For the Hero Growth function in Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser, see Transcendence (system).
Transcendence Sword

Transcendence as an accessory.

Transcendence (also known as Crescent) is one of three legendary Demon weapons and wielded by Duel Pone Zec. In the game, it is an upper armor accessory obtained by defeating Duel in Thunder Hammer in Champion Mode. Because Transcendence is an Epic-type item, it is extremely hard to acquire.

The demon sword is known to have a counterpart called Eclipse. Players may use Eclipse to forge Eclipse and Transcendence.


"Forge relic items with the powers of spell sword, Transcendence!"


  • Level: 70
  • Attack: 201
  • Defense: 201
  • Vitality: 0


  • Although it is never actually seen being used, Grandark claims that it is an extremely powerful weapon.
  • Unlike Grandark and Eclipse, it is unknown if Transcendence possesses a humanoid form or even sentient like Deus Ex Machina.
  • In Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser, the magitech weapons from Kounat resemble Transcendence.
    • Oddly enough, Duel has not been seen carrying around Transcendence in the game.



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