Emblem of the Violet Mage.

The Violet Mage (or Violet Magic) is a guild of Magicians residing in Ranada Forest from the Serdin Kingdom.

Known Members

Arme Glenstid

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The first known member is Arme, who is a cheerful, curious, and a mana-thirsty character who feeds on magic. After the five-year war, she heard about the extraordinary magic of Kaze'aze, which could make her more superior than all the other magicians. In hopes of finding Kaze'aze, she joins the Grand Chase.


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The second member is Elena, one of the elders in the Violet Mage. To her surprise, Arme found Elena in Kamiki's Castle and learned that she betrayed the kingdom by joining Kaze'aze. Elena is immediately slain afterward, only for Kaze'aze Lass to appear and transform her into Kamiki.


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Grand Mage Serre is the leader of the Violet Mage and Arme's adoptive father. He is the most respected and the most powerful of all mages in the guild and was formerly the advisor to the Queen of Serdin.


Eluna's portrait.

Eluna is the younger sister of Elena who appears as a quest NPC for Ellia. She is a shy mage who lacks confidence in herself.

She first appeared in Partusay's Sea, where she ended up following a dark mana. In Kamiki's Castle, she is shocked to see her sister being manipulated by Kaze'aze Lass and revived her into Kamiki. After her sister died, she grew braver and swore to take revenge on Kaze'aze.

In Kastulle Ruins, she has grown interested in the various artifacts from the old civilization and asked the Chase to collect them for her.


Concept art of Mystix.

Mystix is Arme's teacher and one of the most exceptional mages in the field. She taught Arme the basic skills of magic in her time.



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