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The Warlord, along with the Sword Master, is one of the most honorable titles for a Knight. Armed with powerful, destructive, and terrifying swords, Warlords who jump into the enemy camps and stir the battlefield at random are scary enough for enemies to misunderstand them as "Berserkers". Among the high-ranking Knights, the title is given only to those who have the power and ability to break through hundreds of enemies in a short time and their authority is comparable to a military commander.

The legendary Gladiator of Kanavan, Sieghart, received the title of Warlord from the Kanavan Royal Family for his past heroic achievements and saving the continent from the invasion of dark forces.

With his Sleaghgrim, the Warlord is a highly specialized job that combines the long reach of the pike and the speed of the Gladius. The Warlord excels in smashing through his opponents' defenses with the long swipes of his pike, granting him access to their inner defenses with his sword. The Warlord often uses his pike to vault over enemies while charging, quickly changing his position on the battlefield allowing him to strike from above and behind. His ability to quickly change his positioning gives him many opportunities to strike at undefended backs and sides that his opponents may not expect. The Warlord can capture many enemies single-handedly by suddenly dropping down from above or forcing them into a corner with his long-reaching pike.

The Warlord's attacks can come from his short sword or his pike, giving him a varied array of ranges from which he can assault his opponents. He can quickly close gaps and has an edge in close-quarters combat that no other job can equal. Coupled with his Rage mode, no other close-quarters combat jobs can compare.


Warlord mission scroll.

It is necessary to be Lv.20 to be able to participate in the 2nd Job Promotion.

"Sieghart... Warrior of Kanavan. Our Queen's wish is that you would be Kanavan's hero now as you had been in the past. Become a Warlord and protect Kanavan! May Bermesiah be everlasting!"

- Vizier to the Queen of Kanavan -


Cost: 200 GP

Part 1

  • Run the Marsh of Oblivion once. Even if you do not successfully pass the dungeon, you will still complete the mission.
    • Entering the dungeon and leaving immediately does not count as "running". It only counts if the dungeon is completed or failed.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

  • Slay 100 monsters within the range of ± 2 above or below level monsters.


Cost: 6500 Cash

Basic Movements

Keystrokes Name Effect
Z.PNGZ.PNGZ.PNGZ.PNG Basic Combo Sieghart thrusts twice with his pike then performs a low thrust and finishes with an uppercut with his short sword.
X.PNG Rage Mode Sieghart grazes at his short sword before kneeling on the ground and releasing the Rage inside his body.
Arrow R.PNGArrow R.PNG during Basic Combo Critical Attack Sieghart twirls his pike with one hand, finishing with an upward blow.
Arrow R.PNGArrow R.PNG after Basic Combo Double Attack Sieghart twirls his pike with one hand, finishing with an upward blow.
(Jump)+Z.PNG Jump Attack Sieghart performs a wide, semicircular swing with his pike.
Arrow U.PNG+Z.PNG while in midair Furious Drop Sieghart twirls his pike and dives diagonally, crushing towards the ground. A small explosion is generated around Sieghart upon impact with the ground.
Arrow R.PNGArrow R.PNG Dash Sieghart dashes forward. Holding down the key causes him to run.
(Jump)+Dash Air Dash After jumping, Sieghart dashes in midair.
Dash+Z.PNG Dash Attack Sieghart thrusts upwards and downwards with his pike.
Arrow U.PNG after the 1st hit of the Dash Attack Dash Attack (Up) Sieghart swings his pike backward, sending any impaled opponent behind him.
Arrow D.PNG during or after Dash Attack Tumble Sieghart uses his pike as a jumping pole to perform to relocate himself on the other side. In PvP, opponents struck from the pike will be locked in place for 2 seconds as they need to recover from feet pain.
Z.PNGZ.PNGZ.PNG halfway thru the Tumble Tumble Combo Sieghart stops in midair and swings thrice with his short sword.
Z.PNG after Tumble Tumble Uppercut Upon landing from Tumble, Sieghart performs a low swing with his short sword.
Arrow R.PNG+Z.PNG Grab Sieghart impales the opponent in the stomach and slams him or her violently on the ground behind. Both players are invincible throughout the animation.

(This only works in PvP and dungeon monsters cannot be grabbed. Due to lag, it may not work, or may intercept the opponent's attack/skill.)


Level/Type Name Effect
LVL 1 Basic Savage-Attack.png
Savage Attack
Sieghart stabs forward with his pike once, swings upwards, and finishes by a swing of his short sword which leaves a trail of flames.
LVL 2 Basic Punisher-Combo.png
Punisher Combo
Sieghart swings his pike 4 times before slamming his short sword into the ground, erecting a pillar of darkness from the ground.
LVL 3 Basic Fire-Blaster.png
Fire Blaster
Sieghart swings his blade twice in front of him leaving purple flames in its trails. Then he throws his pike which is turned into an illusionary spear that travels forward for a short distance.
LVL 4 Special Illusion-Attack.png
Illusion Attack
Sieghart swings his pike spear above him, summoning 5 fiery, illusionary spears on both of his sides and sending them across the map at the 45, 60 and 90-degree angle. The spears pierce through all enemies they pass through.

Level/Type Name Effect
LVL 1 Rage Savage-Attack.png
Raging Savage Attack
Sieghart stabs forward with his pike once, swings upwards, and finishes by 3 swings of his short sword with each sweep leaving a trail of flames.
LVL 2 Rage Punisher-Combo.png
Raging Punisher Combo
Sieghart quickly stabs forward with his pike 4 times before slamming his short sword into the ground, erecting a pillar of darkness from the ground enhanced by lightning from the sky.
LVL 3 Rage Fire-Blaster.png
Raging Fire Blaster
Sieghart transforms his pike into a big illusionary spear which he throws forward like a javelin. The spear travels forward quickly until the end of the screen is reached.


  • Warlord is known as General on the Brazilian server.
  • Warlord is Sieghart's only job that does not use punches or kicks in his attacks.
  • In the actual game, Warlord is depicted with bloodshot eyes in his Rage Mode skill cut-in.
    • No full version of this artwork was known to have ever been released.


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Game Start

"If I were you I'd walk away while you still have your legs attached."
"No one has fought me and lived!"


"Savage Attack!"
"Punisher Combo!"
"Fire Blaster!"
"Illusion Attack!"


"Come on, at least give me a challenge."
"What are you doing, noob?"

Game End

"Not just anyone can be a legend..."
"So how does it feel to fight with a legend?"



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