aka Lucas Pham

  • I live in Livermore, California
  • I was born on September 30
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

About me

IGN: lLlSkyLimit


Birthday: Sept. 30

Guild: Logic

I am still new to this wiki, so I will try to do my best in this community. I have been playing Grand Chase since Sept. 29, 2008, around the time of the Assassin teaser and near the release of Temple of Cuatal, so I think I have a good amount of knowlegde behind the game. I mostly update outdated info and fix links and other minor things like that. My name is Lucas, and you can obviously tell. I enjoy playing games, watching anime, and running. I am currently 16 years old. Feel free to added me IG if you like. I mainly play melee characters, but my favorite characters are ElesisSieghart, and Dio.

My Grand Chase levels

GC Elesis Icon Level 71 the Knight

GC Lire Icon Level 56 the Archer

GC Arme Icon Level 49 the Magician

GC Lass Icon Level 58 the Thief

GC Ryan Icon Level 57 the Druid

GC Ronan Icon Level 59 the Spell Knight

GC Amy Icon Level 57 the Dancer

GC Jin Icon Level 57 the Fighter

GC Sieghart Icon Level 81 the Gladiator

GC Mari Icon Level 59 the Rune Caster

GC Dio Icon Level 76 the Stygian

GC Zero Icon Level 72 the Wanderer

GC May Icon Level 4 the Summoner

GC Rufus Icon Level 72 the Bounty Hunter

GC Rin Icon Level 70 the Phoenix

GC Asin Icon Level 57 the Disciple

GC Lime Icon Level 50 the Holy Knight

Other Games I Currently Play

Xbox 360

Gamertag: RaisingThourgh

Game(s): Forza Motorsports 4,3,2; DiRT 3, F1 2011, Test Drive: Ferrari, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit


Currently not playing

NA Server
  • Lucas - Sword Knight Lv 24
  • PervertAlert - Over Taker Lv 30


  • OriginSin - Assasin Lv 50
  • EpicRawrx3 - Dual Blade Lv 123
  • ZeroIsRed - Zero Lv 179
  • iRideJiara - Wild Hunter Lv 107 (purposely mispelled name)
  • KissinPiss - Spearman Lv 39
  • BigBlakDemon - Demon Avenger Lv 120
  • Revampton - Demon Slayer Lv 130
  • MaximumFail - Dawn Warrior Lv 70
  • Asphinxiatio -Shadower Lv 151
  • SauberC9 - Xenon Lv 144
  • Hirshoshi - Dual Blade Lv 132
  • CarbonKasier - Kaiser Lv 167
  • Bujiuka - Dark Knight Lv 136
  • LuminiousIsOP - Luminious Lv 126
  • HerroDW - Dawn Warrior Lv 120
  • ModifedSpear - Dark Knight Lv 114
  • MeBanditJk - Dual Blade Lv 82

Combat Arms

Character: MaximumFail

KDR: 1.41

Rank: Master Segerant 1st Class

Clan: Demolish

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