The Underworld.

The Underworld is the land of the dead where many runaway creatures like Naamah, Hellstrom, and Berkas originate. It is a world parallel in existence to Aernas and a dimension separate from the Demon World that is Elyos.

In Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser, the Underworld is the sixth region explored by the Grand Chase and consists of four dungeons.


There is nothing else known about the Underworld and how it came to be is still a mystery. However, being a parallel dimension to Aernas implicates that the Underworld was created alongside the land of the living.


Souls are judged after entry to the Underworld. Evil souls will be punished and trapped for all of eternity within the prisons repenting their sins. Good souls, on the other hand, are free to live alongside the Haros, a tribe of demons native to the Underworld, and await their reincarnation.

There are portals connecting Aernas to the Underworld due to the weakening of barriers that separate the two dimensions which in turn is a result of the portals connecting to Elyos that have started opening across the world. The few known portals are the one from which the Nightmare Circus escaped through. Berkas is also known to have come into Aernas through a portal as well as the Sanctum of Destruction and The Crucible.


Although the Underworld is a place where the souls go after death, it is also the home to several living species.


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The Haros is a tribe of native demons where Rufus originates. As guardians of the Underworld, they have the authority to watch over the souls as well as bringing them back if they escaped.

The tribe has an upper and lower class to which the latter are banished into the wilderness. Amongst the lower class are the Bounty Hunters responsible for chasing down evil souls and other creatures that have fled out of the Underworld.

Underworld Train

Main article: Underworld Train
BG Underworld Express

The Underworld Train.

The Underworld Train is an express service that ferries souls into the Underworld. The trains carry both passengers and prisoners, guardsmen, hostesses, and a single conductor. However, the trains are also sentient as they engage in an automatic defense system upon the defeat of its conductor. The service extends from Aernas to Elyos being found in regions such as the Burning Canyon.

Some notable service crew and conductors include Casey Bones from the Monster Train 301 as well as Hard Rock and Hyde. They can easily recognize a Haros as Hyde was able to distinguish Lass as a half-Haros.

Iron Dragons

It is said that Iron Dragons also inhabit the Underworld. The power structure within the species has been firmly established for thousands of years with the younger dragons as subordinates to the ancient and more powerful ones. Berkas who was unsatisfied with his place within the power structure chooses to escape into Aernas where the power flow is less stable.


Underworld Edu

Cafe Buck

Sangah Study Room

Neoul Park


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Dungeons of Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser
Crimson River
Burning Canyon
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Act 1: Abbey
Act 2: Chilly Mine
Act 3: Beroiah
Act 4: Maelstrom
Act 5: Imp Empire
Act 6: Forest of Life
Act 7: Teroka

Act 8: Mouspia
Act 9: Airship Port
Act 10: Temple of Time

Act 11: Outskirts of Kounat
Act 12: Kounat City Center
Act 13: Bright Forest

Act 14: Demon World Station
Act 15: Crimson River Mansion
Act 16: Sky City

Act 17: Eternal Valley
Act 18: Burning Canyon's Mansion
Act 19: Abyss of Demon World

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Siege of Teroka

Temple of Time

Great Explosion of Kounat


Underworld Train

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Act 20: Wilderness
Act 21: Gateway Base
Act 22: Underworld City

Act 23: Serdin Kingdom
Act 24: Elven Forest
Act 25: Kanavan Kingdom

Act 26: Partusay's Sea
Act 27: Kamiki's Castle
Act 28: Hell Bridge

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Tower of Memories

Tower of Disappearance


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