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  • Ellie Sieghart

    We've noticed that the template for Characters' (of the PC Version) infobox have been changed, making the old entries not shown.

    This problem will be fixed tonight by re-editing the articles and using the newest infobox template.

    We apologize for this inconvenience. Our team will do our best to fix this problem.

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  • Ellie Sieghart

    The Grand Chase Wiki's About has been updated. Now with rules and regulations for the Wiki! Thank you so much for contributing and support Grand Chase Wiki. I hope you've all have a great day. If you have any questions about it, please comment right ahead!

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  • Ellie Sieghart

    Thank you so much for supporting, contributing and editing Grand Chase Wiki! We really appreciate your help! Ever since Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser has been released in the Philippines, we've been so motivated to help improve Grand Chase Wiki, like adding more articles, cleaning up stuff and more! I'd like to thank User:AugustHunt and User:Sairinni for such help!

    I'm back to help improve and add something to Wiki. I'm currently:

    • removing the Grand Chase M tab on the parent tab
    • adding Romaji names on both Korean and Japanese voice actors, for Grand Chase Dimensional Chase characters
    • adding a parent tab to Grand Chase Dimensional Chaser character articles

    And some other stuff! We hope you'd support our work for this Wiki. Leave a comment or s…

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  • Ellie Sieghart

    Hey, admin here! It's been a long time. Now, a friend has discussed me about Grand Chase M and Grand Chase for kakao being added in this wiki and I thought I could give you guys your opinion on those being added. We've also discussed if those two mobile games will be surmerged with this Wiki or be separated and have another wiki for it.

    So now, I needed your honest opinion and suggestions about how to handle the two mobile games. Should...

    Grand Chase for Kakao and Grand Chase M submerge to the wiki?

    If so, then I will let people who will put canon stuff, stories of both mobile games for everyone. If not, every info about for both mobile games except the articles of the game will be removed in the wiki. If you have any more doubts, please do …

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  • Ellie Sieghart

    If you're interested on improving Grand Chase Wikia, design wise or stuff, then you're into the job!

    I'm looking for users who can be:

    • Trusted admins
    • Improve more stuff on the Wikia
    • Take care of the contents of the wiki (like adding more photos, fixing stubs and broken articles. Fixing grammars and typos too.)
    • Can add more information about Grand Chase M or Grand Chase for kakao
    • Any more ideas you could think of
    • Keeping an eye on random users who would vandalize the articles
    • A designer for the wiki page

    If you're interested of taking care of the Wiki, please do message me or comment if you're interested. I will also ask you some stuff if you will.

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