The Twelve Disciples, also known as the Twelve Apostles, refers to the saga or collection of events focusing on the prophesied Grand Chase members in which they must devote and sacrifice their lives to maintain peace in Aernas.


A legend from the Demon world has stated a long time ago...

"Aernas chose to sacrifice twelve warriors in order to bring back peace." stop the day the Destroyer of Aernas comes down from the sky to bring a hell of destruction.

"One with an immortal body,
A survivor of a lost kingdom,
A freak from a world of death and blood,
A keeper of the Queen in the north,
An oracle of the south,
A guardian in the north,
Silver Land's last Silver Knight,
A reincarnation of a Goddess from the east,
One who has a heart of a fox,
One who is a blessed Holy Knight,
One who seeks for a lost brother,
and an Oracle."

Twelve disciples are to gather against the Destroyer in order to bring back peace.


A Realization of the ProphecyEdit

Despite warnings from Amy, who as an Oracle knew the truth of the prophecy, the Grand Chase did not listen to her because Ronan said that the traitor would be "one capable of receiving divine messages".

As the truth of the prophecy was revealed in Kaze'aze's return and Veigas was in fact tricked into annihilating the Grand Chase, the Chase must climb the Tower of Disappearance to defeat the evil queen and fulfill the prophecy.

Tower of DisappearanceEdit

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Episode &Edit

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  • The Twelve Disciples is based on the Twelve Apostles of Jesus in Orthodoxy.
  • All of the disciples consist of humans. However, the half-demon Lass, as well as humans blessed with divinity such as Amy, Jin, Sieghart, Mari, and Rin, are also included.
  • All of the prophesized warriors happened to be members of the Grand Chase.
  • Contrary to popular belief, other members of Grand Chase excluding Zero, Ley, Rufus, and Uno, who have not joined the Chase at this time period, are present during A Realization of the Prophecy.
    • In fact, Lire, Ryan, and Dio appeared in the Tower of Disappearance which happened right after the said event.
  • Supposedly, there is a traitor among the Twelve Disciples but the identity was not disclosed.
    • While Amy was denoted as the traitor, no act of betrayal was proven and Amy herself told the truth of the prophecy to the Grand Chase, declaring her innocence.