Ellie Sieghart

Bureaucrat Admin
  • I am Female

Hello users and fellow admins! Ellie here and welcome to Grand Chase Wiki! I'm glad to be your admin. I was User:EllieChanXD but moved to out this account a long time ago. I used to play Grand Chase (PC version) ever since March 2009, and I've been an avid fan of the game and the story ever since. I'm one of the admins and bureaucrat of this Wiki, along with my friend User:AugustHunt (who runs Grand Chase Arcanum on Facebook).

I used to roleplay Grand Chase characters too, mainly Elesis and (and Elena for other reasons), and other various characters. Since I have a free time now, I will be doing admin stuff in this Wiki and keep on eye on it too.

I started adopting Grand Chase Wiki years ago, and now I'm active again ever since Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser's release. If you have any questions about this Wiki or anything, please read our Grand Chase Wiki:About or ask me via Message Wall!

My plans for Wiki

  • My plans for Wiki is to look for more admins to help us monitor it. That's what I'm currently looking for, so someone could do it and have more team in the other admins' stead.
  • Helping the others for Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser and other various articles.
  • More projects to come.


  • My IGN is Mimipyon in the Philippine server and I also run a friend-only guild there. This is the only Grand Chase game I play at the moment. I don't have a proper computer to play the PC version itself.
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