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Tristan was a Bounty Hunter from the Wilderness who instigated the Haros Justice Army to revolt against the Underworld regime.


There is nothing else known about Tristan other than being a starting member of the Haros Justice Army. He was also Legis's partner before they had a falling-out and shared the title of the legendary Bounty Hunter with him.


Act 20.3: Vroginstar

Tristan revealed himself to question Decanee about her arrangement with the former Demon God, Duel. As he doubted if what she did was truly just a little bit of encouragement because the Ancient Demon destroyed half of Elyos by himself, Decanee told the Bounty Hunter that he had been overestimating him and claimed that Duel was just a loner who could not find a place to stay. Relieved, Tristan said that she was way more dangerous than he thought, stating further it was why one was not supposed to make a deal with demons.

Act 20.7: Tail After Tail

As Eva and Brady grumbled about the general's faith in Rufus and the intentions of the Queen, Marcus thought that they might be able to turn the situation around with the help of Tristan. He gave his word to try his best and as Marcus apologized for all the difficult requests, the Bounty Hunter said it was his pleasure to help his friends and told them to be ready.

One of the subordinates reprimanded Tristan for disobeying the law but Changhae stopped the First Lord to clarify that the origin did not matter when a person had a conversation with another person to which the Bounty Hunter praised him as a great leader. Then he revealed that the people who humiliated him were members of the Haros Justice Army and he could have all the gate soldiers with him by declaring to wipe their base, enticing the master further by alluding to the Queen.

Seeing that everything went according to plan, Tristan wished Changhae luck.

Act 21.3: Revolutionary Army

Tristan showed himself to the Grand Chase and admitted that the Haros Justice Army had planned the revolution for a long time. Rufus was surprised to see him again as he did not know that the Bounty Hunter was still with them and thought he left a long time ago for being a traitor with Tristan responding that he must have done a good job disguising himself. Hwarin wanted to sort out their problem through talking but the Bounty Hunter scorned Her Highness, pressing the Queen to free all the soul slaves. Despite upholding that it was a way for the dead to wash their sins, Tristan refuted her statements and accused the Queen of exploiting the slaves for the Underworld City. Moreover, he added that the reason why people from the Wilderness got kicked out of the border was not because of laziness or that they did not do their jobs but due to the overflowing number of slaves. Leaving her lost for words, the Bounty Hunter declared that the Queen could not do anything without soul slaves so he proceeded to do something affecting Kyle and especially Harpe.

Act 21.4: Pain of Memories

Learning that Ronan and Harpe knew each other, Tristan said that the Queen must have a lot of luck with her. When asked about what he had done, the Bounty Hunter claimed he just let her slave knew what kind of person he was and that he could not give back his memories because it was stored in the Tower of Memories. Pleased that Harpe had been freed from her clutches, Tristan ran away.

Act 21.5: Danger Climbing the Wall

Cindy asked Kyle about when he started being in pain with him responding that it was since he got hit by the light from Tristan.

Act 21.6: Trauma Imprinted on Soul

As Sieghart raised doubts about his purposes, Tristan uttered that he was just showing the problem of the Underworld. Then an Underworld Soldier came to fetch him making Sieghart question the Bounty Hunter of his identity. Tristan thought it was bad timing and so he ordered the underling to buy some time for him to run away.

Act 21.8: Shoulder of Helpless Leader

The group confronted General Russell who did not stop Marcus prior as they believed that it was not the will of the commander to cause chaos in the Underworld and Tristan brainwashed him. He remarked that it was a sad story in itself, adding that Tristan was a starting member of the Haros Justice Army, and was saddened that Rufus could not trust his old friend anymore.

Act 21.9: Lost Person

As he realized the truth of the situation thanks to Veigas, Marcus reflected on what Tristan got from tricking them and why he did it despite being friends with General Legis from when they were Bounty Hunters.

Act 22.1: Infiltrate! Underworld City

Tristan answered the First Lord that Nelia did what she was told to do and he complied with Decanee to just wait and follow her. Afterward, the Bounty Hunter asked if she was making fun of his forces. She argued that she had another person she should make fun of then told him his plan had failed. Glad for the turn of events because Heitaros came himself, Tristan declared that he could not control the situation and thought they should be on the same side again with Decanee reacting that as long as she gained something from it, there was no reason why she should not.

Act 22.4: Siege the City

Tristan called for an emergency and instructed everyone to come to the official residence as the invaders went all the way into the city.

Act 22.5: Surrounded by Soldiers

Tristan ordered the Underworld soldiers to go over around and block the alley then meet at the three-way intersection.

Act 22.6: Shoot the Commander!

Despite the guard prompting him to run away, Tristan asserted to inviting the invaders and proceeded to put their skills to the test. Later on, he called a halt to the battle and proclaimed that they were not their enemies. When Lass did not believe him, the Bounty Hunter stated that he would have screamed and called for help if he truly wanted to fight. Ley thought that would not work anyway since there were no soldiers around to which he used as a reason to show that he was on their side, adding that he told soldiers not to come.

Tristan went on about how hard it was to make all soldiers go to one place and guide the invaders. When Jin asked if he was telling the truth, Rufus told him that they did not know his real intention so they could not trust him fully. Amy presumed the Bounty Hunter was a spy from Heitaros' army but he stressed that there was something called a double spy, scoffing at how she did not know that one had to trick their allies first to trick enemies. Still and all, Lass brought up what Tristan did at the Gateway Base where he acted like he was loyal to the First Lord yet the Bounty Hunter just created chaos for everyone. He maintained that he was on nobody's side and said he could become a spy for everyone if he could achieve his goal which was simply peace.

Shortly after being disappointed that Rufus just looked down on his value, Tristan insisted that he did not have time to had a serious talk and told the Grand Chase they only had thirty minutes before the soldiers came, pointing them at a shortcut to the Tower of Memories where he said the Ancient Demon God's target was hiding. Dio questioned how he knew they were after Duel with the Bounty Hunter uttering that spies should always have information on them and when Rufus suspected if he was trying to control them to follow his plan, Tristan professed it was just a pure kindness to his friend's sons, noticing the same blue flame in Lass that his father Legis had. As Rufus insinuated that he was not Legis' son since he did not have blue flames, the Bounty Hunter figured the brothers were still awkward to each other. He told everyone to take care of their business then left.

Epilogue 6.1: Swaying Ambition

In a flashback, Oz was scolding Tristan and Legis after they snuck into his research lab. Hearing the work he wanted to give, Tristan shunned the wizard's request about stopping the Demon God's scheme. Legis argued that it was for the fate of the Underworld but Tristan stressed they were just Bounty Hunters that worked for money, therefore, urging him to not get involved in useless things. In the end, Tristan was not able to object as Legis took the request.

Epilogue 6.3: Tower Manager

After a fragment of memory manifested upon the Grand Chase, the scene focused on the falling-out between Legis and Tristan where the latter was telling his friend how he betrayed his expectations and they could have stayed as a Bounty Hunter group that made a lot of money if he did not drag everyone with him to a dangerous place. Legis asked if he regretted becoming a Justice Army soldier and that was why he sold out his friends but Tristan took issue with Legis hiding a certain item from him since he did not trust him. When Melanie pleaded with them to stop, he mentioned she should thank him as he let them meet again. At this moment, Legis fathomed that Tristan used Melanie to catch him, therefore, the Bounty Hunter admitted to resurrecting her himself with Rufus paying the debt. Tristan shifted the attention back to where the item was, warning Legis not to think of killing himself to shut his mouth since he could just bring him to the Tower of Memories and go through his head, stating further that he might take out his anger on young Lass and Melanie for all the trouble it would give. Accepting that the partner he used to know was gone a long time ago, Legis saw to it that they would die together much to Tristan's annoyance.

When the Grand Chase defeated the Librarian, Tristan appeared out of nowhere and managed to hit Harpe. He expressed his dismay that it took him a long time to connect Legis' memories but only the useless ones got restored. Then as Rufus got upset, the Bounty Hunter threatened to shoot the Queen and forced Her Highness to let him had the system controller. Tristan utilized it to summon reinforcements then left.

Epilogue 6.4: Ruler's Rights

After Tristan had taken the authority of a manager, the Grand Chase carried on going after him and despite his efforts, they remained very persistent. He taunted the two brothers for helping him get the power of the controller so easily but Rufus reiterated that while he did dirty work under him and endure it, Tristan should have never used his mother. As the brothers went for the kill, he meant to get rid of them immediately.

When the group defeated Tristan, the Queen asked him about the revolution and if he wanted to change the world. The Bounty Hunter said that he just talked about what the people wanted to hear and became the representative of everyone from the Wilderness though it was not his will. He added that he betrayed Legis thus he could use everyone for his plan.

Tristan mentioned how Rufus sought him to find a broker who could revive people and that he just used him at the same time. Ruffled by his words, Rufus let him know that the only thing the Bounty Hunter was allowed to do was ask for forgiveness from his mother. Tristan argued that a weak person did not have the right to say something and if he did not like it then he should gain some power. Rufus tried to intimidate him but as the Bounty Hunter kept bluffing, he laid eyes on Hwarin and attacked her. Kyle was able to take the hit for the Queen, however, Tristan abducted him and ran away.

Epilogue 6.5: Resurrection Ceremony

Tristan was nowhere to be found when the Grand Chase had reached the top of the tower. After they won against Edna, the Bounty Hunter appeared alongside Nelia.

Epilogue 6.6: Casted Shadow of Greed

Rufus demanded Nelia to hand over the Bounty Hunter but the Demon Queen denied his request, commenting that her comrade raised a tiger to which Tristan mentioned that he was the son of Legis.

After their battle against the opposition, Tristan revealed to Heitaros that he had a plan for the current situation which impressed the Demon God. Having Kyle in his possession, Tristan alluded to the one who also challenged the Creator and revealed that the Tower of Memories was where his ruins were buried. As the Bounty Hunter tried to make use of the Creator's strength, he inadvertently resurrected Plouton and the power was taken by the King.


Tristan can be fought as a boss in Act 22.6: Shoot the Commander! and Epilogue 6.4: Ruler's Rights.





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