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"The last bloodline of Highlanders."

Main Info

  • Name: Uno
  • Age: Unknown
  • Hobbies: None[1]
  • Likes: Peace[1], stability[1]
  • Dislikes: Thirst for blood[1], instability[1]
  • Weakness: Anemia[1]

Over hundreds of years ago, while traveling through Aernas, Sieghart was found in a critical condition in one of the ruins of Kounat where the Highlanders secretly trained their forces. The Highlanders took him in and he acquired the powers of the Highlanders.

However, Sieghart erroneously left traces of the location of the ruins that Ashtaroth, who had been seeking that place desperately, found. Except for Sieghart who was not there, the Highlanders were annihilated. Having achieved his goal, Ashtaroth left the ruins of the Highlanders with a powerful enchantment.

There were so many dead bodies of the Highlanders in the ruins that everything seemed to be a giant pool of blood but the strong spirits in life resulted in an unimaginable creation.

The death occurred in deep resentments.

The birth of imperfect life.

The curse of death for the born.

The thirst that can never be quenched.

In the giant pool of blood, the anger, fear, despair, suffering, and resentment of the Highlanders killed by Ashtaroth, as well as their bodies and spirits, gathered in one place. And slowly, over hundreds of years, one new life was formed.

Rising from the ruins of the Highlanders, Ashtaroth completely blocked the exit with a powerful enchantment from Kounat but at the end of the Grand Chase's battle against Ashtaroth, the incantation lost its power and disappeared.

At this time, a body rose from the pool of blood. Uno, without knowing the reason for his birth, could endure the fear, despair, madness, hatred, and the insatiable thirst for blood, heading out of the ruins to roam the unknown.

He wandered for a long time.

On a night where torrents of rain fell, Uno who had fallen unconscious was found by a little girl from a nearby village who happened to be passing by.

While he was devotedly cared for by the girl, he observed the humans working hard there. She brought him clothes and talked with him even though he constantly reiterated that he did not remember his past. The girl's name is Reina... So it seems...

However, unable to master the uncontrollable impulses coming from his mind, Uno took up the old blade that belonged to the girl and annihilated the entire village.

When he regained consciousness, he saw people running and screaming. He understood that his thirst would not be quenched and that he needed help.

Instinctively sensing a familiar presence, he returned to wandering, this time seeking in that direction.


Born as an incomplete Highlander, Uno retains the powers of the Highlanders such as the ability of immortality. However, as his powers were incomplete, his body consumes his blood as a source of strength. Hence after any battle, the shortage of blood in his body makes him look for the blood of other living beings regardless of his will.

Given all that, Uno feels great contempt for himself and his blood.

Having the body of an incomplete Highlander, Uno has a great interest in the body and power of a true Highlander. He felt the presence of the last remaining Highlander, Sieghart, and will instinctively seek it.

Special Ability

Blood Orb

Uno differs from the other characters of the Grand Chase as he possesses a bar with six red orbs in it. Those orbs represent his supply of blood that he can consume without weakening himself. Each move that Uno performs with the X.PNG button will result in him consuming an orb and delivering a red slash instead of a blue one from his Blood Dancer.

When Uno's orbs are empty, every X.PNG attack from his moveset will consume his HP bar. To replenish the red orbs, Uno must hit his opponents with specific attacks from his moveset. Uno cannot use X.PNG attacks if he is in FATAL status and if he has no more Blood Orbs left in his bar.


Before Season V, Uno was a special "event only" character. He could only be unlocked by advancing him to Lv.40 during an event period.


Apology letter of KOG in regards to the Uno controversy.

  • Uno was the last MP character released before the development of Grand Chase was halted.
  • Uno's design is inspired by characters Ulquiorra Cifer and Ichigo Kurosaki from the massively popular Japanese series, Bleach.[2]
    • Both Uno and Ulquiorra have the same English VA as well.
  • Uno has the ancient symbol Ouroboros at the center of his emblem. This correlates to how Uno's body would eternally feed on his blood for strength and immortality.
  • In the game files before his release, Uno was originally named Kueltuel and had Excalibur and Katana as weapons.
    • While "Katana" eventually became Blood Dancer, "Excalibur" never appeared in the game.
  • KOG Studios was caught up in a major controversy when a promotional teaser of Uno was found to have used huke's Black Rock Shooter artwork as its background. The image in question has been taken down before his release.
    • After receiving huge backlash, the developers had since issued an apology and explained that the problem originated in Public Relations where the concept art of Uno was sent.
  • Once exclusive to Lass, Uno became the second male character with Type 2 Abilities for all 3 skill levels.
  • In the released teaser video, a silhouette of what seems to be a well-endowed woman was instead shown rising from the pool of blood. She was never seen again in the release of Uno and doesn't seem to have any relevance to his story either.
    • There is a possibility that what would be Uno might have been created as a female character.
  • Uno is the only playable character that did not appear at any point in the main storyline of the game.
    • Uno is also the only playable character that is yet to be added in the sequel game Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser leading to the speculation that he might have been retconned altogether from the story.


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Uno Fan Kit



Game Start

"I don't want to disappear!"


"Mystic Wind!"
"Wind Lightning!"
"Violent Squall!"
"Full Bloom!"
"Soul Rend!"
"Flash of Scales!"
"Flash of Light!"
"Blood Flower!"




"Guh! This is nothing...!"


"Will I... disappear now?"

Game End

"The winds are stained red with blood."



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