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The Story Timeline expands the chronological table of Grand Chase history that was provided by KOG Studios[1] and summarizes all known events within the Grand Chase universe. It includes the jobs' backgrounds, passages from missions, and stories that were omitted after the story revamp but do not contradict the established lore, attempting to organize all of them in chronological order. For any inconsistencies found, whether a retcon or mistake on KOG's part, newer information is preferred.

While some stories happened in an unspecified time, those that were indicated or hinted to happen between certain events will be placed accordingly. However, events in the manhwa cannot be inserted due to having a different narrative from the game.

NOTE: This article is currently under development. The events in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser will not be included, however, the chronology of events is subject to change depending on the progression of the story in the sequel game.


In a time long passed, actual time unknown

  • In the beginning, there was a Creator. The supreme being gave life to gods who would be responsible for creating worlds and gods in charge of destroying the decrepit ones.
  • Instead of living with the deities in the physical world, Elyos was created to house the ferocious demons. When necessary, the demons would traverse through the Dimensional Portals to cause destruction.
History Grand Chase.jpg

Before Kounat, 3300 years prior

  • Ernasis the Goddess of war and bravery, Lisnar the Goddess of mercy and spirit, and Amenias the Goddess of wisdom and harmony led to the creation of the world.
    • The world was named after Ernasis, the representative god who had first arrived. It was inhabited by the humans, elves, and dwarves and the goddess selected those with bravery and creativity to help them continue the creation of the world.
  • The gods quickly civilized primitive humans so that they could be spread throughout the world and deliver their will. Ernasis gifted them with bravery, Lisnar gifted them with holiness and Amenias gifted them with wisdom. With these gifts in hand, the humans bravely expanded their territory, learned to use magic, and used wisdom to develop machinery.
  • Combining their powers, the gods and humans created a civilization at the center of Archimedia and called it Kounat.
  • Many of the gods fell in love with the humans and the children conceived were born with distinguishable abilities unlike those that were born of just human parents. As the numbers of these children increased, they became known as the Celestials and with the gods, they accelerated the development of magic in Kounat.
  • With Kounat at the core, the magic civilization spread to the whole region of Archimedia.
  • The dwarves and the elves that inhabited the northern and southern regions of Kounat became influenced by the Celestials and through the exchange of information, accepted the advanced civilization.
    • From the exchange, the elves were able to use more powerful magic and the dwarves obtained information to advance their mechanical engineering.
  • Out of sight of other Goddesses, the Malevolent Horde grew and threatened to destroy everything good in Aernas.
  • On a trip to the East, the Goddess of life and purity Agnesia found innocents suffering and came face to face with the terrible magical creature made of pure evil.
    • Agnesia used all her powers to seal the creature within her own body and save the world but the consequence of using that forbidden magic drained almost all of her divine powers, leading her to the brink of death. Should Agnesia die, the evil in her body would be released.
  • On her last legs and spending the last spark of her divine power, Agnesia cast a spell of eternal resurrection.
    • Through the ages, Agnesia would be doomed to continue being reborn to keep the seal intact.

Holy Power, the Year 1300

  • As the territory of the Celestials became stabilized, the gods decided to choose a person of excellence among the Celestials as king and establish the Kounat kingdom. Also, the year that they allied with the dwarves and elves, who had founded their own country, was declared as the start of Holy Power.
This-image (2).jpg
  • The gods relegated the remaining creation of Aernas to the new leader and the three Goddesses left for another planet.
  • At some point, the sacred tome Klara Libri would be created by the Celestial research group who had been studying the holy powers of the gods.

Ancient Demon Wars

  • While Aernas and Kounat thrived, Elyos declined into war, where the demonic tribes organized themselves against the powerful Ancient Demons.
    • The great hero of the Ancient Demons, Duel, created one of the three legendary demon weapons, Eclipse, and used it in the Demon Wars.
Edna Vervidad.png
  • Edna Vervidad saved Duel from his death by sacrificing her own life. Upon the death of his lover, Duel went crazy in combat and ended the war, virtually decimating all combatants on both sides of the battle and nearly killing the powerful Asmodian wizard Oz Pone Max Reinhardt.
  • At some point, Oz who was part of the demonic tribes had a change of heart and wanted to become good. In the preparation for Duel's revenge, he retreated to his hideout and used the Core of Elyos in his forging.
    • After many years passed when only the desire to achieve remains in him, Oz finally succeeded in creating a very powerful sword and embedding the core into it, which he named the sword Grandark.
  • When Ley von Crimson River was born on January 27th, she had soon been diagnosed with an incurable disease and was not supposed to live for very long. Ley had inherited the arcane power of the Crimson River family, but the power was absorbing her life force.
    • Despite living with her illness, Ley grew up alongside Dio Burning Canyon who was born on July 7th, but the disease continued to separate the two.
Likability Ley 01.png
  • As Ley grew weaker and weaker, Peter von Crimson River called upon Oz to perform a forbidden ritual that would fuse her soul with the ancient warrior Edna. As the years passed Ley was slowly cured of her illness and gradually began to resemble Edna, both in appearance and power.
  • After the Ancient Demon Wars, the demonic tribes began to rebuild. Wanting to avoid a new war in Elyos, the Asmodian leader Heitaros Cratsus decided to erect a demonic army, emphasizing that the demonic tribes were threatened by the existence of other civilizations outside of their world and therefore they should act first by destroying these other beings.
    • Although not all the inhabitants of Elyos agreed with the invasion, they had no time to try to stop it since Heitaros acted very quickly.

First Demon War

  • The Hardliners faction was not satisfied with the current state of the Demon World and took it upon themselves to destroy the physical world to extend their territories rather than only being expected to destroy worlds that were old and decrepit. Heitaros, with his demon troops, had already destroyed many other worlds and their next target was Aernas.
  • Heitaros opened a Dimension's Door on the eastern part of Kounat in Archimedia and numerous demons made their way into the land. They advanced into the capital of Kounat to first destroy the powerful magic civilization created by the gods. Hearing the news, the three Goddesses, the King of Kounat, and Kounat's troops met the demons at the gates that led into Artione Plains.
  • The Aernas Hammer was the ultimate weapon of Kounat. It was made by converting a device that had accumulated Holy Power into a weapon. It was a weapon that could deal with the damage of the gods without them having to be there.
    • The weapon was activated and fired towards the demon troops and Heitaros.
  • Heitaros was gravely wounded from the attack and quickly ran back to Elyos through the Dimension's Door. With the leader of the troop gone, the remaining troops were scattered throughout the continent.
    • The demons who had scattered after the battle spread all over Archimedia into the farthest reaches of Aernas and tried to destroy the world by turning the existing lifeforms into monsters.
  • The three Goddesses have lost most of their powers during the battle with Heitaros and swiftly made a last-ditch effort to seal the Dimension's Door and sent it back to the Demon World.
  • The era that was rich with the blessings of the gods had passed and the period of great chaos had begun with the constant fear of invading monsters.
  • Dio prepared to return to his world by sealing away his powers when he sensed a distortion near one of the portals and decided to investigate.
    • Suspicious of the situation, Ley's father decided to send her to Aernas to find Dio and secure the alliance between the two families.

Holy Power, the Year 1800

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Great Explosion of Kounat

  • The Prime Minister of Kounat, Baldinar, by chance, obtained the Klara Libri, which was a sacred tome that contained all the secrets of the world. With the tome in hand, he was able to gain all the knowledge about the creation of Aernas, the gods, the demons, and their Creator.
    • With the knowledge he had gained, Baldinar lost all reasoning and devised a plan to use the power of the gods and demons to become the Creator. He put the plan into action.
  • He started the first part of his plan by researching the demons that had spread all over the world and acquired the demonic essence of the demons.
  • Later on, Baldinar produced a Soul Stone, a crystal of Holy Power, and amplified it through Aernas Hammer to obtain both the power of the gods and the power of the demons. However, the Hammer did not recognize Baldinar as the owner of the Holy Power and the unstable Holy Power exploded taking Kounat as its sacrifice.
  • Where there was a sign of an explosion, Mari was put in a capsule for escape according to evacuation procedures of the royal family in case of emergency, but as most of the explosion was carried out, the capsules were not powered and failed to launch. However, Mari's capsule was powered by an unknown power, so it escaped right before the explosion and then fell into a lake. Mari fell asleep for a thousand years.
  • As part of Baldinar's schemes, the Elf Kingdom and the Dwarf Kingdom went into war, blaming each other due to the misunderstandings regarding the Great Explosion and their missing kings.

The Founding of Kanavan and Serdin

  • After a long voyage, the human and elf survivors of the Great Explosion made their way to the continent of Bermesiah.
  • The elf survivors did not settle on the first land that they came across, but instead traveled further and settled on an island away from the continent, naming the island Eryuell.
  • The human survivors advanced further into the continent under the command of Esnar Din Kanavan and Scarde Vi Serdin and established the Kanavan Kingdom.
  • After the founding of the Kanavan kingdom, King Kanavan sent his brother and Mage Serdin to organize a separate army to advance farther into the southwestern part of the land. On their long journey, they were able to find a proper piece of land. However, instead of King Kanavan’s brother who had died during the trip, Mage Serdin established the land as the Serdin Kingdom.


Year 1

  • Brotherly nations, Kanavan kingdom, and Serdin kingdom declared the first year of the Kingdom Calendar at the same time.
  • Eckhart Sieghart rejected the top general position bestowed upon him by King Kanavan and left the palace to become the leader of the Ruby Knights. As the leader, he journeyed across the lands to find the areas inhabited by monsters.
  • For generations, the Kanavan kingdom produced outstanding swordsmen and the Serdin kingdom produced outstanding mages. The two kingdoms progressed greatly based on their virtues.

Year 400

  • Even after several hundreds of years after the establishment of the kingdoms, Baldinar had survived as an astral form due to the effects of the Soul Stone that he had created. Though he had lost all his powers, his ambitions remained and he wandered the world to find clues to powers that could revive him.
  • Baldinar continued to survive in his astral form, by taking demonic essence from the demons and monsters all over Aernas and soon arrived in Xenia.

The Six Gods of Xenia

  • During the Great Explosion of Kounat, the Soul Stone had shattered and six pieces of the stone landed in Xenia. The native guardians that had existed in Xenia, each took a piece of the Soul Stone and believed it to be the essence of the gods. With the stones, they governed Xenia as the six gods.
  • Once Baldinar realized that the essence that each god held was a piece of the Soul Stone, he snuck deep into the land and began to spread the demonic essence he had acquired. The demonic essence dispersed into the land, turning the animals and living beings into monsters to infect the gods with darkness.
  • Due to the evil energy that had been spread by Baldinar, numerous creatures in Xenia evolved into monsters and with it, the gods started to lose their sanity.
  • Taking advantage of the confusion, Baldinar approached Ashtaroth, the guardian of Fortress of Ascension stole his soul and made him his puppet.
  • Finally acquiring a useful body, Baldinar was able to secretly move about Xenia without the other gods realizing the situation and put Xenia in a further state of chaos. With his powers, he strengthened the monsters wandering the world and alienated the humans to create war.

Year 800

  • The 35th successor of the Sieghart Family, Ercnard Sieghart was born on April 30th in the Kanavan kingdom. As a talented swordsman, Ercnard joined the Sieghart family's Ruby Knights, but also spent a short time as part of the Royal Knights and was officially recorded in history books of the royal family.
  • Following the source of monsters, Ercnard Sieghart made his way to Archimedia. Once arrived, he was attacked by monsters of incomparable strength to those that he had dealt with in Bermesiah. Gravely wounded, he was saved by the squad of Highlanders who had survived since the time of the ancient Kounat.
  • Reborn as a Highlander with an immortal body, Ercnard was taught how to fight using his newfound powers. However, by his own mistake, his saviors were found and all killed by Ashtaroth. Being the sole survivor, Sieghart swore vengeance against Ashtaroth and began to travel the world to track him down.
    • The blood and spirits of the deceased Highlanders would inadvertently create Uno.
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The Year 1400

  • After around 600 years, Elscud Sieghart was born in Kanavan kingdom in Bermesiah and soon after became the leader of the Ruby Knights.

The Year 1432

The Year 1440

  • Ronan Erudon was born on October 17th in the Kanavan kingdom.
    • He is the firstborn of the prestigious Erudon family and a cousin of Karina Erudon.
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The Year 1442

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The Year 1443

  • Asin was born on May 3rd in the Kanavan kingdom.
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Likability Lime 02.png
  • Edel and Adel of the noble Frost family were born on July 18th in the Serdin Kingdom.
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The Year 1444

  • Rin was born on February 2nd in the small village of Gaon, an area distant and isolated from the rest of the world.
    • She was found to be the reincarnation of Goddess Agnesia and was showered with love from the townspeople.
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Likability Ryan 01.png
  • Elesis Sieghart was born on August 5th in the Kanavan kingdom.
    • Her father taught her the esoteric spearing technique handed down from generation to generation of their family when she was a child and showed exceptional talent.
Elesis and Elsword-0.png
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  • Arme was called the cursed child due to all the destruction she would leave around the village. She had been born with a magic power that was beyond her control and in the end, her parents, who could no longer handle it, left her at the steps of the Violet Mage guild.
  • Lire Eryuell was born on December 3rd on Eryuell Island.
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The Year 1445

  • Amy Plie was born on July 20th in Silver Land from the Xenia continent.
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Year Unknown

  • Oz created the Grandark to counteract Duel's Eclipse. However, he was unable to tame the essence within Grandark, which ultimately led him to create Zero Zephyrum on December 9th.
    • He investigated the old territory of the Ancient Demons to find the Ancient Demons' core, an essential of creature creation.
    • Taking the body of a deceased ancient hero, Oz resurrected the body.
Likability Zero 01.png
  • One day, the Hardliners attacked Oz in his lab, but he managed to protect the core during the assault, as well as Grandark and its beholder.
    • Zero, who had to leave without any explanation given, thought that the reason for his existence is only to win against Duel and began his long journey to find them.
  • Lass was born a half demon and half human on June 20th to a father who came from the Underworld and a human mother. His father disappeared soon after he was born and his mother was ostracized even in exile for giving birth to an ominous child.
    • She abandoned Lass after enduring all that she could and he was captured by the Nightmare Circus that used him as a monster attraction.
Likability Lass 01.png
  • While still living his life as an attraction, he one day woke up to an unknown power that went out of control and burned down the circus.
  • With his newly found freedom, he wandered Aernas until he met the one that would teach him the ways of the Assassin and joined the Silver Cross Thieves. Once he mastered the skills, Lass was honored with the title of Striker reserved for the highest class of Assassins in the Silver Cross.

The Year 1446

Karina Erudon & Queens.jpg
  • In the Kanavan kingdom, Karina Erudon, age 14, was the youngest member of the Royal Guard and became friends with Princess Anyu who was of the same age. As part of an exchange training, the two traveled together to the Serdin Kingdom.
    • In the exchange training of the Serdin kingdom, Princess Anyu and Karina met Princess Enna and participated in the training together. They all became close friends.

The Year 1448

  • After two years of exchange training in Serdin, Princess Anyu, Karina, and Princess Enna were on their way back to Kanavan when they ran into Ashtaroth, who had been investigating Bermesiah.
  • Though Karina and the princesses survived, Ashtaroth had quickly disposed of the royal families that had traveled with them. Ashtaroth put Karina under a demonization spell which led to her being ruled as the main culprit of the royal family massacre and was exiled from Kanavan.
  • The hatred for humans grew in Karina and she decided to follow the traces of evil energy that led her to Ashtaroth. Through him, she was reborn as Kaze'aze and learned how to use demonic powers and evil magic.

The Year 1451

  • Ronan Erudon was commissioned as a member of the Royal Guard when he was twelve years old and also appointed as a direct Royal Guard of Princess Anyu who was in the first position of succession for the throne.

The Year 1453

  • Princess Anyu ascended the throne as Queen Kanavan and Princess Enna ascended the throne as Queen Serdin.
  • With the accession of Queen Kanavan to the throne, Ronan was appointed as the commander of the Royal Guard.
    • By this point in time, Kaze'aze had already snuck into the Kanavan kingdom and bewitched their Queen, making her do as Kaze'aze willed.

The Year 1454

Memories of the Past.jpg
  • Ronan had noticed Kaze'aze's existence, however, he too was caught in her enchantment. Using the Queen as her pawn, Kaze’aze prepared for war.

The Year 1455

  • War breaks out between the kingdoms of Kanavan and Serdin.
  • The palace of Serdin kingdom was attacked by a lightning war of Kanavan kingdom with swordsmen, in the beginning, so the leading members including Queen Serdin were almost killed. However, with the wits of Queen Serdin and Grand Mage Serre, they moved the command into Mage Guild and began a long war.
  • Serdin who started to fight against Kanavan with all the prohibited attack magic tackled the excellent Knights of Kanavan and they advanced and retreated repeatedly. The war continued for five years and neither kingdom took a chance of winning in the war.

The Year 1459

  • As the fighting dragged on, Kaze'aze grew frustrated with the war. She sent Queen Kanavan to the front lines which led to Kanavan's victories on the battlefield. Queen Serdin took advantage of the opportunity and placed an awakening spell on Queen Kanavan.
  • Queen Kanavan regained her true personality and snuck back to her castle to release Ronan, the commander of her Royal Guard, from the enchantment. She tasked Ronan with spying on Kaze'aze's hidden monster soldiers and sent him out of the kingdom. She also sent a letter to Elscud, head of the Ruby Knights explaining the current situation and requesting his aid in defeating Kaze'aze.
  • Upon receipt of the letter, Elscud gathered his troops and launched an expedition to locate Kaze'aze. Acting upon information that one of Kaze'aze's minions was nearby, he entered Gorgos' Dungeon and fought against Red Gorgos himself. During the battle, a dimensional rift formed and Elscud disappeared through the crack between dimensions.
05 Gorgos' Dungeon.jpg
  • Sensing traces of Ashtaroth's familiar evil energy, Sieghart made his way to Gorgos' Dungeon. He arrived in time to see Elscud disappearing into the dimensional rift. Unable to save Elscud, Sieghart defeated Gorgos and vanished.
  • Not expecting such an attack, Kaze'aze realized her plans had been discovered. She placed an even more powerful enchantment upon Queen Kanavan and mobilized her monster soldiers to destroy Kanavan and Serdin simultaneously.
  • With the devastating attacks from the monsters, the soldiers of Kanavan and Serdin called for a temporary truce and focused their efforts on fighting the monsters.
    • Defying Kaze'aze's expectations, the humans were not easily defeated, instead, they combined their strength to combat the monsters.
  • Queen Serdin had hoped Queen Kanavan would be able to catch Kaze'aze but was disappointed to learn that the plan had failed as Queen Kanavan's personality had been sealed perfectly.
  • In desperation Queen Serdin would resort to her last best hope, she would form a group comprised of brave souls from the kingdoms of Kanavan and Serdin. This group would chase down Kaze'aze and would be known as... Grand Chase.

Age of Heroes

(NOTE: The following events were only indicated to precede the game or that they occurred concurrently with the history. With no specified dates to go on, these events cannot be placed anywhere else in the timeline.)

  • In the past, there was a dragon called Aminus who wreak havoc in the kingdom of Kanavan. A Spell Knight who identified himself simply as "Erudon" defeated the dragon and earned the young man the title of Dragon Knight.
    • Since then the Erudon became a prestigious family in Kanavan.
  • Long ago after he became a Highlander, Ercnard abandoned his name. However, the swordsmen of Kanavan that had watched him fight thought of the famous Sieghart family and began to call him Sieghart.
  • During the war between the deities of Xenia, Lilith who was a Starlet, the highest of Oracles, was kidnapped by the Ascendant God Thanatos and the position had been vacant ever since. In her youth, Sister Maggie had to fill the position herself.
    • Since then she had been training and encouraging young sisters in hopes of finding the right girl to fill the position of a Starlet.
  • The last Asura sensed the gathering of malignant forces and summoned the most distinguished warriors to bestow his divine teachings. However, the warriors had neither the strength of the body nor the strength of mind to absorb the knowledge.
  • Defeated by the Ascendant God, the Asura announced his final holy edict and commanded that once a great warrior was found, he shall inherit his title.
  • Victor, Jin's master and former leader of the Silver Knights, had been training to become a Rama. However, his ill intentions failed him to achieve enlightenment.
    • Not being able to accept failure, Victor hid the Vajra, a set of powerful weapons used by the Rama, in his fortress.
  • At some point, Thanatos came upon Victor's mind and influenced his betrayal of the Silver Knights. Given newfound strength by the Ascendant God, Victor started his militia, the Black Knights, to wreak havoc and corrupt Silver Land with dark energy.
Asin Drama 2.png
  • A nameless boy found the badly wounded Asin Tairin and saved his life. Tairin returned the favor by training the young boy with martial arts.
  • When Tairin told him stories of his former student, Jin, the boy became determined to get stronger.
  • One day, another battle ensued as monsters invaded the area, leaving Tairin in a fatal condition. Two weeks later, Tairin had died. Deranged, the young boy swore to become stronger than anyone including Jin, and took his master's name as his.
  • After the Silver Knights were defeated by the Black Knights, Jin, who was guarding the castle alone, discovered this method book and tonfa in Victor's room. By combining the martial arts of Shisa Mu into a fighting technique with his groundbreaking capabilities, he became the Shisa who officially succeeded in improving the martial arts.
Likability Edel 02.png
  • Before the Kingdom War, Adel suffered from a debilitating disease and could not leave his home thus it fell to Edel to enlist in the Knights of Serdin to restore the Frost family's honor.
    • With an unbeatable determination and incredible dexterity in combat, Edel quickly rose in the ranks of the army thus reaching the rank of Captain.
Likability Elesis 01.png
  • Before the formation of Grand Chase, Elesis competed against the son of Depas Farenwhite, Gerard, for the leadership of the Ruby Knights.
    • In the end, Elesis won the leadership contest and was appointed the leader of the Ruby Knights.
  • After Elesis left for Serdin to join the Grand Chase, Gerard led the Ruby Knights in her stead and supported her in her mission.
  • Before the formation of the Grand Chase, Lire is a member of the Elven Corps and was dispatched to join the Grand Chase.
    • The childhood friend of Lire, Myrielle Ariaden, had always wanted to leave Eryuell Island but when the chance went to Lire, Myrielle told her to see the rest of the world for her.
  • Ronan emerged from the ranks to lead the Aegis Knights and rallied against the invasion and repeated attacks that followed from Kaze'aze.
  • Because the effects of the continental battle had reached Eryuell Island, the Elders granted the elves permission to use crossbows, which had been outlawed due to their greater power.
  • As Bermesiah continued to suffer from the war, the elves created a special bow made of Innadril's scales passed on from their ancestors with the hope of returning peace to the continent. Only the elite archers were allowed to use the bow.
  • Serre discovered that they could convert their mana to cast powerful spells if they form contracts with spirits. However, the spirits were particular about whom they work with and joined hands only with mages of exceptional power and character.
  • Despite the allied forces of Elven Corps, Violet Mage, and Silver Cross, they remained vastly outnumbered.
    • To compensate, the Silver Cross had been training more Dark Assassins to effectively counter monsters.
  • Later in Ellia, Lass had his body stolen by Kaze'aze and planted her soul inside him to use him as a puppet.
  • Realizing that they could not fend off monsters with transformation alone, Chief Mo'ru Pi'su endowed the Druids with the power of Mother Nature.
    • Only a special group of Sentinels succeeded to bear the life force upon their souls and had been honored with the title of Viken.
  • The legendary hero Dan sensed that the downfall of the Druids was approaching and sought to find a warrior to pass on his knowledge and wisdom to.
    • Many Sentinels and Vikens accepted his test to receive his legacy, but few survived and returned, and those who did were too weak, both in mind and body, to receive Dan's teachings.
  • When Rin turned 15, the village of Gaon was wiped out by a massive attack of demonic creatures. All the inhabitants fought bravely, but in the end, Rin was the only one to escape with her life.
  • The traumatized Rin was taken by fury. It made her feel the evil growing inside her, trying to break free from the seal. Having come in contact with her dark side for the first time, Rin thought that she needed help to contain the evil within.
    • Armed with her sacred fan, Rin decided to ask for help from the people of the great city whose stories she heard since she was a child.


Lime Drama 1.png
  • Ryan drank water polluted with Kaze'aze's blood in the Trial Forest and underwent a bizarre transformation.
  • Lime, a member of the Holy Knights, was separated from the group and got lost in the deserts of Bermesiah.
  • Abingdon was dispatched by the two kingdoms of Bermesiah to help Grand Chase in their many adventures to fight evil.
  • Elesis, Lire, and Arme had been introduced to each other in the Trial Forest.
    • The girls went to a series of tests given by the Knight Master to become the Grand Chase Knights.
01 Trial Tower.jpg
  • In the Trial Tower, Knight Master asked the girls to defeat the Wendy creature as a test for newcomers.
    • Afterward, they introduced themselves to each other formally. However, the girls initially did not like each other's company.
03 Outer Wall of Serdin.jpg
  • The girls went into the Outer Wall of Serdin unauthorized and encountered Sieghart who was looking for Grand Chase, not knowing that they were members of the group. He asked them to tell Grand Chase to group with him in Xenia.
    • Afterward, they took down the orcs scattered in the area.
03 Kerrie Beach.jpg
  • After scolding the girls, Knight Master told them that they were officially Grand Chase members and tasked them to clear the Kerrie Beach with monsters, taking down the Harpy Queen that was possessed by Kaze'aze's power.
  • Ley and Jeeves arrived in Aernas but they were not able to sense Dio at the moment.
04 Orc Temple.jpg
  • As the orcs were becoming more reckless, Knight Master tasked the Grand Chase to stop them from attacking Serdin once and for all by defeating the Orc Lord who allied with Kaze'aze in return for greater power.
  • The Grand Chase departed from Serdin and Knight Master to hunt Kaze'aze, with Knight Master suggesting to search the Gorgos' Dungeon and locate the Red Gorgos which withheld information about Kaze'aze's whereabouts. She also tasked them to bring a pure tree trunk afterward to treat the young elf who drank water mixed with Kaze'aze's blood.
    • Upon defeat, the creature warned Lire of her kind being attacked, and the group realized they needed to head to Elven Forest.
  • The Elven Forest was mostly wrecked when the Grand Chase arrived.
    • They met Gerard Farenwhite, the de facto leader of the Ruby Knights. He assisted them in the Elven Forest.
  • They spotted Ryan in his Wolf form, mistaking him for a monster. After introducing himself, he asked if the Grand Chase could help him fend off the orcs and other monsters that invaded the forest which they accepted.
06 Elven Forest.jpg
  • They found out that the Troll, who was possessed by Kaze'aze's power, was causing all the chaos in the Elven Forest. After defeating the creature, Ryan thanked the group and decided to join Grand Chase to protect the forests around the world.
07 Gorge of Oath.jpg
  • The Grand Chase was crossing the Gorge of Oath to reach Kanavan when Ronan, who guarded the area, requested their names. After learning they were the Grand Chase, he asked them to meet him in Gaikoz's Castle to eliminate the specter of Gaikoz. He blessed them with holy magic and then left.
    • Afterward, they took down the aggressive Drillmons who used to be gentle creatures according to Gerard.
  • In Gerard's favor, the Grand Chase detoured and scouted the Marsh of Oblivion, a barren area where villagers who entered the place never came back.
    • Also, the marsh produced a foul scent, hindering the group's progress.
08 Marsh of Oblivion.jpg
  • They learned that a memory-eating troll named Elizabeth was responsible for the missing villagers, eventually taking down the monster.
09 Forsaken Barrows.jpg
  • Due to a request from the Kanavan kingdom, Grand Chase arrived at an eerie place called the Forsaken Barrows and learned that the undead was being raised by a Lich. The Grand Chase proceeded to push him back to his grave.
    • Sieghart went to the Forsaken Barrows in an attempt of stopping the Lich only to find out that the Grand Chase already defeated the undead wizard. Still doubting their worth, not knowing they were the Grand Chase he was looking for, he asked to follow him in Ellia as a test to them.
Lime Drama 2.png
  • In the deserts, the Grand Chase stumbled upon a collapsed Lime and was saved, much to her relief.
  • The group passed through the Forgotten City guarded by relics that were created in ancient times.
    • According to Gerard, they were able to rescue a girl who was being attacked by the ancient relics not too long ago. However, he requested the Grand Chase to find her father whom he was unable to save.
10 Forgotten City.jpg
  • Wondering about the strange machines, they came across a Paradom to get taken down after.
  • Before they came upon Gaikoz's Castle, Arme has been continuing her training as a Combat Alchemist after passing the Marsh of Oblivion.
    • She collected magical pot fragments found from the monsters during the adventure.
  • Grand Chase arrived at Gaikoz's Castle at the request of Ronan. According to Lire, it is the home of a fallen Knight who lost his lover during the Kingdom wars and met his demise when he fell into a trap.
11 Gaikoz's Castle.jpg
  • They joined Ronan in defeating Gaikoz, who was fooled and manipulated by Kaze'aze thus they failed to persuade him. After the ordeal, Ronan decided to join the Grand Chase after learning their mission to dispose of Kaze'aze, much to their delight.
    • Gerard presumably had left the group afterward.

Silver Land

12 The Whispering Woods.jpg
  • The Grand Chase had reached Silver Land and entered The Whispering Woods. The elves sensed the extremely unstable and violent energy of evil in the area. The group decided to find the Guardian Ent and learn about the current situation.
    • Along the way, they encountered Pan, a trainee of a group called the Silver Knights, who was also looking for them after sensing the same dark energy.
  • Fighting countless poisonous monsters on their way to the Guardian Ent, they found out that the guardian was already engulfed with dark powers and mistook the Grand Chase as intruders desecrating the forest.
  • After regaining his senses, the Guardian Ent told them about an "army of darkness" that descended from the "land of the gods" to wreak havoc in Silver Land. They were prepared to fend off the attack until the Ent started hearing "voices" in his head, tormenting him. The group concluded that it might not be Kaze'aze's work and that another evil entity was possibly behind the chaos.
    • After thanking Grand Chase, the Guardian Ent entered a deep sleep to restore his power and nurse the forest to health.
13 Ruins of the Silver Knights.jpg
  • Pan was devastated to see the headquarters in ruins. As he requested, the Grand Chase explored the Ruins of the Silver Knights in hopes of finding his masters.
  • They encountered Undead Fighters during the search in the castle. Elesis was about to get taken down when Jin appeared and destroyed the skeleton, introducing himself afterward as the last of the Silver Knights.
  • Out of nowhere, the Black Fairy Queen appeared and found Jin. According to him, she was the primary cause of the destruction and cannot be dealt with in ordinary attacks.
  • While gathering his Chi, the Grand Chase defended Jin from the fairy's attacks. They managed to take her down but the Black Fairy Queen was able to cast a spell that revitalizes herself. Eventually, she was defeated by Jin's powerful attack, obliterating those in the orb's way. However, the Black Fairy Queen was able to briefly endure the tremendous force and escaped.
  • After the ordeal, the Grand Chase introduced the group to Jin whom he found similar to the Silver Knights, who shared the same goal of fighting evil. After learning that the skeletons they fought were the remains of the fallen Silver Knights, the Grand Chase accepted his request to join to avenge his brethren.
14 Lake Aurora.jpg
  • To reach Ellia, Jin said that they had to board a ship and follow its route starting in Lake Aurora. However, they found out that the waters dried up and the creatures living in the mysterious lake lost their homes, regarding them as enemies. Jin speculated that Kaze'aze was the one responsible for this phenomenon.
  • Later on, they encountered Krakos but Jin deducted that the humongous crab was not responsible for the drought.
  • Before being knocked out after a battle against the Grand Chase, Krakos revealed that it was all part of the plan by someone beyond their reach.
    • The group failed to learn the name of the culprit. However, Jin had a hunch about where it might be happening.
  • Meanwhile, Amy spotted the Grand Chase but was not aware of who they were. Instead, she went on a different path as she hurried back to the one she called "Lord Samsara".
    • Amy had been searching for the fallen gods of Xenia to deliver the will of the rising people. As the Muse wandered, she came across the spirit of a Music Fairy and was handed the Kleiophone but not before completing a series of tests to prove her worth in rocking the divine weapon.
  • As Jin worried about the water dragon, they headed to King Guang's Fen encountering Swamp Spirits and Violet Pixies in the marsh. Although Jin claimed that the spirits were not easily provoked, they started attacking the Grand Chase when Arme approached to take a closer look.
  • Concluding that there was something amiss about King Guang and the unusual amount of water in the area, the group was on their way to the blue dragon when Jeeves spotted them.
    • After interrupting Jeeves, Ley asked if they met a purple-haired "weakling" to no avail. When the strange-looking people left, Arme asked if they were elves which Ryan dismissed.
15 King Guang's Fen.jpg
  • The group reached King Guang and found out that he was responsible for sucking up all the water from nearby areas. They realized that King Guang was under the influence of darkness when the dragon recognized Jin and told them to stay away. However, the Grand Chase gave him a fight, aiming for his head which was his weak spot according to Jin.
  • Upon defeat, King Guang mentioned an ominous voice that seeped into his mind and drove him insane. Gravely wounded, he must release all the water he absorbed to restore the life force in Silver Land in exchange for his own life.
    • Heartbroken, the Grand Chase left to avenge King Guang's death.
  • Heeding the late Asura's call, Jin took on the rigorous test of improving his mind and fighting skills. Upon receiving Chamma and the divine teachings, Jin became the new Asura.
17 Primeval Island.jpg
  • Without a boat to ride on, the group must pass through the Primeval Island and make their way to the south end of the continent according to Pan.
  • Once a beautiful paradise, the Grand Chase arrived when the island was already starting to corrupt. They put the hunt for Kaze'aze on hold and investigated the animosity in the area.
    • The group fought a giant weed creature called Audrey but realized she was not the cause of the corruption and that she was a victim.
  • Upon reaching King Fang's Lair, Jin was taken aback by orcs appearing in the area, claiming that King Fang would not let such creatures intrude his domain. He concluded that the infernal worm must be in danger as well.
    • They found out that Lord Tartarus, was the one leading the Bloodwind clan in King Fang's territory then proceeded to take down the strange-looking orc.
17 King Fang's Lair.jpg
  • When Grand Chase found King Fang, he accused the group of murderers of King Guang and attempted to avenge his beloved friend by slaying them.
  • After learning the truth behind King Guang's death, King Fang apologized and told Grand Chase about the messenger who told him that the group killed his friend.
    • He informed Jin that the messenger had an aura of a Silver Knight but described it as a "dark fog" instead of the bright energy it should emit.
18 Victor's Fortress.jpg
  • Nearing the end of their investigation, the Grand Chase stormed Victor's Fortress guarded by the Black Knights and met Victor. He confessed his role in the corruption of Silver Land and annihilated the Silver Knights as his stepping stone to strengthen himself, claiming how ridiculously weak and useless they were.
  • The betrayal made Jin confused and enraged, swearing to stop Victor's treachery in honor of the Silver Knights. However, Victor was able to heal himself from defeat and gained black wings upon transformation. He retreated to his castle afterward.
    • As they pursued Victor, the group felt strange energy emanating from the castle and discovered the lost Vajra.
  • Another battle ensued, however, Victor recovered yet again from the attacks. As Grand Chase started losing hope, Jin realized his weakness and took up the Vajra. Using his remaining Chi with all the strength in his heart and support from his friends, he was able to summon the powerful sphere, charging the attack against Victor which took him down for good.
    • During this event, Jin achieved enlightenment and became the Rama.
  • Desperate, Victor begged for more strength from his dark lord but the voice deemed him worthless and ended the traitor's life. Grand Chase felt the familiar dark aura which Lire claimed as something much darker than Kaze'aze herself. Eventually, they continued their journey to Ellia.
    • Pan presumably had left the group afterward.
Elizabeth Alfred.png
  • Shortly after the ruckus, Dio felt a "change" coming and prepared his butlers to leave the dimension they were sealed in, much to Alfred's concern.
  • Asin headed towards Victor's Fortress to train his powers and become a Rama only to find him and the Vajra taken.


  • Grand Chase sailed to Ellia when all of a sudden an illusion of Kaze'aze in a young boy's form appeared and sunk the entire ship deep down the Partusay's Sea. Fortunately, Arme invoked the water spirits for help which allowed them to survive and move underwater.
    • Under the sea, Eluna met the group and introduced herself. She explained how she ended up in the area by following the dark mana and told them to get out quickly before they incur the wrath of the ocean god Partusay.
20 Partusay's Sea.jpg
  • They encountered Sieghart along the way, claiming he had devised a test for their worth as he did not want to "babysit a bunch of weaklings".
  • The Grand Chase ran into Partusay himself, however, the ocean god refused to let them pass, leaving the group no other option but to fight him.
  • Barely surviving their last battle, Grand Chase arrived in an old, abandoned castle.
    • Lire and Eluna felt how dark the energy was enveloping the area thus Grand Chase investigated.
21 Kamiki's Castle.jpg
  • Kaze'aze showed himself to the group. Elesis demanded her father's whereabouts to which the boy denied then proceeded to send his minions.
  • Midway through the battle, Ryan noticed strange giant marks on the ground. According to Ronan, there were rumors about a vagabond Knight called a "Wanderer," who supposedly dragged something behind him leaving a trail.
  • After what seemed to be an endless horde, Elena's sudden appearance shocked Arme. Once known as an Elder from the Violet Mage, Elena revealed that Kaze'aze gave her an empire and serves the evil queen for both of their ambitions.
    • Arme was initially hesitant to take her down but Lire described how Elena was truly manipulated.
  • Upon return, Kaze'aze raised a defeated Elena into a Spirit of Rage known as Kamiki.
  • Kaze'aze was nowhere to be found when the battle ended. Left with questions, Lire asked Elesis and Arme about their predicaments which they dismissed.
  • Before passing through the Temple of Fire, Eluna swore to make her sister's dreams come true.
22 Temple of Fire.jpg
  • According to Lire and Eluna, the Temple of Fire was where the soldiers forged their weapons. As Ronan thought it was necessary, the group carried out their plan to shut down the factory to keep the forces of Kaze'aze from expanding.
  • To their confusion, the Grand Chase encountered a Basilisk to take down despite Elesis and Arme not being in their element.
  • During their time in the temple, Grand Chase found a black egg the size of an orc. Despite warnings from Arme, they tried knocking the shell only for a large dragon to come out and immediately thought of them as its "mama". Due to its cries, the group had to adopt the baby dragon.
  • Alarmed by the opening of Hell Bridge, Eluna insisted the group seal the pathway.
23 Hell Bridge.jpg
  • Upon reaching the site, they felt the strong magic in the air and deduced that Kaze'aze was trying to summon the ruler of Hell, Gardosen.
  • Suddenly, an ominous voice was heard and ordered the monsters from Hell to destroy Grand Chase, commencing the domination of Bermesiah.
    • As Eluna suspected, a Lich was sent along the hellish forces to keep the group from going forward, warning them about his deadly power.
  • Wondering if they were too late, Elesis and Lire assured that Gardosen had not completely materialized as they proceeded to slay undead soldiers.
  • Driven with confidence, the Grand Chase came up against Gardosen and sent him straight back to Hell.
24 Kaze'aze's Castle.jpg
  • Thrilled to seize the evil queen, the Grand Chase had breached Kaze'aze's Castle and vanquished her entire army in one go.
  • When the group found Kaze'aze, they asked about her motivations for all the misdeeds she perpetrated but the sorceress argued that humans started the war, mocking their "peace" as humanity's selfish goal and strife upon other beings.
  • Before Elesis was able to ask one more question, the defeated Kaze'aze left the human's body due to its limitations and manifested her "true" form, transporting the group into a black space unsettled by her absolute power.
  • Despite her intimidating presence, Kaze'aze was ultimately defeated by Grand Chase and was perplexed about their strength despite being mere humans.
  • Grasping the chance, Elesis demanded the whereabouts of Elscud. As the monster realized that she was the daughter of Elscud, Kaze'aze then claimed that he was pulled into another dimension through a rip and was likely screaming as they spoke.
  • Before decaying, Kaze'aze warned them of her return and that it pleased her to see Elesis troubled about her father.
    • Initially upset, Elesis perked up and fathomed all the challenges she faced just to find his father.
  • According to Lire, her Elders said that the people lost in the rip could still come back to their dimensions.
  • After the ordeal, they remembered the child that Kaze'aze possessed to use as her vessel. As he woke up, the group introduced themselves and invited him to join them on their way to fight an even greater evil.
    • The boy named Lass joined the Grand Chase in hopes of undoing the heinous acts he had committed.
  • At some point, Grand Chase had reunited with the Knight Master. Speaking to Lass, she did not judge him by his past and gave him a chance to start over by protecting the people of Bermesiah from monsters.
  • Eluna expressed her gratitude towards the Grand Chase for helping her avenge Elena's death and that she became a bit braver after traveling with them.
  • Seeking a village, Elesis said that the underground passageway would be faster to reach Ellia's border.
25 Kastulle Ruins Bottom Floor.jpg
  • According to Ronan's map, they entered an area where Kastulle was said to erect. Arme shared that Kastulle was a prosperous civilization in the ancient Magic Era which became a legend because it was not properly recorded.
  • During their quick tour, Jin brought up the very little relation between Kaze'aze and the unknown force that controlled Victor.
    • Ryan claimed that it was much greater in comparison and that possessing King Guang required immense powers as stated by Jin.
  • Arme drew their attention to the Skeleton Knights which Eluna presumed as proof of Kastulle's existence.
    • Eluna urged attacking the monsters from behind to not destroy anything as she was collecting blueprints and pieces of special technology.
  • Seeing the colossal Fire Golem, Eluna claimed that it was charged with a lot of magical energy and that taking its core would be strong evidence.
  • After what seemingly hard battles took place, Ronan was certain that the ruins belonged to Kastulle then knocked down the mythical Cyclops guarding the place.
  • Barely getting out of the underground, Lass suggested taking weapons lying around which Arme believed as legendary and infused with immense magic.
    • Declaring himself as an expert explorer, Lass led the search for some usable gears.
  • Skeletons were provoked when the group took their items. They were able to lose them for a moment but hordes came and must be exterminated once and for all.
    • Along the way, Eluna asked to salvage more of the Paraminimy to add as proofs of the ancient Kastulle civilization.
  • Meanwhile, Mari had woken up somewhere within the Kastulle Ruins but with her memories erased.
26 Kastulle Ruins Upper Floor.jpg
  • On the way to the surface, Grand Chase heard a faint voice calling out for help. It mentioned the greater evil from the land of the gods who would endanger the continents. Not wasting any time, the group proceeded in leaving Ellia to return to Bermesiah.
  • To their bewilderment, they ran into the Orc Lord again as he claimed to be reborn a servant of the "great one". Lire noticed a familiar dark aura and warned the group to take precautions.
  • At some point, Lass met the Silver Cross Thieves' leader after they presumably entered the town. Deemed worthy as his successor, Lass must undergo a special mission and save Bermesiah from the invasion.
  • They arrived at Bermesiah under siege and encountered the Black Fairy Queen in the Gorge of Oath who swore to have her sweet revenge on Jin.
    • Eluna caught herself mesmerized by a fairy's presence as she thought their kind was beautiful.
27 Boss Battle for Bermesiah.jpg
  • Grand Chase met Dark Anmon waiting near Serdin then the Battle for Bermesiah began.
    • According to Ryan, Dark Anmon was once a Nephilim who gave into corruption and became an extremely powerful demon.
  • Ultimately defeated for underestimating them, Dark Anmon warned them that fear and desperation awaited in the land of the gods.
    • Ryan was saddened to witness a guardian of the forest fall to misery but Dark Anmon did not want his pity.
NewDark Anmon.png
  • Lire wondered about the mysterious voice and how it tied to the land of the gods, Xenia.
    • Eluna presumably had left the group afterward.
  • The elders of Eryuell Island discovered ancient weapon schematics in the Kastulle Ruins and incorporated what they learned in the Ancient Elven Vellum to develop a new, more powerful weapon, the Composite Bow.
  • At some point, Serre asked Arme to go against the spirits and gain more skills in wielding a War Staff and control her magic power.
    • In her final test, Arme must collect the materials for crafting a War Staff.
  • A mysterious guardian of chaos was summoned by House Erudon to deliver a forbidden magical weapon to Ronan.
    • This weapon was the cursed blade Tyrfing and could only be held by special gloves that nullified its curse.
  • For her work against the evils of Kaze'aze and Dark Anmon, Elesis had been honored with the title of Savior by the Royal Knight Master.
  • For her work against the evils of Kaze'aze and Dark Anmon, the Elders rewarded Lire with the Composite Bow and acknowledged her as the very first Nova of Eryuell Island.
  • For her work against the evils of Kaze'aze and Dark Anmon, Arme had been honored with the title of Battle Mage by the Violet Mage guild.
  • For his work against the evils of Dark Anmon and passing his test, Lass received the Silver Cross Thieves leader's sword, Nodachi.
  • For his work in eradicating evil in Bermesiah, Ryan was selected by Magnus Dan as his successor and had been honored with the title of Vanquisher by Prophetess Sybil.
    • Dan bestowed the weapon Storm Blades and gave Ryan the ability to transform into his very image.
  • For his work in the war against Kaze'aze, Ronan had received the highest praise and glory. He attained the rank of an Abyss Knight, the strongest of the Spell Knights.


(NOTE: Originally in the dungeons' dialogues, Vanessa met Grand Chase in the Temple of Cuatal and was forbidden to enter other territories of the gods. When she became a Quest NPC, however, Vanessa had already joined them in the Xenia Border and that she could somehow pass beyond Valstrath despite the limitations.)

  • At some point before embarking on a new journey through Xenia, Amy was recognized by Sister Maggie who proposed to install her as the next Starlet.
    • Amy received the Chu-Chu Bag, a weapon containing many different things with the power to destroy evil and rescue the gods.
비공정 B.png
  • Grand Chase journeyed to the land of the gods via an airship.
  • Upon landing, Vanessa welcomed the Grand Chase in Xenia telling them to find the gatekeepers and get their blessings to have access to the continent.
  • Sieghart spotted the group once again but sent them away due to the dangers of the continent. Elesis responded by presenting themselves as the Grand Chase.
    • The only Ruby Knight addressed solely by his surname, Arme recognized Sieghart as the legendary Gladiator much to his pleasure.
  • Sieghart went off for the interior of Xenia as he expected them to catch up, especially Elesis.
    • Elesis was utterly confused as to how Sieghart was still alive for several hundred years.
  • The group received hostility from the Natives who once treated visitors with hospitality.
    • Vanessa warned them that the Spearmen utilized poison and their leaders had mastered the arts of petrification.
  • On their way, they met one of the gatekeepers, Lenasien. The guardian proceeded to introduce himself and gave an overview of Xenia and the gods. He claimed that a "virtuous man" requested their help as unusual events continued to arise on the continent.
    • A short while after, Lenasien left the group and went back to his post.
  • Despite the difficulty, Vanessa insisted on not killing the Natives as they were only victims themselves but ordered the Grand Chase to treat them as a serious threat immediately afterward as if contradicting herself.
  • Vanessa was horrified as the Grand Chase started hurting the Natives. They told her that she commenced the attack, realizing the darkness had already affected her.
    • As an apology, Vanessa pleaded to spare some potions so that she could heal the defeated Natives.
28 Xenia Border.jpg
  • Going further into the Red Forest, the elves sensed something amiss and sought Lenasien for help only to find him already taken over by the sinister energy. Arme tried to cast a healing spell but almost got hurt when Lenasien transformed into the Guardian of the Wind.
  • After Lenasien's defeat, the Grand Chase came over to check on him when a voice of darkness commanded him to annihilate the group.
  • Finally freed from the spell controlling him, Lenasien blessed them and admitted that he knew little about matters in the heart of Xenia. When asked if the virtuous man was unaffected, he regrettably imparted that a dark fate has befallen the temple.
  • Crossing through the Violet Forest, the Grand Chase encountered the second gatekeeper Octus only for him to forbid the group from going further despite their reasons. Ignoring his warnings, they followed the gatekeeper.
  • When they found Octus, he transformed into the Guardian of the Forest and threatened to end the lives of the "intruders".
    • Like Lenasien, the same malevolent voice influenced a defeated Octus to spark a bloodbath.
29 Xenia Border.jpg
  • After coming to his senses, Octus asked forgiveness and claimed that something took over his mind. Entrusted by the virtuous man, Octus guided the Grand Chase to the Temple of Cuatal.
  • When they reached the temple, the voice who had been communicating with them since the Kastulle Ruins had finally revealed himself as the God of Cycles Samsara and Vanessa formally introduced themselves as his guardian.
  • Samsara stated that he had sealed himself on the topmost floor and that his fanatics whose faith had been changed into blasphemy were already corrupted by outside influences, attempting to break the seal. Vanessa then prompted to suppress them as they did with the Natives.
    • Due to how vague the situation was, Lass, warned the group about the possibility of it being a trap.
  • On the way, they saw a girl tripping in her tracks. When asked for her name, she refrained from having a "chit chat" and just blessed them with her Dance Fever before running off.
  • Still captivated by her beauty, Jin recognized Amy very well and remarked that he met her back when Silver Land was still a peaceful place.
  • As the malevolent energy got stronger the higher they ascended, Vanessa eventually succumbed to darkness and threatened to punish Grand Chase for disrespecting the will of her God by performing a "sacred ritual".
  • Despite explaining the circumstances, the group was deemed unworthy of His time and leaving them with no other choice but to disable Vanessa.
    • By the time she was defeated, Vanessa unleashed her true power and became much more aggressive as a Wolf.
  • Ultimately, Vanessa regained her senses and said that even with the help of a certain lone warrior, their efforts combined did not seem to bear the evil in any way.
30 Temple of Cuatal.jpg
  • Overwhelmed by his presence, a gigantic being loomed over them as they reached the top floor. With the malevolent energy around almost palpable, they feared that it might be too late for the God of Cycles however Vanessa believed that she could still feel the Holy Power of the Lord.
  • When freed from the bonds of evil, Samsara revealed that the Ascendant God Thanatos was responsible for disrupting the balance the six gods were supposed to protect.
    • Because the Temple of Cuatal was located on the outer edges of Xenia making Samsara withstood the evil magic, he was able to call out the Grand Chase from the outside world.
  • Alarmed by the enslavement of all the gods, the group doubted their strength against Thanatos. Fortunately, Samsara knew the solution to destroy the Ascendant God by collecting each Deity Orb that housed the power of the six gods.
  • Amy who was not able to fight alongside the Grand Chase returned with the Orb of Cycles after protecting it. Impressed, they were pleased when Amy offered to join their group.
  • With everything settled, Samsara told the group to seek the God of Fire and Brimstone Starkiln in The Wyrm's Maw and acquire his Orb of Hell Fire.
  • Passing through the strange valley of Valstrath, Vanessa was perplexed about how it was possible to control all beings in Xenia without Samsara's divine authority.
31 Valstrath.jpg
  • Out of nowhere, Sieghart appeared and warned the group about going near the surrounding blue stones as these sucked out their Mana.
  • Still riled about the man carrying her family name, Elesis insisted to stop calling himself a "Sieghart". However, she was left astounded when he demonstrated sword skills that of the legendary Gladiator.
  • Upset by the mention of Elscud, Elesis demanded he answered about her father. Lass went to attack him but to his surprise, Sieghart had agility beyond that of human capabilities.
  • Elesis engaged briefly with Sieghart until he left afterward. Jin then urged the group to follow the warrior.
  • According to Vanessa, the Assassins they had fought along the way worshiped greed and darkness and refused to see the light of the gods in Xenia.
  • Once a rumor heard by Vanessa had now been proven when they encountered a species of vile demons called Naga inhabiting the malevolent canyon.
  • While concerned for Elesis seemingly worn out after the revelations, a major threat appeared upon the group. He introduced himself as the guardian of Thanatos, Ashtaroth.
  • Ashtaroth's presence confused Vanessa as it should not be possible for him to go this far beyond the Fortress of Ascension. Ronan warned them of his immense power comparable with that of the gods' as claimed by Vanessa.
  • Sent by his master to pass judgment in his stead, Ashtaroth launched an attack on the Grand Chase. Halfway, the group found themselves struggling from the massive outpour of meteors caused by his magic.
    • Vanessa ordered them to stay close then she cast Soul Effect protecting them from the attacks.
  • Ashtaroth left for a while when failing. When met the second time, he questioned their faith in the Grand Chase and argued that they were no match to the Ascendant God.
  • Vanessa believed that with their combined strength there was nothing they could not overcome. However, Ashtaroth belittled the Grand Chase by likening them to an army of ants fighting against a dragon.
  • His claims were then refuted when Vanessa told Ashtaroth that he was out here trying to kill them when he should be guarding his territory. Irritated by her interference, Ashtaroth summoned a fearsome dragon called Mynos.
  • A tough battle ensued which ended in victory from the Grand Chase. Ashtaroth caught himself impressed and admitted that he was as exhausted so he must withdraw. However, he insisted that they were hopeless without Vanessa.
    • Ashtaroth also expressed his dismay to her for siding with them and that she was somehow more difficult to handle than the God of Cycles himself. Despite his attitude, Vanessa reassured them that Ashtaroth was just being cautious.
  • When invited to come along, Vanessa revealed that entering the realms of the other gods was forbidden. Thankful for her assistance throughout, the group bid their farewell.
  • Later on, Vanessa would realize she could enter a different territory and that something must have happened to the God of Flames for it to occur.
    • Thanks to a map they found in Valstrath, the Grand Chase reached the Wyrm's Maw and proceeded to investigate.
  • Sieghart showed himself again to the group. As Elesis calmed down, Sieghart revealed that he saw Elscud in a battle and was sucked into a dimension rip before he was able to help.
  • When Elesis seemed shattered, Sieghart claimed that there was still a way to find Elscud knowing that the world was changing. Then Sieghart joined the Grand Chase.
    • Comforted by her friends, Elesis thanked the group and was nearly in tears albeit in denial.
32 The Wyrm's Maw.jpg
  • As the ground trembled, Vanessa was urged to hurry to the top of the mountains before the lava covered the entire area.
    • Despite passing beyond the boundary, she felt hoarse and had to chug all the potions sheepishly.
  • On their way, a vagabond Knight noticed Soluna to which he desired and attacked them in a rather familiar skill that shocked the Siegharts. He left abruptly after sensing someone else.
  • Hearing his roar, Vanessa introduced herself to Starkiln to no avail even when the Grand Chase offered help. As the Lord was already under evil magic, they had to take him down.
  • The God of Flames explained the situation after His defeat. Insulted by what happened, Starkiln lost control of power to burn the soul of sinners He sealed and became weak upon absorbing them.
  • Despite wanting to confront the Ascendant God, Lord Starkiln could not leave and so imparting Grand Chase the Orb of Hell-Fire.
  • After acquiring two orbs, Vanessa led the group in the Altar of Judgment to visit Yamini, the Goddess of Judgment.
33 Altar of Judgment.jpg
  • The group encountered Icefangs that were taken care of by the Goddess. Vanessa asked to spare the lives of these beasts.
    • Still ashamed of consuming potions, Vanessa expressed regret and managed to gather some more for the group which they must only use when necessary.
  • In the cold habitat, Arme found her own feet frozen to the ground as Sieghart advised her to keep moving. In a panic, Arme cast Firebolt repeatedly.
  • The guardian Aron blocked their path, sending outsiders away by great Yamini's decree. Affected by a malevolent spirit, the Grand Chase helped him come to his senses.
  • Almost at the altar, a snowstorm headed their way. They took advantage of low visibility to incapacitate the monsters.
  • Already placed under the Ascendant God's influence, Yamini was conducting a ritual to freeze the entire continent when the Grand Chase came to her aid.
    • Sieghart warned the group to watch out on the Scales of the Goddess as it tilted to each side.
  • After breaking the spell, Yamini apologized and blessed them with the Orb of Judgment, aware of their purpose.
  • In search of Lord Perseo, the Grand Chase stumbled into an area with a bearable temperature although Elesis noticed how unusually dry it was.
    • Vanessa alerted them to stay focused and learn how nearby creatures react or else they may not be able to face the God of Destruction.
34 Temple of Destruction.jpg
  • As Arme felt the faint power from the mountains, Amy told them that the place used to be the gravesite of Ancient Giants much to Elesis' disbelief. Due to her ignorance, Sieghart mocked her by pointing at himself.
  • Meanwhile, the arid climate made Vanessa thirsty and once again ask for some potions.
  • Nearing the Temple of Destruction, they were in awe after seeing an Ancient Giant for the first time. Along the way, the Grand Chase met and was impressed with Mari who had just slain every foe in the vicinity.
  • When Mari heard Elesis refer to Sieghart as "immortal", the girl attacked him all of a sudden.
  • As Sieghart found her familiar, he invited Mari to tag along with the group.
  • Blocked by the Ancient Giant, they learned that Perseo had brought the thing of legend back from the dead and claimed that there were much bigger when Arme asked the creature.
    • Elesis became impatient and tried to rush through causing a battle.
35 Temple of Destruction.jpg
  • After taking care of the self-destructing machines at the entrance, the Grand Chase confronted Perseo who challenged them to their fullest as he had faith in their strength.
  • When freed from the malevolent force, Perseo offered the Orb of Destruction and expressed his concern for Lady Gaia who merged with Rukkha in an attempt of ensuring her safety from the Ascendant God.
  • A moment before they set off, Lime had officially joined the Grand Chase on behalf of the Holy Knights and was rather fervid about introducing herself as she went into tangents with her speech, joining the girls' tomfoolery afterward when she realized she was being ignored.
  • Sent by Lord Perseo, the group entered the Forest of Life who had changed so terribly and the heart of the forest had been overrun with monsters.
    • Vanessa warned Grand Chase to avoid any harm as creatures within would drain them over time by poisoning or making them bleed out.
36 Forest of Life.jpg
  • Vanessa led them to a shortcut with stronger creatures to save time. They also encountered the mechanical monsters from the Temple of Destruction which she thought might have been left by someone related to Ashtaroth.
    • Due to the loud explosions, more monsters were gathering against the Grand Chase and so Vanessa had ordered to suppress them quickly.
  • They came to a halt when Dark Storm and Furious Storm blocked their path, claiming that they were violent and as such not welcome.
  • Despite Ryan presenting himself as a Druid, the guardians did not let them pass and fought the Grand Chase.
    • Vanessa suggested taking them out in tandem or else they would use their magic to revive each other constantly.
  • The elves were upset to see Lord Rukkha who had absorbed the malevolent energy and transformed into a monster, feeding Gaia's power that in turn destroyed the forest.
  • Hacking down the evil off her, the Goddess of Life thanked the group for she would have become forever fused with Rukkha as one twisted entity if they had arrived even a moment later.
  • When asked what Perseo meant to her, Gaia became flustered and then shifted the attention to the Fortress of Ascension where Thanatos resided.
    • After receiving the Orb of Life, Mari overheard the deity orbs which triggered some memories about the Soul Stone and Kounat.
37 Boss Fortress of Ascension.jpg
  • The Grand Chase ascended Thanatos' lair and were met with legendary demons to which they battled using the divine orbs from the gods.
  • Vanessa was caught off guard when the statues came to life then they faced the head of Goddess Hera which the Ascendant God managed to possess.
  • Along the way, the group encountered a young girl named Iblis who was once an Oracle according to Vanessa.
    • As they noticed the creature attached to her back, Vanessa felt that the temple maiden was being possessed by strong, malevolent energy and must be defeated.
  • After coming to her senses, Iblis told them that the once gentle god betrayed her and was put under His spell. Then she requested to not destroy the Ascendant God if He were to transform back into his former self.
  • On their way to face Thanatos, Sieghart noticed how visibly upset Lime was and learned that she felt the group was leaving her behind. He reassured Lime that the others were simply getting used to her abilities and that no one else truly understood what it was like to play a support role.
    • Furious that Sieghart also thought she was not good at offense, Lime was determined to show everyone her true power as the Saint, much to his delight.
46 Thanatos.jpg
  • On the top floor of the fortress, they found Thanatos who appeared to be harmless. However, Ronan felt incredibly evil energy and reminded the group to not fall for it.
  • The Ascendant God was impressed with how the Grand Chase made it so far and then toyed with them. During the epic battle, Thanatos changed into different forms but eventually ended in His defeat.
  • Out of nowhere, Ashtaroth took the Orb of Ascendancy and obliterated Thanatos.
  • Before he escaped, Sieghart was able to stop Ashtaroth, calling the man "Baldinar", and introduced himself as a Highlander much to his shock. It startled him further when he recognized Mari who just lost consciousness after the revelations.
  • Clueless about the situation, Ronan asked for an explanation with Sieghart telling the group to look for answers in the land of neverending warfare, Archimedia.
    • Vanessa presumably had left the group afterward.



(NOTE: In Deserted Town's dialogues, the Grand Chase seemed to already know Barakhufu's name. However, Osiris somehow only realized his identity at the end of Seth's Pyramid.)

  • Originally headed to Archimedia, the Grand Chase somehow found themselves in a Goblin Work Site. There, a man named Osiris who was displeased by his outfit for some reason caught their attention and asked to help him escape.
  • Up ahead were a pair of goblins who noticed the group. Osiris said that those were the lowest class of goblins working as slaves and mentioned how he used to like beating them up too.
  • Fully engrossed in ordering them around, Osiris received glaring looks from the Grand Chase when an alarm that he overlooked set off, alerting more goblins. He denied being at fault and told them to direct their anger to the goblins instead.
38 Goblin Work Site.jpg
  • As Brutus caught them walking about into his site, Elesis talked back mockingly, angering the overseer. Osiris said to take his keys so that they could escape faster but they found out shortly that he did not carry them that day and so the man just told them to take the front while he watched at the back.
    • Osiris noticed the potions the Grand Chase kept drinking during the battle and recalled how his people would wash their wounds with the enemy's blood which visibly disturbed the group.
  • The master of the Goblin Work Site Sethek showed up, telling the "visitors" they would make perfect sacrifices for the new temple. Osiris informed them of his annoying defensive spell that made any attack heal him instead. However, Lire believed the slave driver would not be able to maintain it the entire time and they should find a weak spot soon enough.
  • After defeating Sethek, they saw a goblin named Barakhufu in a cage who promised to tell them the secrets of immortality if they free him. Afterward, he told them about the Crown of Sands which was supposed to grant immortality, and youth, and had necromancy powers.
  • When asked about where it could be found, Barakhufu claimed to not know as its fragments were hidden all over Alcubra and eventually walked away with them feeling like fools. Moments after they left, the old goblin returned with a sinister smile on his face.
39 Underpass of Lost Hope.jpg
  • Ronan thought it seemed to be their best way to get to their next destination thus he led the Grand Chase to a damp, reeking and sticky underground tunnel swarmed with creepy bugs much to their disgust.
    • Of course, Osiris was the one repulsed the most and yelled at the group to not slack in clearing the bugs so that he could get out of there as soon as possible. As the monsters kept coming, the man suggested they take a detour if they were too afraid.
  • The group encountered a Scorpis along the way with Osiris wanting to tame and ride it before he realized they did not have time so they went ahead to defeat it.
    • Because the man kept bossing them around, the Grand Chase thought of unlocking his handcuffs but Osiris insisted they continue fighting instead.
  • They stumbled upon a giant nest and realized Aranya was why there were so many bugs around. Ryan tried to explain that they just wanted to quietly pass through the underpass but the Ant Queen was adamant they came for her eggs, adding that they also had to pay a toll. Osiris then told them to take her out so the place would stop reeking.
40 Kungji Village.jpg
  • The Grand Chase felt very rewarded when they arrived in the Kungji Village where fluffy beasts welcomed them with warmth. However, it was cut short when they were suspected of stealing the village treasure.
  • Ryan suggested they seek out the Elder Kungji but Osiris did not want to meet up to resolve the situation. At that point, the group was so done with him that and felt like abandoning the man before he changed his mind.
    • They kept asking around the town but no one seemed to know where the Elder Kungji was which Osiris found weird.
  • Osiris saw the Guardian Kungji and thought he knew where to search the Elder Kungji but the guardian declared himself as the hand of justice in the village and attacked them.
    • While he thought the Guardian Kungji was formidable with his big sword, Osiris deduced the beast was not smart enough and left it to the group to whack him.
  • The Grand Chase finally found the enraged Elder Kungji. They attempted to offer help in finding the treasure but he was just not listening therefore they proceeded to calm him down.
  • When Elder Kungji was ready to hear them, Ronan informed him that someone was trying to frame the group. They learned that the Kungji Kungji Tribe would not survive without the treasure and must be returned.
41 Sands of Illusion.jpg
  • The thief's tracks from Kungji Village led the Grand Chase to the Sands of Illusion. Lire and Ronan urged the group to practice caution but Elesis who was oddly enraptured by the desert was certain that they could catch the thief in no time.
    • Osiris spotted the same old goblin from the work site, urging the group to not lose track of him or something terrible might happen.
  • Osiris said that the desert was home to so many monsters such as those from the Underpass of Lost Hope therefore they had to watch out.
  • Osiris felt the treasure's energy seemingly coming from the eastern direction and followed it. To his dismay, they encountered a Giant Frillzard along the way but Arme found its frills amusing, and more monsters showed up afterward.
  • The Sand Ruler appeared where Osiris felt the energy was emanating from. After they defeated the giant bug, it dropped an object that was giving off immense power. Ronan theorized that the treasure might be a piece of the Crown of Sands Barakhufu had told them about. Then Osiris remembered his duty to protect it and encouraged them to keep going.
42 Deserted Town.jpg
  • After a long journey, the Grand Chase decided to settle in a rather creepy town. A villager provided them with a place to stay for the night. However, Lire recognized Kungji's staff and figured the place was a bandit hideout.
    • Osiris informed them that those bandits would use the venom from monsters and turn them into deadly poisons for their weapons, advising the group to dodge their attacks if they planned to get out alive.
  • Albeit restless, the group continued breaking through their forces, and around them were bunkers with weapons attached, utilizing them as more bandits poured in.
  • Amidst the battle, Arme thought he saw a little boy on the giant scorpion but this angered him, knocking them up and introducing himself as the great Khufu.
  • Elesis demanded Khufu the Kungji Village's treasure but the leader claimed the bandits had stolen too many things to even remember and kept insulting the group as "camels". Osiris thought the pipsqueak was so cocky and annoying but he quickly realized they saw him in the same light which offended him.
    • Instead of arguing further, Osiris just told the group to focus or they would not be able to catch up with Barakhufu.
  • As Elesis repeatedly punched him, Khufu eventually admitted to stealing Kungji's treasure. However, he claimed that it was then stolen from them by a "guy" wearing a hood whom he believed was among the hooded guardians of Ra Canyon notorious for not letting anyone reach the tomb of a well-known god in Alcubra that was Seth.
  • Despite Khufu's spiteful warnings, the Grand Chase proceeded onwards in their journey to fulfill their promise to the Kungji.
43 La Canyon.jpg
  • Upon arriving at the grand canyon, they were immediately attacked by the hooded lizards. Despite being put in danger, Osiris dismissed the monsters to be weak but as they started to pose more threat, he concluded they were toughened a bit by the desolate area.
  • Deeper in the canyon, Osiris felt like something was dropped from the sky and there they saw the enemies flying with their Heliglyphs and due to the sandstorm, Lire could not get them with her arrows.
    • The mages were so fascinated by the machinery that Mari went ahead to mount it on herself despite Elesis' protest and thus everyone followed suit.
  • A few more ambush attempts took place but the Grand Chase managed to pull through the hellish canyon, and waiting at the end was Carte who, like his minions, said he would punish the invaders.
    • Mari recklessly initiated the assault by dropping bombs from her Heliglyph, stressing Elesis further.
  • After a grueling battle, the commander who was about to faint pointed them to Seth's Pyramid for Kungji's treasure. The group prepared before they set off.
  • Osiris was by then certain that his purpose in coming along was to protect the Crown of Sands from misuse, which Barakhufu had his eye on, and that he could feel its power getting stronger the closer they got to Seth's Pyramid.
44 Boss Seth's Pyramid.jpg
  • Within the tomb, the group felt they were just walking in circles and Ryan thought half the day had gone by. Sieghart confirmed they had found the right way as Seth's Amazone made an appearance.
  • Seth's Demonic Mage was to retrieve the Treasure of Osyris when the mummy witnessed the humans, surprised to see a Highlander among them whom the mummy never thought still existed. Attempts were made to entice them, but the group did not care at all which made the Warlock furious.
  • Osiris thought he had driven all the Warlocks out when he was the "ruler" and there he finally remembered how Seth and the Warlocks performed a ritual trying to kill him and took his kingdom. He who had understood the past requested the Grand Chase to annihilate their enemies.
  • An advanced spell crystal had been set up by Seth's Demonic Mage. The warlock claimed it was no ordinary Balefire and said it would get "emotional" if they did not light it sooner, implying it was alive.
  • Osiris was in disbelief after learning that the Warlocks had also brought back Anubis but he was confident that his soldiers, the Grand Chase, would not be beaten, commanding them to hop on the familiar machine they found prior.
  • Destroying the last of Seth's Royal Guards, they continued their search when they luckily came across another piece of the Crown, hopeful that the Treasure of Kungji Village should be around as well. Out of nowhere, Barakhufu took all of the pieces from their possession and was the hooded thief all along, much to their confusion.
  • Barakhufu remarked on how the piece of the Crown the Kungji started worshipping would have been lost forever if not for Khufu stealing it from them. Afterward, the old goblin deployed the power of Horus through the Crown of Sands and became the Immortal Barakhufu.
  • Osiris had then revealed that Horus was his late son who hid the Crown of Sands to protect it from evil like the old goblin. He who wished to honor the will of Horus pleaded sincerely to the Grand Chase in helping him slay Barakhufu and destroy the Crown of Sands once and for all.
  • Although everything was resolved in the end, Lire was gutted that they failed to recover the treasure for the Kungjis and Elesis grumbled about how nothing was gained from their long, tiring journey in Alcubra.
    • Osiris presumably had left the group afterward.

île de Frost


(NOTE: In Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser, it was indicated that Edel had already joined the Grand Chase by the time they met Harpe in Archimedia, hence the placement in the timeline.)

  • Following a sense of foreboding that accompanied the strange pain in her right eye, Edel decided to return to île de Frost.
  • Upon her arrival, Edel noticed something was amiss and that the guards did not seem to recognize her. She immediately considered seeking Adel.
    • When they raised arms against her, Edel was forced to knock them unconscious.
55 Cursed Garden.jpg
  • As expected, Edel found Vasker Bill to be in the same state as others in the Cursed Garden who turned prior and failed to speak with him.
  • After quickly defeating the Gatekeeper, Edel decided to enter the mansion through the sealed Contaminated Basement below, where there would be no guards present.
56 Contaminated Basement.jpg
  • Following the path, Edel was attacked by the imprisoned criminals who sinned against the Frost family. She thought the prisoners had turned much like the guards up above.
  • Noticing the strange shadows behind the prisoners, it eventually dawned on Edel that the weird presence the Arachnia exuded was that of a demon.
  • When she noticed the strange shadows behind the prisoners, Edel soon realized that the unusual presence the Arachnia emanated was that of a demon.
  • After taking down against the vicious head of the prisoners Tarik who was on death row, Edel sought for Schumacher whom she believed was strong enough to resist.
57 Spectral Corridor.jpg
  • Remembering a passage that led inside the mansion, Edel made her way into the Spectral Corridor where even the staff sergeants and sorcerers around had turned, much to her dismay.
  • Despite the guards' persistent swarming at her, Edel managed to reach Schumacher, only to see the Guard Captain besieged by demons.
  • Before the poison took hold of him, Edel was warned by Schumacher that his brother was in danger and that Dreyfus had summoned the demons.
  • Edel was able to lift the curse from the Guard Captain who afterward reassured her that he was well enough to fend them off, insisting that the lady pursue Dreyfus right away to save Master Adel.
58 Traitor's Art Room.jpg
  • Edel left Schumacher and went in search of Dreyfus, still in disbelief that a mere crazed artist was behind such an evil scheme.
    • Dreyfus also turning the maids and other helpless servants around her only fueled the lady's rage.
  • In the Traitor's Art Room awaited Dreyfus de Villepin who told Edel that he had not betrayed the family and he had only come to the mansion to help Adel realize his true role as the key to the demon realm by using the master's ability to open pathways to other dimensions.
  • Learning that Adel supposedly was trapped in the dimensional gate and that his safety could not be guaranteed once the gate closed, an enraged Edel engaged in a fierce fight with Dreyfus which ended with the traitor retreating into an empty portrait and vanished.
59 Dark Library.jpg
  • More demons chased Edel as she moved toward the Dark Library in the inner mansion, hoping that Von Bacchantes was safe.
  • Deep inside the mansion, the Count suddenly appeared and attacked Edel, but not before directing her to the chamber where her brother was.
  • Saddened that the one who cared for both her and Adel had begged to be knocked out, Edel rushed to his brother's quarters where Arachne's Nest laid, fearing that he had also turned into a demon.
60 Boss Arachne's Nest.jpg
  • After what seemed to be an endless swarm of arachnids in her way, Edel finally reached the dimensional gate and met the Countess Arachne who came through the gate with her hatchlings.
  • Edel's strength astounded the head demon, who was ultimately defeated as a result. Arachne attempted to deceive the lady as she was about to be slain by saying she would get Adel back from the gate, but was unsuccessful in catching Edel off guard and thus was vanquished.
16 Primeval Island.jpg
  • Since the gate had vanished with the Countess' death, Edel thought back to what Dreyfus had said that her brother had been sent elsewhere. She returned and seek assistance from the kingdom to better understand the crisis.
    • Once she arrived back in Serdin and shared her victory over one of the old demonic tribes that had managed to return to Aernas, Edel was promoted to Major.
  • Determined to find out answers to where her brother was, Edel went to the Violet Mage Guild where Serre informed her about the wicked Baldinar who was the catalyst for the weakening of barriers between dimensions.
  • Edel also learned from the Grand Mage that his granddaughter Arme had been traveling with the Grand Chase as they seal portals leading to Elyos and embarked on a journey in search of the group.



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48 Thunder Hammer.jpg

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47 Thunder Hammer.jpg

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00 Nightmare Circus.png

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Twelve Disciples

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01 Sanctum of Destruction.jpg

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02 The Crucible.jpg

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Dimension of Trivia

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62 Ancient Golem Ruins.jpg

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63 Shadow Forest.jpg

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64 Lacerta Hunting Ground.jpg

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65 Land of Despair.png

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66 Dimension's End.jpg

Tower of Disappearance

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10 Dimension's Door.jpg

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Berkas's Lair BG.png

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05 Berkes's Lair.jpg

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06 Moonlight Village 2.jpg

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Alternate Reality

  • Dio was not sent to Aernas and thus remained in Elyos to develop his powers. He became even more demonic in appearance and would join Duel and the other demons on his invasion into Aernas.
  • Ley was born healthy and did not have Edna's soul. Naturally, she followed the magic career of her family and became a witch, spending more time reading books on magic and having to wear glasses as a result.
  • Mari was born the reincarnation of Agnesia instead of Rin. Because of her amnesia, she had been easily manipulated and followed the path of Twilight.


  • Oddly enough, Eluna only started mentioning her sister in the Temple of Fire and did not react whatsoever during the events that took place in Kamiki's Castle.
  • As mentioned, the gods of Xenia originally were native guardians who took pieces of the Soul Stone and became deities. In the dungeon's dialogues, however, the gods supposedly have ruled the land before humans came into existence according to Lenasien.
  • In Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser, it was revealed in Rufus' Likability that he had lost his prosthetic arm when he fought Berkas once again during the events that took place in Berkas' Lair.