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  • AugustHunt

    New admin here!

    June 10, 2018 by AugustHunt

    Hi, chasers! Some probably know me for uploading tons of images lately, especially stuff about Grand Chase for kakao. I became a bureaucrat today on behalf of admin Ellie Sieghart as she is busy at the moment. I usually just add images in articles, fix grammatical errors and if available, add references. I have ideas about designing the main page but until the approval of the main admins, I refrain from doing major changes in the Wiki (I did something testing though as you can see in the header). Anyhow, feel free to post suggestions or request on my wall and I'll try my very best to do the tasks.

    Also, admin Ellie is still looking for admins so if you have what it takes, please go to Ellie's profile and look for the admin hiring blog.

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