Background of the Underworld

The Underworld is the land of the dead, a world parallel in existence to Aernas, where the adventures of the Grand Chase take place. However, though the Underworld is the place that souls go to after death, it is also home to several living species.

Souls are judged after entry to the Underworld: evil souls will be punished, trapped for all of eternity within the Underworld's prisons, repenting their sins; good souls, on the other hand, are free to live alongside the Haros, a tribe of demons native to the Underworld, and await their reincarnation.

Passage into the UnderworldEdit

BG Underworld Express

The Underworld Train.

The Underworld Train is an express service that ferries deceased souls into the Underworld. The trains carries both passengers and prisoners, guardsmen, hostesses, and a single conductor. However, the trains are also proven to be sentient enough to engage in an automatic defense system upon its conductor's defeat. The Monster Train 301 is one amongst their fleet of trains. It extends its services to both Aernas and Elyos, being found in regions such as Burning Canyon.

Additionally, there are portals or gateways connecting Aernas to the Underworld, a result of the weakening of the dimensional barriers separating the two worlds. This is in turn due to the breaking of the seal between Aernas and Elyos. The few known portals are the one from which the Nightmare Circus escaped through, and the one Rufus used to pursue refugee souls in Aernas. Berkas is also known to have came into Aernas through a portal. The Sanctum of Destruction and The Crucible also originate from this world. It is likely that the Hell Bridge in the Ellia Continent houses or is one of these gateways.


The demons native to the Underworld are known as the Haros. They are the guardians and watchers of that world, as well as the creatures and souls that reside within it.


A family of famous Bounty Hunters. Legis is known to be one of the greatest Bounty Hunters to have existed, while his son Rufus has also earned his own reputation as an extremely skilled Bounty Hunter.

Other ResidentsEdit

Despite its status as the world of the dead, the Underworld ironically hosts a number of races that are living as well.

The Underworld is also home to the Iron Dragon species from which Berkas hails. The power structure within the Iron Dragon species has been firmly established for thousands of years, with the younger dragons as subordinates to the ancient and more powerful dragons. Berkas, who is unsatisfied with his place within the power structure of his species, chooses to escape into Aernas where the power flow is less stable.

The service crew and conductors of the Underworld Express are residents of the Underworld as well. These include Casey Bones, who has lead the Monster Train 301 for centuries, and Hyde. The crew seem to be able to recognize those who are Haros, as Hyde knows that Lass is a half-Haros despite him not possessing that knowledge himself.

Other residents of the Underworld might include Gardosen, the gatekeeper of Hell, who was known to be trying to cross over to Aernas with the help of Kaze'aze before the Grand Chase forced him back.


  • The Underworld is also known as Hades or Arallu.
  • The floating islands in the Underworld's background resemble an upside down image of the floating landmark in the background of Hell Bridge.
  • "Haros" is the greek word for "Grim Reaper", the personification of Death.
  • As seen in Ley's Pirate Queen avatar story, the residents of the Underworld are called "underlings".