Basic information

I joined because I wanted to add the information I found was missing in some articles.Hope to make this wiki better in any way.

GC information

IGN: wolfyvampy [feel free to add,but make sure to say you found out my name from here.]

Version of GC:NAGC[North American Grand Chase]

Main character/class:Ronan [any class for him will do,but I prefer the Abyss Knight <3]

Secondary character/class:Arme,currently working on getting her to level 40.She is level 39.I hope to make Battle Mage the second 4th job I unlock,and Nova the third.[Lire is level 36,I think]

Others: Elesis,level 35,Sword Master;Arme,level 39,Warlock;Lire,level 36,Arch RangerLass,level 35,Dark Assassin;Ryan,level 31,Sentinel;Amy,level 30,Muse

Contact information

Primary email: Secondary

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