geas. While usually wielded telepathically to engage in melee combat, they can be converted into a cannon to release a bolt of energy at her targets

According to her Brazilian profile, Mari had accepted the burden of incorporating the power of the gods and controlling the Soul Stone, and absorbed the incredible energy into her own body. Now able to handle with ease the divine energy, Mari created as many of the Soul Stones as needed to finally stabilize her W.D.W. The weapon, which before the girl could control for a few brief moments, now became more powerful than ever after using the stones as fuel.


  • The Elsword character Raven's Sword Taker class was originally named Soul Taker during development.
    • Also, the Elsword character Add's Nasod Dynamo weapons are based on the Soul Takers.