Vanessa 2nd Transform

Vanessa's Transformation (Wolf)


Vanessa is the guardian of Temple of Cuatal, as well as its mini-boss. Players fight her in the room before the boss, Samsara.

Originally she was to defend her master, Samsara, and aided by Amy. She eventually fell to corruption, but freed from its grasp, and requests the Chase to help Samsara.
As Samsara sensed a "threat" to the Chase, Vanessa was quickly dispatched to help them. When Ashtaroth uses his Danger attack, similar to the Battle Mage's Deep Impact, Vanessa will use Soul Effect and make a temporary "area" that protects the players within range of the attack. They start arguing that Ashtaroth should be "guarding" the Fortress of Ascension, and not dealing with the "worms". She also says that their "love is infinite", and they are invincible with their feelings for each other. Ashtaroth, annoyed at the moment, summons Mynos to then deal away with them.
After defeating Mynos, Ashtaroth retreats only to see the heroes squirm. Amy becomes furious, but Vanessa comments that Ashtaroth was only being cautious. The Chase thanks her and asks if she will join them. However, she refuses, as it is forbidden for one fraction of an element to bypass another (ie "Light" cannot cross through "Fire", as in Vanessa cannot go to The Wyrm's Maw).


1st FormEdit

Vanessa's first form is similar to Ryan's Sentinel class. Her attacks are quick and can lock on to her enemies with a combo. She has a Soul Effect skill she uses like Sentinel's Soul Effect, except it is much larger, along with a seed she throws that turns into a plant, somewhat like the Viken's Nature Tamer, that deals repeatedly small damage and temporarily immobilizes the player. If the player gets caught in it, Vanessa can use her combo on the player, and therefore the player will not be capable of dodging the attack, making it quite possibly lethal. She inherently has the Arrow Defense property in battle.

2nd FormEdit

Once defeated, she transforms into her wolf form like Ryan's Druid class, with the ability to use the Sentinel's Spinning Phantom skill. The wolf form commonly uses either Spinning Phantom from 1-4 times, and can also do a 4 hit combination with her claws. She inherently has the Arrow Defense property in battle.


  • While fighting Vanessa, there is an invisible platform on the upper left corner. One may reach the hidden platform if Vanessa uses Soul Effect on the highest platform on the left side.
  • While fighting Vanessa, a glitch may occur where Vanessa becomes invisible and freezes in place for the remainder of the battle.
  • There is an armor set that makes players look like Vanessa, even giving the players her ears and hair if wearing the helm. The armor is dropped at the Xenia Border, the Temple of Cuatal and Valstrath from the boss only, and from The Wyrm's Maw, from both the boss and regular monsters.
    • As of the Grand Chase:Chaos, players are unable to acquire the Vanessa armor set.
  • Though Vanessa has many similarities to Ryan, both in race and attacks, she is not related to him in any way.
  • Although she does seemingly use Soul Effect to "shield" the players during the fight with Mynos, players can still get hurt by Ashtaroth's meteors if they wander too close to the edge of the shield.
  • Vanessa's combo resembles the Sentinel's Back-spin Slash, except that the skill is used in an opposite direction; Vanessa spins left while Ryan spins right at the beginning of the skill & Vanessa ends upward while Ryan's last hit is downward.
  • In Grand Chase Season V, Vanessa becomes the quest NPC for the Xenia continent. She'll appear without a helmet past Valstrath.

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