Warehouse NPC

Klara, the Warehouse NPC

The warehouse is a place accessed by the menu where you can store and transfer items from one character to another. Klara is the Warehouse NPC. The warehouse may be accessed once a player has chosen a character, and gone into the Menu.

The storage inventory covers all characters in general, and serves as a general bank which every character has access to. By default, it has only 30 slots in the inventory, yet more space can be unlocked with slot vouchers - which add two additional lines of slots each. Additionally, four more safes can be unlocked with safe vouchers, although it yields only the first row of slots in the newly unlocked safe, leaving the other four rows blocked until they are unlocked by slot vouchers. The maximum space available in storage for items is 125.

As the warehouse is separate from the main inventory, it is ill advised to store seal breaker equipment in here. There have also been instances of warehouse wiping, so important items should not be stored in the warehouse permanently.

The warehouse system itself has received a massive change from previous seasons, and is used as a community bank between all unlocked characters for that player. Items that include "Warehouse move allowed" in their description may be stored in the warehouse by one character, and then removed by another.

Immovable Set Drops Edit

If a character obtains an item that says "Warehouse Move Not Allowed", but it is locked for another character, that item still may not be moved to the warehouse through the menu. The locked item in question will be useless to that character, and remain inaccessible to the character it is actually for. Currently, only Rare set pieces are affected by this, to include accessories. (An example of this would be Kungji Kungji Upper Armor for Lime being locked in Arme's inventory.) There is currently no fix for this problem at this time.

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