Emblem of the Violet Mage.

The Violet Mage or Violet Magic is a guild of Magicians residing in Ranada Forest from the Serdin Kingdom.

Known Members


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Grand Mage Serre is the leader of the Violet Mage and Arme's adoptive grandfather. He is the most respected and the most powerful of all mages in the guild and was formerly the advisor to the Queen of Serdin.

Arme Glenstid

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Arme Glenstid is a member of the Violet Mage Guild. Known as a cheerful, curious, and a mana-thirsty individual who feeds on magic, Arme heard about the extraordinary magic of Kaze'aze, which she thought could make her more superior than all the other Magicians. In hopes of finding Kaze'aze, she joined the Grand Chase.


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Stellar is a member of the Violet Mage Guild and one of Arme's teachers. Before her betrayal, she was in the middle of researching dimensions and was able to harness the power from the Spirit World.


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Elena was an Elder of the Violet Mage Guild. She betrayed the kingdom by joining Kaze'aze possibly due to her greed for power and beauty.


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Eluna is a member of the Violet Mage Guild and Elena's younger sister. She is described as a shy mage who lacks confidence in herself.


Mystix is one of Arme's teachers and one of the most exceptional mages in the field. She taught Arme the basic skills of magic in her time.


  • The Violet Mage notably has tendencies to fall out of the side of justice. Not only that it has two members who became traitors, the majority of the guild actively participated in the conspiracy to incite another Kingdom War under the orders of Stellar.




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