Ley's Ultima as a Summoner.

The Ultima (also known as Endless) is a weapon utilized by Ley for all of her jobs in Grand Chase. It is a sphere that is used to summon creatures and magic without the need to draw spell glyphs since the Ultima is already marked with them.


The Ultima is a magical gemstone attached to a gauntlet. The weapon has been in possession by the Crimson River family for generations and was created on the idea of containing a massive amount of magical power to wield one's strength flawlessly and not end up wasting it.

The production of the Ultima came to a halt as it was deemed too powerful and demons that have lived an eternity may store all the power they wield in the artifact, fearing that the outcome would be catastrophic.


  • According to Dark Matriarch's story, the Ultima tried to take total control over Ley after Jeeves erroneously released all the powers of darkness that were sealed in it suggesting that the weapon is sentient similar to Zero's Demon weapon Grandark.
  • The word última means "last" in Portuguese.



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