Treasure open
At the end of each successful dungeon run, players are
S Treasure
able to
S treasure open
open one of four treasure chests. You can either click a chest to select it, or press the corresponding keyboard key to choose a chest (I.E., pressing the 1 key will select the chest labeled 1), and you are given five seconds to make your selection.

If a player does not choose within the five seconds, the game will automatically give you the first chest, starting from the left and ending at the right.

Chests can contain: Large amount of GP, small amount of GP, rare or epic gear, dust, fragment, or refined ruby/sapphire/topaz, precious pearls from the boss of the dungeon, or nothing.

In Kounat's Collapse and Hero Dungeons, an instant reward pops up instead of treasure chests.

In Zeruel Border and Zeruel, chest can contain Gems among with the usual items.

After a Champion Mode dungeon run, players are able to open a special chest instead of a generic one. Special chests contain more GP than the general ones, and one of the four chests usually contains precious pearls.