Sphinx OX Quiz is a Grand Chase Mini Game. It can be found at the Mini Games tab in the Menu. The Mini Game is available only during certain periods.

How to playEdit

The Player needs 1 Sphinx's OX Coin in order to play: each Coin gives the possibility to play one time.

The Sphinx will make a question or astatement, and the player must choose correctly: if the statement is true, the player clicks the "O" button. If it is false, the player clicks the "X" button. Also, only few seconds are available to make a decision; if he/she does not choose, then the guess is automatically wrong. Depending on how the Sphinx reacts after the player's choice, the question could be correct or wrong. If the Sphinx is angry by showing a red cross, the player's answer was correct; If the Sphinx is grinning his teeth and showing a purple note, the player's answer was wrong. Everytime the player guesses right the statement, he/she will receive a reward, and major rewards are awarded when he/she reaches a certain amount of questions.