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The Wolf is a a vicious monster that uses powerful bite and claw attacks. Ryan and all his classes are able to become one with the Wolf. It is bought in three different ways: The Standard Transformation for 10,000 GP for 200, the Moonlight for 500 Cash for 500, and the Shadow for 500 Cash for 500.

It lasts 30 seconds, which can be increased with a Moonlight Ring and Lunar Attenuation, which both adds 15 seconds, totaling to 60 seconds. In this form, there is a boost in Attack but also a decrease in Defense and Vitality. It also generates a party buff called "Wolf's Roar", which further increases attack to both the wolf and nearby allies for 3 seconds.

Within the exception of Skill Tree, the Wolf has no skills.

Basic Movements

Keystrokes Name Effect
ZZZZ Basic Combo The Wolf viciously claws the opponent numerous times before knocking them away.
ZZ+Arrow RArrow R Critical Attack In the middle of his combo, the Wolf claws upward, knocking the opponent into the air.
ZZZZ+Arrow RArrow R Double Attack At the end of his combo, the Wolf claws upward, knocking the opponent into the air.
Arrow U+Z Jump Attack The Wolf jumps up and spins numerous times.
Arrow U+Arrow D+Z Jump Attack (Down) The Wolf jumps up and dives diagonally straight down.
Arrow RArrow R Dash The Wolf dashes forward, flashing quickly and phasing through targets.
Arrow U+Arrow RArrow R Air Dash After jumping, the Wolf dashes in midair.
Arrow RArrow R+Z Dash Attack While dashing, the Wolf claws twice.
Arrow R+Z Grab The Wolf grabs his opponent and gnaws at them twice.
(Note: Both players are invincible throughout the animation.)
(Note: Only works in PvP; Dungeon monsters cannot be grabbed.)
(Note: Due to lag, it may not work, or may intercept the opponent's attack/skill.)


Level/Type Name Effect
LVL 1 Skill Tree

Rolling Attack

The Wolf spins forward a certain distance then strikes with a claw sweep.
LVL 2 Skill Tree


The Wolf claws rapidly before releasing a powerful shockwave that knocks opponents across the field.


  • The Wolf is technically a werewolf as it can stand on its hind legs.
  • The Wolf is the only transformation that cannot talk, only growling and howling.
  • The demonic Garous encountered in the Relics of Kounat resemble the Wolf.
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