Vinzy 17

aka iDesolatorZ

  • I live in my house.
  • My occupation is occupied.
  • I am a Bro


Decent introduction is currently in progress.



  • AzUreKnIgHts - First GCPH Guild
  • HeavensMyth - Second GCPH Guild
  • NEVO - Third GCPH Guild. Co-founder and Officer
  • ChaosEmpire - Fourth GCPH Guild. Pioneer
  • DemOnicTrIbe - Fifth GCPH Guild. Officer
  • Shinodira - Sixth and current GCPH Guild. Officer


NeongenesisGUILDNeonGenesis: First and current NAGC guild
Note: Sorry it's the only decent screenshot I found of our Guild.

GCPH Chars

Note: The levels I placed here are as of 1130 GMT+8 9/14/2013
GC Elesis IconLevel 69 GC Lire IconLevel 61 GC Arme IconLevel 70
GC Lass IconLevel 75 GC Ryan IconLevel 61 GC Ronan IconLevel 72
GC Amy IconLevel 60 GC Jin IconLevel 71 GC Sieghart IconLevel 76
GC Mari IconLevel 82 GC Dio IconLevel 85 GC Zero IconLevel 75
GC Ley IconLevel 76 GC Rufus IconLevel 81 GC Rin IconLevel 85
GC Asin IconLevel 77 GC Lime IconLevel 76

NAGC Chars

Well... My starter was Arme. Then I asked if someone could take me to Partusay (after buying Lass Mission) so that I'd take Lass as my main. I rarely open my account recently.
GC Elesis IconLevel 2 GC Lire IconLevel 2 GC Arme IconLevel 15
GC Lass IconLevel 45 GC Ronan IconLevel 1 GC Mari IconLevel 3
GC Rin IconLevel 1

Sandbox of nothingness

So... as I have received a sort of "go" signal from one of the councilors here... imma make me sandbox for le wikia XD Unknown Frontier of New Beginnings
Speaking of that sandbox it was an accident and accidentally turned into a user page ._. man i sucked at that awesome fail. Anyway, i'm gonna fix up another one (hopely i won't be a klutz with this one now). The Frontier of New Beginnings

Grand Chase Rebirth Style

IDesolatorZ - Oppa GrandChase Style GCPH

IDesolatorZ - Oppa GrandChase Style GCPH


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